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  1. Gbank

    Come join the Honeybadgers!
    The Honeybadgers are a semi serious outfit currently playing TR on Mattherson!
    We have an emphasis on *** kicking and, more importantly, fun!
    We run ops every night from 7-10 PM EST!

    The Honeybadgers also run designated air ops, ground ops, and infantry ops on certain nights. We also have station cash giveaways, and other fun social events such as harasser races and the dreaded Sundy dash to the enemy wargate.

    If you are interested in joining the single most fun and asskicking outfit on the TR sign up at;
    and add Gbank as a friend in game for an outfit invite


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  2. Skadi

  3. Xhoydr

    We are also veterans of Soltech: one of two surviving TR outfits.
    We know how to make the most out of our forces.
    We have a good many veterans that bring experience to the outfit and the faction as a whole.
    We have a very chill community that is friendly to everyone!
    We do our best to work with the other TR outfits on Matherson.
  4. Gbank

    WOOT! Honeybadgers!
  5. Azula

    >.< Honeybadgers kicking *** tonight! YEAH!
  6. Skadi

  7. TheHalo1Pistol

    You know what's cool? Dis outfit! Looking forward to fighting the honeybadgers a lot more!
    Good to see that you finally got your forums recruitment page up!
  8. blessedpatrick

    If any TR are looking for an absolute pain in the *** to fight against outfit here you go, every time I run into these guys I may kill one, if I'm lucky two, and then bring down furious anger upon myself from the rest of them.
  9. Gbank

    Even our enemies like us! Join today! We are having open recruitment!
  10. TheHalo1Pistol

    I may or may not also have an alt in The Honeybadgers :eek:
  11. DerDoopity

    single best outfit on the Terran Republic. Much respect from the NC
  12. Gbank

  13. FuzzyWaxwing

    We also have no age limit for joining our outfit. We do expect a certain amount of maturity (i.e. the ability to follow orders and respect other players in the game).

    We have a wide range of ops open from Honeybadger Elite Ops for the more serious players that want to get into heavy tactics and fun small squads that run around having fun and goofing off. We cater to all players and we straight don't give a s###.
  14. Gbank

    ohhh a wild picture appeared
  15. Gbank

    Holy crap batman! now we have a video
  16. TheHalo1Pistol

    Why don't you use some of 0ddbawl's videos?
  17. Azula

    Nice additions Gbank! :D
  18. Gbank

    ohhh another video
  19. Azula

    hooray for more videos! :D
  20. Drealgrin

    This is ShepardCommander and this is my favorite Terran Republic outfit on Auraxis.