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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Lucidius134, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Lucidius134

    Shortly after the Amerish update (or the Amerish Update), the MAX's for all factions got new AV/AA Weapons.

    Did anyone end up taking screen shots of their stats/descriptions? I recall one varient of the Comet was the equivalent of AP shells for MBT's in that it had no splash but more armor damage. There was the Burster XS which had 3 shots and did more damage. This made it to launch and was purchased by a few but then removed.

    Anyone remember the others atleast?

    Also, sometime during beta, all AV MAX weapons were changed to single shot weapons from 4-6 round magazine weapons that did less damage. I could easily see these being brought back as cheap alternatives to the the current AV weapons. Thoughts here? I got to use the beta comet and thought it was under whelming but I never got to use it dual wielded, which seemed like it could be REALLY good.

    (I forget what the TR and NC equivalents were because I didn't play them as much, let alone MAX, sorry about that!)

    I personally feel bringing back the old pre-buff AV weapons as cheap side grades would benefit the current MAX's arsenal alot. Partly due to the distinct lack of anything that isn't alot of money/certs but also the distinct lack of AV choices aswell.
  2. Lucidius134

  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Those stats strike me as unfinished.
    But yeh, the second version was basically 'AP rounds' for maxes.
  4. Takoita

    Better AV options sound good. Having some noticable splash on current pounders (which, according to these, is their trade-off for less direct hit damage) would be nice too.
  5. Jaeger41

    Rather than a separate weapon, they should make AP ammo a certable ammo option, like the slug ammo for the AI weapons.
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  6. Lucidius134

    What they ended up doing was just taking all of the shots per mag from the old ones and put it all in one to 'make them more like a tank's barrel". With a lil damage buff or some tweek I think the old AV weapons could be fun dual wielded.

    Dual old pounders would be like a mini C75 Viper
  7. Lucidius134

    Bump, no one's interested in the old style weapons? I think more variety would be wonderful.
  8. the pestimist

    More variety yessssssssssssssssssssssssss
  9. Colt556

    Only old MAX weapon I want back is the flamethrower. Being a firebat was one of my favorite parts of beta. I never really paid that much attention to the alternate AV weapons, I spent most of my time indoors inviting people to my barbecues.
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  10. the pestimist

    whod you invite vanu squishy thing or tr hot dog.
  11. the pestimist

  12. Lucidius134

  13. Colt556

    I went around inviting everybody I could find. Even some NC got invites, but only accidental ones. I don't want any NC to at my barbecues.

    Truly the most fun I had in beta was sneaking up behind some one capping a point, spouting off a firebat quote in proxy chat, and then lighting things up when they turned around and noticed a big hulking blue firebat behind them. God the flamethrowers can't be re-added fast enough.
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  14. the pestimist

    sorry im not funny.
  15. Lucidius134

    no i meant my post. I posted in the wrong thread.
  16. the pestimist

  17. irishroy

    would be cool having more options for AV.
  18. kukuman

    meteor killed mbts 3 shot in the rear (same clip )
  19. Ganjis

    I loved the old beta comet. 4 rounds per magazine made it really nice. You could even take on aircraft with it (fire 4 shots in a line and the aircraft would fly into one of them for reasonable damage. It was a little bit too good against infantry it is true, but that was only because all MAX AI weapons are horrible compared to infantry weapons (with the exception of NC, where they are on par with other shotguns, ie situationally effective).

    The old beta pounder and falcon were always a joke to my magriders and lightnings, the comet had its moments against tanks because of straight fire (death from above).

    Everyone complained about how rubbish the AV MAX weapons were against tanks, wishing they were more like the comet, but a bit better.

    The devs waded in and announced that they were reducing the effectiveness of MAX AV weapons against tanks by reducing their mag sizes... Ummmm kaaaaaaay.

    Then there was about a week where they teased us with those alternate MAX AV and AA weapons, but IIRC this was just after a character wipe, so nobody got to try them before they were pulled.

    All very odd.
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  20. Lucidius134

    I thought we had the Burster XS on launch for a few days. I remember getting OBLITERATED in my scythe by one and it most defiantly said Burster XS. I didn't take too much note though since i couldn't afford ANYTHING so I didn't scan over the lists as much as I did later.

    Still, completely odd situation.

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