Mauler with Slugs???

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MurgNC, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. MurgNC

    On my NC LA I'm about to auraxium my current gun so I'm looking for a replacement.

    I've heard the Mauler shotgun is the best to use with slugs. Is this true?

    My current LA loadout is:

    max Jump Jets
    max Nanoweave armor
    max C4
    frag grenade x1

    My basic strategy is to flank the enemy, fly to a good high shooting position, and engage at medium range.

    Would the Mauler with slugs be useful for this?

    If so, what about attachments. With other shotguns it seems everyone goes with extended mags, but in this case the Mauler has a quick reload and due to the large pellet spread it seems like I can't afford to miss, which has me leaning toward the forward grip instead.

    Also, once again with other shotguns it seems everyone goes with the x1 sight, but since here I'd be engaging at medium range and need to be accurate a higher magnification might be called for...

    If not the Mauler, then what's a good alternative for medium range combat?

    I've already auraxiumed...
    AF 19 Mercenary
    GD 23 Razor
    MKV Suppressed

    I've reserved the AF 4 Bandit for my Engineer.

    So for medium range options that leaves...
    1. Gauss Compact Burst (tried it in VR and it seems to have poor TTK)
    2. Gauss Compact S (seems to be all about the grenade launcher, which does not fit my playstyle)
    3. NS-11C (seems to have good TTK and accuracy, but I'd prefer an NC specific gun if possible)
    4. GD 7 F (popular, but seems to be primarily a short range gun).

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Iridar51

    You can find a lot of information about slugs in the shotgun guide here.

    Your loadout and intentions seem good, I encourage you to try the playstyle out, since you get Mauler for free, and slugs only cost 100 certs.

    Forward Grip is pretty much pointless, since horizontal recoil is the least of your concerns. Mostly, your accuracy will be limited by cone of fire. On a related note, pellet spread does not affect slug accuracy in any way, since you're not shooting pellets, you're shooting bullets.

    I would too recommend using 1x reflex, because slugs have extremely bad hip firing accuracy, so you will have to aim down sights if you encounter enemy at close range. Using a high magnification scope will make it difficult for you. That, and slugs don't really have that long of effective range or accuracy to warrant high magnification.

    Slug shotgun is not a sniper rifle, it's a big brick that shoots smaller bricks that fly in almost random directions.

    So I can't recommend actually using slugs for combat efficiency. Slug shotguns are veryinaccurate, and slugs themselves fly slow and have a lot of drop.

    A carbine - ANY carbine - would be much better most of the time.
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  3. MurgNC

    Thank you for the link, it was informative.

    I'll go ahead and try the slug Mauler; as you say the cert investment isn't too severe. If it turns out to be sub-optimal, well it won't be the first sub-optimal gun I've auraxiumed with my LA (MKV Suppressed, I'm looking at you!).
  4. Leivve

    Iridar is right about slugs, but it should be noted that pump slugs can OHK on headshots. So if you want to roll #MLGPRO quick scope sniper, but want to crank it up to 11, you can use them as a replacement.
  5. _itg

    For the record, the Gauss Compact Burst has the same theoretical TTK as the Mercenary (and about .05s faster than the NC-11C). Of course, since you have to click at just the right pace to maximize that DPS, it will likely be slightly longer in practice, but on the other hand, the gun is much more accurate, and has excellent velocity with HVA (which you definitely should equip).
  6. Liewec123

    i preferred slug sweeper, i could be wrong but all of the slugs (semi auto not pump) do the same damage, so the only noticable difference between slug sweeper and slug mauler is extra ammo from sweeper.
  7. Iridar51

    True, but for those extra 2 rounds per mag the sweeper also gets 25 m/s lower projectile speed, which is noticeable on slug shotguns, and almost a second longer reload. If we'd shoot sweeper and mauler side by side, we'd see the same thing as here.
  8. Demigan

    you haven't tried to burst outside of the VR?

    For medium to long range, the upgraded Gauss Burst is a beast. It's accurate and powerful. And with a laser sight you can hipfire this baby on people's head to get easy and quick kills. I've killed Heavies with it even though they got first strike on me! This baby combines the power of long-range Carbines with the incredible hipfire of CQC carbines. Look no further!

    The Gauss Compact S could still be a good option. Dump the grenade on them, then finish them off. I used it in the early days when that grenade launcher was much more powerful but it should still work.
    GD 7F is a beast as well, but a CQC one. With burst fire you can fire at range but not very well. So for medium range combat I should stick with the burst variant.

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