Mattherson, Rejoice! The Enclave Has Quit!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LucMooncrest, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Shinrah

    Don´t have to because my outfit/community has been around since before PS1 and as you can see I´m still with em. I merely doubt that as big as TE was everyone is so engaged in that "community" that they listen to one selfish decission and just quit the game.
  2. Lohk

    I don't understand why the rejoicing. Enclave boosted TRs population during prime time when they needed it the most. When TE hasn't done OPs, the populations show it. Mattherson will only continue to decline due to the VS over population.

    Planetside just loss another highly coordinated, high population, Outfit. That is what Planetside needs to survive and we are rejoicing?

    Good luck kids.
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  3. Citizen H

    I can't blame TE for calling it quits.

    TR weapons are crap. TR's factional theme/strength is a joke, as are their visual aesthetics. VS gets away with murder. ZOE is still OP as hell, but Lockdown gets a nerf. Worst tank. No other competent TR outfits on Mattherson to assist them. MCG is still a POS. Cheats and exploiters everywhere. Developers wasting resources on MLG distractions rather than growing the real game, the game 99% of the players signed on for. Mattherson population is shrinking and the pop balance is royally ****ed up because the developers just let a couple large outfits switch to another faction on the same server that was already pop biased in that faction's favor.

    Yeah, I can see the reasons for TE to exit. Their presence will be missed.
    Since TE usually did it by themselves, TR will never cont lock Indar again.
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  4. Imij

    Anyone who is happy that TE is leaving is either not on the server, and therefore their opinion doesn't matter, or is a fool, and therefore their opinion doesn't matter.

    This isn't a good thing. You don't have to like BCP or TE, but TR pop is bad as it is.
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  5. MrIDoK

    It's not a good thing when people leave, but i have to say that the drama is very strong in this case.

    After listening to the stream i sense a "i want everything NAO!" vibe from his words. PS2 is still young, a lot of mechanics are still being developed and updates come every two weeks. While i agree with some of his points, i think that he's mainly burnt out from the amount of this game he's been playing daily for 8 months.
    However, everyone can have his own opinion so if that's what he thinks of ps2 i guess i'll just have to disagree with him.

    PS: can i have your stuff? pls?
  6. Venomoroth

    so stupid and wrong. outfit stats are absolutely misleading cause they only reward xp. if you have many members and recruit low levels often, you will automatically go down in the outfit ranking.

    outfits should be ranked by the impact they can make on a running battle and if we talk about that, then TE ist #1 for all times.

    and just to say it: i'm not a TE/BCP fanboy andi often reported buzz on youtube or ingame for his behaviour cause i wanted him to be kicked.
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  7. Nyscha

    Stop crying TR isn't the most popular faction for a reason.

    TR is OP.
  8. MasterCheef

    Matherson TR sucked with TE anyway. No loss to me.

    I know its cool to hate on PS2, but all TE did was stunt tactics for their stream. They rarely played the objective. TE did not care about any strategy or capturing a continent, they would only take a base if it would look cool on their stream. TE is probably quitting because they are being forced to play the game the right way and not zerg unsuspecting platoons for fun and stunts.
  9. Roxputin

    Maturity wins!!!!!! Good job Ark

    Stay classy Movac.

    And for any person not getting the Raider05 refference, he was a player from Planetside 1 that died in real life. The Enclave sent their respects by carpet bombing the in game funeral procession.

    Any controversy that The Enclave has stirred In PS2 pales in comparison to that.
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  10. CapperDeluxe

    Truly great leaders overcome trials. We await the next worthy opponent.
  11. Fiasco07

    TE was very good at what they did, and BCP was the best player in the game.

    So what? He is also a racist, self aggrandizing, bi polar, sociopath with a messiah complex. Im glad hes leaving PS2. Its summer, he should go outside and get a tan or something besides being a grown *** man playing a video game for 9 hours a day. It might be good for him in a holistic sense. He might meet that special someone, move to a state with liberal marriage laws and find true happiness.

    I play TR on Matterson. Yes, we will miss TE. Yes we will get our ***** handed to us due to overpop of VS. This is temporary. Some VS will leave, some TR will come. Equilibrium will be found in due course. And if not, BFD. Matterson isnt some religious relic. Break up the server if need be to increase the population of others in a more equal way. Parts is parts. I really dont care what the name of server I log onto is.
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  12. Draxo

    If the guy could just keep a grip on his temper and tongue he probably would have been very popular. I actually think he needs professional help though. The way he acted and reacted was not normal.

    Still, as much as everyone loves to rag on him, its not good news.
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  13. LordMondando

    Games booming in europe. In a month or two no one will remember, just like every outrage everyone has had at ever patch and the game 'dying' because of it.
  14. lootandshoot

    Does anyone know which outfit will take TE shock and awe roll now?
  15. Caserion

    Aren't OP factions usually the most populated...?
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  16. HadesR

    This is why we need server specific forums ... Keep the drama Queens from spamming General
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  17. Krayus_Korianis

    Usually if a faction is OP'd, they're the most popular... Your logic seems to have failed you.

    At this moment, VS is the most popular faction, wonder why that is.
  18. footjam

    This is ********. The last few nights they have been kited around the map by a smaller force unable to secure any ground because they have to split their force per the lattice. These are the mental gymnastics at the special Olympics.
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  19. Tristan

    Buzz left (The idea that most of the TE players are going to stop playing because that bloated racist said so is ridiculous) for a few reasons:

    1. TE would have been pressured to prove themselves in even-numbered outfit matches, and it wouldn't have gone well.
    2. He can't continually order his whole outfit to pull a vehicle to overwhelm something.
    3. Everyone knows he's a giant racist.
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  20. UrMom306

    I love all the people happy about this, from my perspective this is a big loss for the game as a whole, that's a huge chunk of players that are leaving in an already dwindling all you VS who say you've won or good...well have fun when you're the only ones going up against 10% of each faction.
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