[Suggestion] MAX AI Weapon Prototypes

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  1. Velicc

    These are just ideas, no hate pl0x.

    NC lacks effectiveness at range with their stock weapons, requiring them to buy slug ammo. Why should be have to buy something to make our weapon get on par with others? (Keep reading, don't stop there thinking: well, TR and VS can't compete in CQ with ScatterMAX. I KNOW). It makes me cry.

    New Conglomerate MAX AI Weapon Prototype:

    ~ M50 ''Jugger'' ~

    Slow firing, heavy hitting (NC in a shellnut) HMG. Think of those .50cal they mount on Humvees.

    -RPM: 200 (A bit slower than bursters)

    -DAMAGE: 167 @ 10m to 125 @ +45m

    -RELOAD: 3.1s Short / 4s Long

    -AMMO CAPACITY: 30 / 210

    TR and VS can hardly compete with NC AI weaponry when pitched in CQ fights (e.g. biofarms). So why not give them something that could? Being known for filling the air with bullets, here's what I thought:
    Terran Republic MAX AI Weapon Prototype:

    ~ HTAS ''Shatterer'' ~

    Being known for having high fire rates, and needing a shotgun why not something a bit AA-12ish?

    -RPM: 360RPM (Note: AA-12 actually fires at 300RPM, I buffed it up a bit) Full-Auto

    -DAMAGE: 112x7 @ 5m to 45x7 @ +18m


    -RELOAD: 3.25s Short / 4.15s Long

    -AMMO CAPACITY: 8 / 56

    Like mentioned earlier, they just can't.

    Vanu Sovereignty MAX AI Weapon Prototype:

    ~ Ceyx VM10 ~

    Seems like the VS likes charge up mechananics, maybe not the players, but their weapon engineers do. I thought of something like the jackhammer

    -RPM: 250RPM 3x Round Burst w/ 0.5s between each burst

    -DAMAGE: 100x6 @ 8m to 45x6 @ +24m


    -RELOAD: 2.8s Short / 3.4s Long

    -AMMO CAPACITY: 12 / 60

    I'll say it again, these are just ideas, feedback would be appreciated though.
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  2. Velicc

    A little 2 minute of your time would be appreciated.
  3. Prudentia

    I want the freaking 40mm 2-handed semiauto HMG from TITANFALL
    and flamethrowers
    a sixpack of german bier of your choice for Higby for Flamethrowers
  4. jiggu

    If you put actual .50cals on the NC MAX I might just desert
  5. Velicc

    Inspired from the way current .50cal are. Having these IG would be a terrible idea.
  6. jiggu

    Well if you put any real gun in the game it would be pretty overpowered. I mean we're fighting with WW1-level gear and slap some nanite look on it.
  7. Velicc

    EDIT: Seems like the VS likes charge up mechanics burst fire, maybe not the players, but their weapon engineers do. I thought of something like the NC 05 Jackhammer.
  8. Velicc

  9. Prudentia

    well the Fury is a RL 40mm vehicle mounted grenade Launcher. just instead of 40mm grenades we use waterbombs with colored water.
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  10. Pikachu

    Kobalt is PS2's version of a heavy machine gun.
  11. cruczi

    No, that's Basilisk. Kobalt is PS2 version of vehicle mounted LMG.
  12. Velicc


    Buff Jugger Damage to 200 from 167
    Buff RoF to 270 from 200 to give better TTK

    Lower Shatterer Damage to 100x7 from 112x7
    Lower RoF to 300
  13. TheBlindFreak

    200 rpm and 167 is bad. Like, really bad. Even if it's 2 arms. 400rpm with 167 damage is still really bad.

    The Mercenary NC LA carbine is 600 and 167, for reference.

    EDIT: didn't see your changes post.

    Still, that barely puts it over the AC-11X. How does the recoil and cof handle?
  14. minhalexus

    I like the idea behind it.

    BUT the stats you posted are just downright OP for all three factions. (considering you buffed the NC guns to 200 dmg in one of your comments)
  15. Laatikkoinen

    .50 cal lmg?
  16. cruczi

    Is it officially 50 cal or did someone make that up? Anyway, it's not any more effective against vehicles than an LMG. Basilisk on the other hand is, and has the lower ROF typical of HMG's as well
  17. Laatikkoinen

    Yup, That's what ingame description says atleast.
  18. Fellgnome

    I'm fine with the concept of giving NC automatic and TR/VS shotguns, but not your specifics. Especially not the VS one. No one wants a delay on a shotgun, the whole reason NC MAX is so ridiculous is that it can instantly kills infantry quite comfortably at close range and can do so repeatedly and quickly - clearing out a group around a cap point for example - a delay defeats the main advantage. 3x burst on two MAX shotguns would also be overkill and just waste ammo since you only need one shot with each arm for NC's. You get a non-advantage for a disadvantage with that mechanic if you apply it to MAX shotguns.

    Also I'd suggest fixing Mercies to be as good as Blueshifts or vice versa, if they're going to be looking at MAX weapons.

    Comets and Fractures could also use a buff.