MAX buggy deaths :mad:

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Multispastic, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Multispastic

    Im getting fed up of the 0% avoidable max deaths by buggys.

    A buggy only needs to hit me doing 15km an hour and im dead (a human would survive this)

    Please fix this its cheesey and incredibly annoying.
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  2. raffa2

    git gud
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  3. Multispastic

    is there supposed to be something under "max passive systems"? there is no option there for me.
  4. adamts01

    Worse is it happening by a cloaked flash.
  5. customer548

    No fix of any kind is needed.

    What are you doing in a MAX, in the middle of nowhere with ennemy vehicules all around you?
  6. Multispastic

    im not in the middle of nowhere...buggys clearly drive all over the place.

    It doesnt feel right getting nudged by a buggy and dying.
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  7. MonnyMoony

    Yep - it's so cheesy.

    I wasn't so bad when we had Max charge - because you did have at least a chance of evading - but now, it's next to impossible, given that the max is the slowest unit in the game.

    You don't even have to be in the middle of nowhere. I see Harassers and flashes doing road kill ramming runs on deployed sundies - mowing down scores of friendlies - before simply driving off. Harassers can get right into the middle of many bases (and inside buildings in some cases). I have even been 'roadkilled' by ESFs whilst I have been stood on the landing platform of a tower base.

    Collision with a max should act like collision with other vehicles of similar mass.

    Roadkill is also extremely sensitive (and somewhat buggy). I was actually road killed by a friendly harasser the other day. I was gunning for him and we stopped to repair. I was still repairing the harasser when the driver jumped back into the vehicle. He didn't move the vehicle - but turned the front wheels - and that's it, I died.
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  8. customer548

    Hum, Harrassers getting so easily in bases are a pain. For both sides. You often get "roadkilled" by friendly Harassers who drive in bases too.

    That's an interesting point. It would be nice to know what is the "real" mass of a MAX.

    My own point of view is the fact that it's just a random soldier using an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton protects the soldier with thin armor plates, and helps him to carry heavy weights (weapons). That's why MAX are Infantry and not vehicules.

    So, when a vehicule crashes on a MAX, the exoskeleton breaks, the soldier is deadly injured by the shock. That's why vehicules are not damaged. Vehicules, even a Flash have a way higher mass than MAX , added to the speed of vehicules.
  9. HippoCryties

    Best advice on the forums xD
  10. Wingthong

    One of my favourite ways to get rid of large infantry groups out in the open is to roadkill them in my ESF, takes a bit of practice not to crash but once perfected its fairly easy (and unavoidable!) to pick off max units from open areas! it is very broken but also very funny :)

    I run safe fall 5 on most classes and that reduces ram damage, which helps against the slower moving hits.

    would be nice if you inflicted damage on the vehicle that hit you, would certainly stop harassers and flashes from ramming the huge swarms that build next to sundys.
  11. Callyste

    That's because he turned the wheel VERY fast. Like, ludicrously fast. Also, what where you doing next to the front wheels? You should know those things are very dangerous, especially when someone turns them.
  12. DeadlyOmen

    "I'm gonna spawn a Max and KILL THE WORLD!"

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  13. DeadlyOmen

    A game that allows players to be creative is not broken.
  14. TheProScout

    Equip and upgrade the implant "Save Fall 5" wich gains the bonus ability:
    and you take
    less damage from vehicles that collide with you. MAX units can equip.
    Problem Solved
  15. JibbaJabba

    All you salty people and your "get gud" and whatnot.

    Don't be frickin' obtuse guys. You know damn well what he's talking about and you know damn well that it's a flaw in the game.
  16. StaHoo33

  17. LodeTria

    The only salty person here is the OP because his skill-suit got killed because he doesn't have very good positioning and thinks it's the game fault.
  18. JibbaJabba


    Cross a road just as some zerg rolls to the next base? Yep, that's on you.
    I'm not trying to excuse stupid here.

    But we have all experienced the more frustrating variants. All it takes is a tiny bit of latency and your careful pedestrian crossing results in a minor brush with a vehicle. BAM! DEAD! 450 Nanites gone.

    It's just sloppy game design. DB has other priorities and nobody is going to code some proper collision mechanics that account for the velocity and type of the two entities colliding. Heck I've seen infantry standing next to a MAX and both get hit... the infantry survives. WTF?

    Y'all just victim blaming the guy. Quit trying to pretend you don't know where he's coming from.