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    15 MAY- NEED TO SEE OUTFIT REPS, AND ADDITIONAL LEADERS 2215 EST Mattherson rep meeting in Server Smash TS: Specifics:
    -identify Delta/Air squad leaders
    -discuss dedicated QRF squad per platoon
    -faction specific strats
    -discuss map, once provided
    -identify initial platoon objectives
    -coms checks for all leaders from each channel
    -identify secondary platoon leaders
    -identify platoon number manager (to keep tabs on numbers, bring in reserves, etc)
    -further map strats
    -rehash PTS bugs, changes, implants, etc
    -reorg platoon layout pending feedback from numbers
    -Squad listing and platoon creation protocol

    17 MAY -Leaders need to be on NO LATER THEN 1820 UTC (1420EST), and should begin listing squads
    1700 UTC (1300 EST) Volunteer map prep
    1830 UTC (1430 EST) Leader Interviews in SS Teamspeak
    1850 UTC (1450 EST) Platoons standing by to go, last minute coms checks
    1900 UTC (1500 EST) match start
    -Server Smash TS info: and is an absolute requirement. We will have rights to our own channels.
    -Update your PTS, spend your certs (faction currently unknown. make all 3!)
    -Outfits create analogs so there is some semblance of who is who
    -Match terms: Miller taking SW gate on Esamir, Mattherson taking NE. Line of neutral facilities between, going from Freyr-Eisa-Ymir including adjacent regions.
    -Currently expecting minimum 5 platoons per side.

    List of confirmed participants below. Outfits will be guaranteed 1 squad with a max of 2 until we have included everyone, at which point 2+ will be accepted. Priority first though is reaching 33/33/33% faction representation. For solo bros, i need you to speak to one of the listed outfit reps and tag along with them pending they have room.
    Platoon Assignments:

    PL#1- Ender(DA) Backup PL- ?
    C-WLDC- Silentumbra
    D-QRY/Joint Air

    PL#2- Slyy(CML) Backup PL- ?
    C-VG- Irishinsanity
    D-VG/Joint Air

    PL#3- Wyrdharper(903) Backup PL- Iamcommandershephard
    C-SG- Krayons
    D-SG/Joint Air

    PL#4- Royawesome(TEST) backup PL- Jaamaw
    B-RBLE- Russianhippie
    C-SVO- VengeanceD
    D-NNG/Joint Air- Jaamaw

    PL#5- Aeflic (VCO)? Backup PL- Komradevirtuonov
    B-BAX- Swisher
    D-Joint Air- TBD

    Reserves (To be slotted in main force once numbers are clearer, and used as reserves):
    1 squad TEST
    1 squad GOTR- Khaot
    1 squad V- ?
    1 squad VCO

    TS Com's layout:
    -single whisper list for PLs and Mattherson Joint Expeditionary Force Commander Field Marshal General
    -second whisper list for PL and SLs of own platoon
    -perhaps some way for air leaders to communicate?

    8 May Thursday 2215 EST to discuss: platoon leaders, where to shuffle all the pilots, squad leaders, squad listing protocol, teamspeak command channel usage, PTS oddities (bugs, weapons, implants), Teamspeak outfit tags and Squad creation protocol, etc. -COMPLETE-
    15 May Thursday 2215 EST will discuss strats, follow up on previous topics.
    If you have been listed as an outfit rep in the OP, i need the following:
    1. Attend both Thursday TS meeting. I'm a big fan of short and sweet, no ********.
    2. Be responsive, willing, and understand that we will be confined to the numbers Miller can produce.
    3. Confirm the numbers you are dedicating have the PTS DLed, patched, and characters created.
    If you see a name on the initial list that belongs to your outfit, talk to him, or tell me who to change it to.
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  2. WyrdHarper

    903rd can provide 2-3 squads as well as platoon and squad leaders. We might possibly be able to get more people on if we had to, although I'll need a better idea of the time.

