[Suggestion] Max AA needs to be removed from PS2 game.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by user101, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. Haquim

    Nope, never played on emerald. I'm fighting for Cobalt.

    But seriously the situation you're describing can't be solved like that. When the game was still young a lot of people like to do that on that hill to the south of crossroads. It's one of the spots that made everyone fear the striker, although it could be done with Annihilator and G2A just as well. And Libs were A LOT more powerful back then.

    There are only three ways to solve that problem:
    1. Artillery (Nope, no artillery in this game, would make sense, but ******** zerglings would lose their fun when their 500m² zerg gets actually hit by it)
    2. Destructible environment (if you can't blow up the nest, blow up the hill!)
    3. Go somewhere else and wait 'till they get bored....

    Regarding that ESF thing.... to do that the ESF flies really low. I mean REALLY low. The tank can easily hit it with its maingun, TTK 0 seconds (unless its a prowler).
    I have no pity for tunnelvisioning MBTs.

    Actually yesterday I got killed several times by a Vanguard that somehow shot me at a angle > 45 degrees on even ground without even looking my direction. I still have no ******* idea what the **** was going on...
  2. Kediec

    OMG Stop the world!.... The VS were using teamwork to defend a spawn point / attack from one.............. seriously WTF! ... nerf teamwork quick.
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  3. Pelojian

    Depends on the pilot for the ESF, if it's a lib good luck killing it if you are aren't supported by other tanks/AA.

    I do get a good measure of enjoyment when those libs are smoking rubble because of their caviler attitude 24/7.

    2) called hax, isn't every death you can't explain hax? you know those piles and piles of false reports burying the real reports?(this is not a joke at your expense. merely a joke at so many false reports)
  4. Haquim

    Well, a lib makes quite some noise when he gets near, so I only get snuck up on by those in heavy firefights.
    ... Unlike MAXes and LAs that for some reason I can barely hear over the grass growing. Those sneak up on me more easily than infiltrators, but thats a different story.

    And OF COURSE its is HAAAX. I am eenveenceeble. Mere mortals should'nt be able to even touch my chariot of the gods.
    I mean chariot of THE god, which is ME, Cato Sicarius.
    Uhh wrong universe...

    Anyway it was propably some lag ******* up, but exploding without getting shot or even looked at by the guy who killed you is simply hyperannoying. Especially when it happens three times in a row to the exactly same guy.
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  5. 4wry

    Cost of a MAX: 450 nanites
    Cost of a sundy with dual walkers: 200 nanites (I really do recommend this! :D )
    Cost of a heavy: free

    You see: the MAX is rather cost-inefficient.

    A skilled pilot can just take out a MAX easily. Several heavies can be a challenge. A moving AA sundy is a menace.
  6. Jamuro

    You are right, but the max is the only one of the above mentioned that can switch his loadout easily and be effective against basically anything.
    (lockons from heavy ... well they aren't the topic here i think, but imo to be dangerous you need teamplay with them)

    and while a skilled esf pilot can kill a max, a skilled max will always win vs an equaly skilled esf pilot.
    (it's just sad that a lot of burster maxes don't know when to seek cover, a good one will either kill the esf or run to cover, get repaired and shoot at esf's less than a minute later)
  7. Hatesphere

    Its more like the max and ESF get caught in a dance, not the skilled MAX wins. It goes more like: max drives off esf to repair. Esf repairs and comes back, gets hit on max. Smart max seeks cover to repair while esf gets a few kills. Max drives off esf again. Esf returns..... Rinse repeat until one side make a glaring mistake.
  8. libbmaster

    I have been gone for so long.

    And yet forumside, it has not changed...
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  9. Ronin Oni

    VS have Vortex for Gals/Libs xD
  10. CapperDeluxe

    Need we remind the OP that MAX's cost as much resources as a main battle tank?
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  11. Linus

    Personally, I go with a dual bursters max as soon as i am tired of being farmed by rocketpods or hornets....
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  12. Ronin Oni

    HA's can swap loadout and even use the G2A against tanks and MAXes.

    In any case, I want loadout swapping on vehicles... I'd pull AA on my vehicles a lot more often if I could swap it out to deal with an armor column, or foot zerg, when the air gets dealt with.
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  13. DxAdder

    I will trade my AA MAX for a Planetside 1 Skyguard :)
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  14. MarvinGardens

    Then who would I hate?
  15. Hosp

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  16. z1967

    I am fairly confident that the OP is a troll. I am trying to come up with ways bursters are too powerful and I got pretty much nothing.
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  17. HadesR

    Well it's a combined arms game ... But I'm beginning to suspect that the only one's who are supposed to use combined arms instead of complaining are infantry ..

    If it's not Ravens ruining " tank battles " .. It's MAX's ruining air fights ...

    Now if only certain tankers and pilots embraced the concept that they preach to others .. That concept being " combined arms "
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  18. user101

    No I am not a troll .. however I am confident in what I have said. Max AA needs to go out of PS2.

    PS2 MAX AA is way over played and causing the game to choke in offense & defense play. Been doing this sense beta. BR100 level ... Max AA are used by XP hunters... and not real players of the game..

    We need lots more air in ps2 and we don't get it because of Max AA.
  19. HadesR

    I think you will find the majority disagree ... Especially in it's current form ..

    Now if they split Air into proper roles ..

    ESF : A2A only
    Gal: A2A only for defense
    Libs: A2G only
    Val: A2G only

    We might start to get a little inter-air balance that allows for more of it ..
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  20. WarmasterRaptor

    ITT : Hovering pilot without situational awareness complaining about teamworking AA dedicated units killing him.

    Soon, in a nerfcall thread near you :
    G2A missiles are too strong and should only do 5% damage to ESF.
    Also to balance even more, Lock-on timer increased to 5 mins.

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