[Suggestion] Max ability for melee

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Mathgeekjoe, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Mathgeekjoe

    What would you think about an common pool ability that when activated it would disable the weapons of the max, and activated a giant glowing melee weapon. Max would get a slight movement speed bonus and a very powerful melee attack. Damage would be 3000 and would be AoE so you could cut through multiple infantry. Max, sunderers, and galaxies would take 50% less damage to the attack. You will one shot all infantry units (overkill). You will two shot a max ( first swing would take away 75% of the max health). You would two shot MBT from rear, 4 shot them from front(5 shot for VG), and 5 shot them in reinforced armor(6 shot for VG). You will insta-gib ESF if they are dumb (I mean truly stupid) to go into melee range of a max (maybe they tried to run you over). You will two shot a liberator if they are dumb (or landing). You will 5 shot a galaxy if they land. You will 5 shot a sunderer, 7 shot a blockade sunderer, 9 shot a blockade sunderer from rear.

    Is this thing overpowered- no. It clearly says I am going to try to melee you, good enough warning to vehicles and maxes to not leave this thing get close.

    Is it underpowered- probably not. Even if it is underpowered it would be fun to watch infantry try to run away from getting melee. Watch the tears on infantry when they are in a corner and are going to get slash, squashed, or what ever the melee weapon does to flesh. If get into melee range with a max, just turn it on and two shot (or one shot if he is damaged). If you have AI weapons and you want to kill that tank but there is no terminal nearby, just turn it on and give the tank a quick death for not running.
  2. M2_Bradley

    This is what I would do if this happened.
  3. BITES

    Just finished MAX Punch Auraxium :> So I'm down with more melee options :>



    just no WAY too powerful