    Additionally, SG/903rd can operate in one platoon together, which might make leadership logistics easier.
  3. Ender

    I'll put down for DA/QRY, though it looks like there's already quite a few signed up. Ideally i'd like to be able to bring 24 players, but at least slot me down for a squad, if there's still room.
  4. RoyAwesome

    I'll be there. Lemme poke TEST and see if people are interested
  5. Herby20

    I think a squad just for your infantry is a must. The air could be thrown in with the other various pilots if need be. Because it is Mattherson, a lot of us have flown with each other numerous times and we wouldn't have any problem adjusting.
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  6. Negator

    Lets start with max 2 squads per outfit, then go from there once we see what weve got.
  7. Negator

    updated post.
  8. Negator

    I'm going to go back and checklist everything to streamline the OP.
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  9. Thurwell

    If you want to run dedicated air squads, or a platoon like Connery did, would those be separate from the outfit squads? QRY's about the only dedicated air outfit on Mattherson still reasonably active.
  10. Ender

    The reason I mentioned both is because we've become quite exceptional at timing an air run before infantry hits a location. In all seriousness I could probably also field a squad of 24 infantry with how many people have been signing up for events and stuff lately though. I'll keep checking back to see where things are at.
  11. Negator

    what did you mean by 'coordination issues' in the reddit thread?
  12. Negator

    I would think that each platoon's dedicated air would have a backbone of exception pilots, augmented by solos from the other outfits. QRY may be the only 100% dedicated air, but SVO, 903, SG, all could fit that bill. Ive got several people on VS that would be able to run an air squad, we just dont put out concentrated numbers, which would change with additional flyers.

    I think a single platoon of air may be detrimental though. Very important for them to be in close contact with dudes on the ground (or troops in contact for you military guys). Correct me if I'm wrong, but scythes clear the sky so that libs can pick off long distance air targets or suppress a spawn, which means there needs to be clear communication between the infantry to the liberators, and the liberators to the scythes.
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  13. WyrdHarper

    Maybe :
    -Channel Commander for Each Platoon ( Can divide each platoon into its own family)
    -Whisper List 1 for PL-PL communication
    -Whisper List 2 for air?

    I think it's good to mix outfits, but I don't know if we should necessarily divide platoons into faction squads artificially. There's some outfits that work well together (I'd imagine this is true for a lot of the VS outfits, and a lot of them also have played on TR/NC), so we might want to do that instead. For example, 903/SG could provide 3 Infantry Squads and one air, and both outfits would be comfortable with one or the other leading. I'm sure there's other outfits that probably have similar relationships that would also synergize well.

    I do like the idea of an air group attached to each platoon, since I think the air got a little disconnected later in the match last time.

    I'm also going to try and see if I can get some people to set up a PTS powerlevelling session this week (Shep has a stupidly effective method) so we can have everyone be BR10 for beacon rotation. Let us know when you figure out the faction, though we can always do all three.
  14. Aeflic

    When will we know the faction?

    Also VCO is available, trying to get numbers up as soon as possible.
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  15. Negator

    no prob and good points. Artificial separation would be bad for those familiar with eachother. i will tell you beacons might be banned entirely. not sure yet though. We could do that during our friday night chit chat
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  16. Negator

    likely tonight.
  17. WyrdHarper

    There were some issues with coordination and especially communication, with things not being called out, and the combined arms elements were sort of split up. I was up in the air, and in-between the big air battles there was a lot of downtime where people weren't entirely sure where they were supposed to be, and things got split up. The platoon structures were also not that well-set (I think we ended up having more than four because they weren't full and people wanted to split up doing different things).

    I think there was also some splitting between factions/outfits who wanted to be their own group and didn't trust the others as much, but even in the last month or so I think we've seen some positive changes on Mattherson on that front. What it felt like was we ended up having a bunch of squads all being kick-bass Mattherson squads (which was still pretty effective), but it wasn't up to the classic Mattherson hyperorganized tactics that scare off lesser beings (=p )

    What you seem to be setting up is a big improvement. The communication channels sound good, and if we just have the 4 platoons, that's a lot easier to coordinate. I know there were a couple times where our ground squads were misdeployed or mistimed due to communication as well. It looks like it should work better this time--I like what you're doing so far, keep it up.
  18. Aeflic

    Okay sweet, this was kind of last minute for us. What do I need to do/know? Aka meeting?
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  19. Bugginator

    Sturmgrenadier can field the 2 squads required, more squads if needed, and I agree with Harper about joining 903 in a platoon.
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  20. Herby20

    Totally understandable. And since DA's air is basically QRY, I would be more than okay with you guys having a second squad of just pilots if that is how you/Mattherson choose to do it. Just thought I would throw that idea out there :p