MAX alert sucks I'm logging out

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. JibbaJabba

    I had serious aprehensions but I said I would wait and see.

    I did. I've participated in a few of them, but most of them have just ruined what was decent gameplay.

    I'm not here to debate or argue it. My opinion is they suck and should be removed.

    I'll be logging out until they are.
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  2. AlcyoneSerene

    I enjoy the other alerts since they are optional or tie in with the overall game. Max alert just shakes up everything and there's no escape from it. Had a bad feeling about it from the start.
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  3. Liewec123

    both correct, the other alerts can be avoided or ignored and you can continue to focus on base fights,
    the air alert may interfere a little bit, but there are usually enough AA farmers around to stop them from becoming too intrusive,
    but free maxes...why, just why? i think we all gave a sigh of relief when the event was bugged and never occurred,
    unfortunately they've fixed it, and as you said, there is no avoiding it.

    and it sucks twice as much that they decide to add this alert a few months after removing the NC maxes AI weapons...
    intentional trolling or just not having a clue as usual?
  4. Badman76

    What is a Max alert? You don't get this on the ps4
  5. boey

    Max Alert sounds really fun. I love my double blueshift VS Max :).
  6. Peebuddy

    Not sure about your server but on Connery not a whole lot of people pull Maxes, I'd say maybe 1 out of 25 people is a Max. They honestly just aren't worth it, they take up an absurd amount of your resources and after 6 years of this game people have killing them down to a science.

    During the alert I actually had more than two Maxes on my screen at the same time, was interesting to say the least. A nice change of pace for like 45 minutes. Now all we're missing is the free tanks alert and we're good to go.
  7. boey

    Just played my first Max Alert in my VS Max suit. Was really fun. Although NC easily won this. With around 1500 on the VS counter and like 2700 on the NC counter by the end of this alert. TR somewhere in between.
  8. Liewec123

    Hahaha! TR and VS lost to NC during a free max alert?! LOL
    What sever is this? I might need to roll nc there for the free kills.
  9. boey

  10. Demigan

    I think this is because of a very important distinction in the alert: it says "earn MAX kills during the event". Not "earn kills as a MAX" but "earn MAX kills".

    The TR and VS are encouraged to pull free MAX's. But the NC still have the sad heap so they avoid it, meaning less MAX's to kill for anyone facig NC. the NC on the other hand can get their rocketlaunchers, C4, tanks, Archers and aircraft to kill many more MAX's than the opposition, winning the event BECAUSE their MAX sucks. I actually already pointed this out before the event was fixed.
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  11. iller

    I'm reserving Judgement here buuuut.... I DO feel very strongly that Wrel should have held off on making this event UNTIL he was done nerfing the DPS of the other 2 Max Suits just like he Nerfed the NC's and then doing whatever the hell new Abilities he had planned to make them "Support Units"

    It's not what you think it is.... We're winning as NC during these things by NOT pulling MAXes, as the whole counter is bugged or badly designed and we're all just pulling Harrassers or HEATs and farming infantry at their Sunderers instead with our Tanks or driving over the other MAXes with our Harrassers & cloak Flashes. They didn't code it right and it's counting deaths that shouldn't even be factored into a pure MAX focused event
  12. Inogine

    Whew, I'm hoping they don't further nerf an already sad armored boi any further but rather bring the NC max back up to an okay state that doesn't see them getting their faces punched in worse than the heavy next to him for supposedly having more armor.
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  13. iller

    I understand but I always have to wonder what we might get in return? Like... what if C4 Resistance just became a Passive for MAXes? I'd HAPPILY take that over getting those stupid melee-range instant-kill Shotguns back. What if we got an Industrial strength Repair gun and could equip SafeFall-5? What if we got that Bugged version of Charge back that was SO FAST we were Roadkilling other Infantry with it? (That crap was HILARIOUS!). What if ZOE finally got their Roof-Jumping ability they've always dreamed of? What if the TR finally got something that DIDN'T make them 10x easier to kill while in Lockdown?

    What if we got a wheels-for-shoes TRAVEL mode like frikkin HeavyGears?

  14. Inogine

    While that'd be cool, they nuked faster max travel ages ago and have not shown any remote interest in helping that front out. Also, I don't play NC, but that max nerf was... whew... Way too heavy handed. They didn't just smack them down, they seal clubbed them into submission. I'd rather not have the other maxes given the same treatment.

    Also worth noting that I don't play max. I'm a harasser driver for the most part. That K/D I have is mostly from driving. (Something a lotta folks miss.) That said, I rarely have troubles taking out a max... Or a couple of maxes even on foot. One mine, 3 kills. Throw in some coordinated effort between me and one friend that plays... More dead maxes. I don't think they're powerful at all in this current form. I'd rather not see'em further brutalized into non-existance as it adds a dynamic to the game that doesn't exist in others really... And I don't think this game's gonna benefit from removing stuff at this point when lack of content is such a problem.
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  15. adamts01

    They all deserve it. Let the seal clubbing commence.
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  16. Money

    I must confess, this is a hilariously ironic twist to the NC Max nerf and poorly implemented Max Pressure alert. My outfit happed to run into Wrel on Emerald (of course, playing VS) during one of these alerts. Think NC won..........
  17. Inogine

    If that's the case. I hate infantry. Let's make'em all have only one gun with exactly the same stats. No variation. (/sarcasm juuust in case)

    Essentially what you're against is having different options cause you don't happen to like one option. But hey, if blandness is your flavor... Good on ya I guess?
  18. Liewec123

    That is some hilarious karma!
    He nerfs NC max out of play and then adds a free max alert to troll us and throw salt in the wound,
    But NC dominate the alert because it requires max kills, and NC aren't pulling their worthless maxes XD
    Wreldone DBG! Wreldone! :rolleyes:
  19. NewLexican

    I, in fact, just logged out having only just logged in to start playing because one of these alerts started. I just think they're bad news.

    Let me start with what I like about the other alerts (including Aerial Anomalies where aircraft are free): They help break up existing stalemates either by changing players' focus or, in the case of AA, drawing players away from the stalemates.

    Imagine now if you took the anomalies out of Aerial Anomalies (or players just decided to ignore the anomalies and draw free aircraft to their previous fight). The skies above the base you're attacking would suddenly be filled with Libs and ESFs. Good luck keeping any Sundys alive for your attack. Sure all sides get access to free aircraft, but every fight becomes very one dimensional and base sieges would mostly end for the duration of the event.

    Same goes the MAX event. I don't think it makes the game more fun or interesting. On the contrary, I think, for the duration of the event, it greatly restricts the number of playstyles which will be effective.

    But does it make those playstyles more fun for the duration of the event? I imagine C4 Faeries probably have fun. I'm sure they earn hella certs. What about the MAXs themselves? Well you can throw yourself away just as if you were regular infantry. Or you can stand around waiting for repairs which likely aren't coming. Engineers go one-dimensional: spamming their tool until they're C4'd or Decimated or overrun. Medics are wasting their time if they're doing anything other than spamming rez grenades. If you tool-rez a MAX you've exposed yourself for a long time only to bring up a MAX who has a slim chance of receiving repairs once up. Bleh.

    Well does the event at least serve the purpose of breaking up stalemates? I'm sure it does. MAXs aren't equal across factions, and people like me who find the event frustrating and unfun log out.
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  20. TR5L4Y3R

    max alert is silly ........ ... i love it ....
    max still needs an overhaul to be a supportplattform ..

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