Max Buster Auraxium

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by velleity, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. velleity

    Considering how many maxes are pulled in the game, can we get
    recognition medals/flags for killing them? maybe with a kill X in a life for the
    higher flags. it might get cheesed by scum bags,but enough will do it properly
    so it has some meaning.

    really should do it for all vehicles.
  2. Notih8Darian

  3. FateJH

    I think he's asking for an award for successfully killing a lot of things with a Burster. Maybe.
  4. Spude

    Buster not Burster.

    I dont think we need medals for "things" we kill.
  5. exLupo

    He is crying because he is a bad pilot who died a lot to bursters and, now, wants credit for killing those scrappy MAXes. Well, chum, considering how unlikely it is for a burster -user- to get kills these days, ain't nobody getting auraxium on either side of the fence.
  6. Chipay

    What do burster MAXs and bad pilots have to do with this thread?

    MAX BUSTER reward, NOT BURSTER learn to read....
  7. exLupo

    Yow, reel it in there champ. The forums are full of whining 24/7. Sometimes a mistake is made.

    Ease up or you're gonna have a heart attack.
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  8. velleity

    Yes, i barely fly. auraxium weapon medals are
    about kills already, simply in a non-specific fashion.

    If those are in and a lot of players grind weapons for auraxium, there
    is no reason not to add in specific kills for players to
    grind. they don't need to add the cert points. it could simply be
    "You killed 1500(arb number) and 8 maxes in one life = ding
    "Max Buster Auraxium" or whatever.