Mattherson, Rejoice! The Enclave Has Quit!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LucMooncrest, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. SgtBreastroker

    ITT: People who Buzz destroyed on a regular basis finally getting the chance to trash talk him since he's leaving.

    It's quite sad he's leaving, and I do agree with his points. I don't know how SOE considers GU11 a "Quality of Life" patch. It's the opposite.
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  2. VSDerp

    im trying to hunt you down also after you killed me tonight lol almost had you're ***
  3. Krios Ahzek

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  4. Cl1mh4224rd

    I might be OK with that excuse if this were a real war, but... No amount of skill leading a bunch of gamers in a video game can make up for a terrible public personality or lack of moral character.

    Quite frankly, the community and, by extension, the game, are much better off without him. His personality rubbed off on his underlings, and I for one am hoping that the ones that remain are either the more civilized of the bunch, or start become so.
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  5. Badname2490

    Ahh more proof that PS2 and most F2P games have a ****** toxic community that practically resembles a turd bowl. Keep making me laugh, guys.

    Regardless of your political/personal views on TE, many other people are leaving this game too on other servers. Sure Buzz was hated but he still speaks the truths. Unless SOE gets their **** together we will never see the things that truly make Planetside a Planetside game.
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  6. Hickbilly McFreedom

    I'm not too unhappy to see the TE dissolved, aside from some colorful /yell chat spam, they didn't bring anything particularly unique to Mattherson aside from a larger-than-average player base. Should be interesting to see what happens to Mattherson TR now that they'll have a fresh influx of ex-TE members.
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  7. Xae

    Yet TR managed to have the Indar lock for 1 day this year.

    GOKU dunked on him so hard we're having an Anime Marathon to come up with a new level of "Dunking" to describe it.
  8. Bape

    Yeh shocked I got you since im using my new computer over my **** laptop lol it hard to get use to this I never used a computer before. GU11 screwed the infiltrators I killed about 20 infiltrator after I killed you lol lmao all of them thinking they are cloaked and fine at range but they were not blue so I went after them :).
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  9. Bape

    Well you know what i mean lol im tired so im just writing stuff out of my *** lol.
  10. Mambakiller

    OP, a low kd player who think he will get better now that TE is gone.
    News flash for u, OP:
  11. creamedcorn

    Uh, we're not the Reddit outfit dude.
  12. Krios Ahzek

    Sounds like someone who doesn't even know that GT is not considered canon.

    Blazing insult there chap.
  13. VSDerp

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  14. VSDerp

    hahaha that's messed up bape
  15. Badname2490

  16. SgtBreastroker

    And you're feeling proud with your +50% population near off peak times when you cap Indar?

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  17. Krios Ahzek

    Turns out playing the same game 15 hours a day for 6 months will make you burn out, just like Goku using his last energy reserves to power his Super Saiyan 3 transformation.
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  18. Drealgrin


    Try any VS, a few NC, and BWC/AOD.
    Far superior outfits with superior leadership.
  19. Leal

    Quiet you it totally was and so was Broly ok!!??
  20. PhysicsMan

    I nearly fell of my chair laughing at that video - absolutely hilarious! :D
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