Mattherson/Waterson Merger coming sooooooooooon YESSSS

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  1. Tommyp2006

    I literally could not be happier about this

    Mattherson already claims that they are the "competitive server" so they should change the actual competitive server to be called Matterson, and name the merged server Jaeger.
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    At least I'll have some good air protecting me.
    And Mattherson VS doesn't run around like headless chickens (This is the biggest reason I started Lib piloting, as its the biggest way 2 people can make a difference.) So I'll have some fun outside of Ops Nights.
  3. Paragon Exile

    We don't claim to be the most competitive server, we simply... are.

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  4. vanu123

    lol unlike every other server, at least the VS have pop SOMEWHERE!
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  5. DashRendar

    I'm going to shoot you in the back of the head the first time I see you with whatever weapon I have handy at the time. I'm not sure why. Call it male bonding.
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  6. vanu123

  7. Pikachu

    If SOE considers USA servers to be of low pop and worthy of merge then how come they dont do the same for EU servers? They have about the same pop dont they?
  8. Tommyp2006

    slightly less as far as I know, they should merge EU down to 2 servers.
  9. DxAdder

    What are they going to do if you had a character in the same faction on both servers before the merge ?

    I really don't need two toons from the same faction on the same server.
  10. Epic High Five

    Psh, get in line




    We don't KNOW they don't plan on doing anything with the EU servers. We only know this because Glorious Derp the Divine Messenger goaded an answer out of smed. Get networking :D
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  11. Titan6

    This is good news for both servers, really. The populations will even out and we'll have far more fights going on.

    Waterson will have to deal with the Mattherson ego, but that's a small price to pay for having gud fits!
  12. NC_agent00kevin

    Yes, I know this. Its not public.
  13. minhalexus

    I might actually have hope for *merged* NC.

    I've lost hope for Mattherson NC, therefore I'm looking forward to this.
    Let's hope NC gets better after the merge.

    "More people" generally means easier farms for high BR players, another reason I'm looking forward to this.
  14. Epic High Five

    We just crushed an alert from start to finish, the alerts we lose are generally the "whoever wins is the one that the AOD blob decides to not push mindlessly" variety where it's a tossup. The NC have been doing quite well for themselves lately! Waterson NC have a good home waiting for them, just one thing:

    PLEASE put stuff in order and leader first, a lot of people have command comms blocked because of certain rogue elements and it's going to take some coaxing to get them back. I'd say it's only like maybe 1/5 leaders of note though so ehhhh, it's all good. The circle of coordination has been very strong lately.
  15. LIKE A BOSS!

    My day has officially been made. My VS bretheren will destroy you all. We Matherson VS are the Gods of Matherson we will own you. Get rekt m8s.
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  16. Flying Mug

    Unfortunately you're kind of stuck with it. I feel the same way but unless your alt is BR20 I would say it's too much trouble to recreate him elsewhere.
  17. Bape

    Man I want to play but I want to move to PS4 regardless just a bigger population. If only I can get a confirmation whether the stuff I purchased on PC version will be available to me on the PS4 version which will decide if I will come back to PC version or not ><.

    Also how do I connect my SOE account to my PSN account?.
  18. Typhoeus

    Looking forward to it! Tell me waterson has a TR overpop to compensate for mattherson's underpop? Would be amazing to have even pops :D
  19. EliteEskimo

    Individually speaking I doubt we're much better skill/1337 wise outside of the outfits that specifically filter for it, it's the fast reaction tactics,hold the line defenses, and the ability to re-secure bases at the last second which makes us special. You'll see soon enough though, and I'll let you be the judge. I'm also glad people aren't scared , people use to be such a big stink over this topic once it came up. To be honest I think people will enjoy the atmosphere, Mattherson has had such a long time TE left that the drama has turned into fun rivalry and fierce competition rather than straight up hate.

    All I can say Alarox is prepare for more AV turret and Lancer nests in your near future, Mattherson VS loves them. Just tonight I had my tank Instagibbed from full health to nothing by a GOKU lancer squad. I took out a few of them out before hand, and then came back for seconds as payback.:D
  20. LIKE A BOSS!

    I will be playing both. My irl friends will be on PS4. But my PC masterace friends still exist I will stay with both.