Mattherson/Waterson Merger coming sooooooooooon YESSSS

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  1. ronjahn

  2. ronjahn

    This is a bit of a tinfoil hat comment, but I have a feeling the SOE has downgraded most of their servers except Connery anyway. Over the past 2 weeks I have stopped playing my main (BR100 NC Waterson) and have been playing my VS on Connery(br21 iirc)

    The reason I playy Connery char has nothing to do with pops. In fact, even though Connery has way more active people, the reason I have been playing there is because I get far better frames per second and ping, which is strange because I live on the East coast.

    With this coming merge, SOE can you please look into wtf is causing me to get better ping and FPS on Connery and make sure to implement that into the merge?

    BTW get ready to be farmed Matthersonites. My Vanguard is dying for new targets.
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  3. Epic High Five

    The best part of the hand-wringing is that Mattherson is actually a pretty super chill server to play on. Our tryhards are just way louder than everybody else's, not necessarily more numerous
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  4. Cirevam

    Chill or not, my personal beef with a merger is performance. My friends and I don't have god-tier computers or internet connections, and only two of my friends play regularly anymore. Small fights are pretty much the rule for us. I don't want every single fight to be a multi-platoon mess simply because our framerates will plummet.

    Granted, I'm sure there will still be some <24 fights. But it will be harder to make any sort of difference. I'm also concerned with the population during primetime. An alert continent can already get full with a decent queue on Waterson. What will happen when the population is effectively doubled? I hardly play on Indar so don't say "get off indar, scrub." Will this mean that two continents could get locked or would the remainder just spread out between the two left over? Honest question here, mostly directed at Connery players.
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  5. VSDerp

    yup lol i just asked him about it than he replied and we kinda talked about it. he said he was in the ps2 department and he was gonna see what he could do .
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  6. Phyr

  7. Epic High Five

    It'll be exactly the same but on more than 1 continent, like around release. It's going to be great. When pop is good you NEVER have to worry about finding a fight, so continent poplocks and whatever are irrelevant
  8. Iridar51

    Nice. If things go well for Mater/Wather merge, they will start merging other servers. Hope Ceres gets merged with Woodman, that TorokF + Moukass combo :eek:
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  9. Alarox

    I don't see anyone on Waterson afraid of Mattherson, but I do see a ton of people from Mattherson acting like they're better. Based on what actual evidence I have absolutely no idea. When we were at the ServerSmash, Waterson played just as well and was moments away from victory near the end.

    I'm not of the opinion that either server is better.
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  10. NC_agent00kevin

    I was just going to make a thread about how I am not enjoying this game any more, mostly due to wild population imbalances for not only the server itself but individual continents and battles. I just cant enjoy playing NC and steamrolling everything in our path, and I cant enjoy being driven into a spawn room to chat with everyone while the base timer ticks down. Its just not fun. One can only find new and weird ways in which to kill people for so long until it gets boring. There are several other underlying issues, but this I think is the one thats killing it for me.

    As a member since Dec 2012 and a pretty big spender, its not good when players like myself stop enjoying the game.
  11. Hatesphere

    finally, I can fight all the pig headed mattherson players that think they are awesome.
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  12. Epic High Five

    So do you see the merger as a good thing or a bad thing?
  13. Maljas23

    Just ignore the ego strokers man. Matterson is a pretty relaxed server minus the loud minority. I doubt you'll find it much different from Watterson.
  14. Hatesphere

    never said it would be much different, I just find it enjoyable to fight a new batch of pig headed br100s.
  15. Epic High Five

    Considering the grind, pretty much every BR100 that didn't get there in the belly of a Lib is going to be pig headed
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  16. Key Pusher

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  17. doombro

    I am going to be drinking so many tears if Waterson gets to keep the server name.
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  18. Hatesphere

    Hey dont spoil the party, I just want to shoot angry try hards.
  19. NC_agent00kevin

    Im cautiously optimistic. With more volume, even a VS overpop wouldnt mean we experience the same thing we do on a lesser populated server as the deficiency is amplified when there are less and less people. Plus Ive rarely seen VS even with equal population; it might be a welcome change for a while. That and when you put the NC overpop in a blender with the VS overpop it might balance out fairly well. Im not sure where the TR sit though. And I do intent to play TR once I get my VS to BR 100 if the game can keep me entertained that long.

    Edit: and they should definitely name it Jaeger.
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  20. ajma

    Looking forward to VS inter-outfit jolly co-op.