Mattherson problem.

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  1. DQCraze

    Im starting to see a trend of blunders at the end of alerts that is causing TR to pretty much give a win or tie away. The underpop claim is being severely exagerated. Note populations during my playtime of 4pm cst to 10pm cst have favored NC by 3-5% with VS and TR mostly tied or differentiated by 1-2%.

    Last night on the biolab alert everyone was tied with 3 biolabs. TR with 20 min left zerg rushed Andvari and came within 50 secs of taking it, VS command responded with 4 platoons to save it.

    What they didnt do was defend on Amerish leaving the NC to make a monster push on Ikanam. With 11 min left all the TR pulled off Esamir to defend Ikanam, leaving VS to push 2 territories to Mani and take it for the Win, with 1 min 32 secs left in the alert. TR, you exposed your junk and got kicked in the balls for it. The push you made on Andvari with 200 plus was a gamble.
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  2. Sock

    Seems like a lot of people are just mad that our moms let us stay up later.
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  3. Posse

    As a kid I'm offended by that
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  4. yeHHH1g

    Our moms just love us more. Get better moms nerds.
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  5. deggy

    BRB, gotta eat my 8.25th birthday cake.

    My mom says I'm too awesome to just have a birthday every year, we have one every 3 months.
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  6. Sock

    Happy birthday
  7. Giggily

    As a gay dad playing Planetside 2 I don't let my children stay up late and I am also going to buy the pink crossbow.
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  8. yeHHH1g

    Nerf Vanu moms next patch, pretty sure its on the roadmap
  9. DerRosaBaron

    I could not agree more, Negator. VG, BWC, 903rd, and my own outfit have been trying as best we can to get some continuity for Mattherson TR. Fact of the matter is we do not have enough dedicated outfits around like VS do. When all the dedicated TR outfits go toe to toe with VS and NC on Friday Nights it is a hell of a lot of fun (challenging fun at that too). I think a major factor was the embarrassing arguments and scream-fests that was a common occurrence on TR command chat that really threw the TR into a deep hole. However, VG, 903rd, BWC, and my outfit are attempting to rectify past issues and get TR back on the organized track.
    Now correct me if I am wrong, but I want to think that the VS on Mattherson had a greater number of Outfits from PS1 that transferred over to PS2 than the TR or NC did, thus the higher and consistent presence of coordination between outfits. Before Sol-Tech and Mattherson merged, I played on Sol Tech. Sol-Tech had little to no organized outfits around (that I can remember). What we did have, for the most part, was "flash-mob outfits." By this I mean someone would start and outfit and then literally invite every single person they met without screening them or processing them. They just simply added them to the outfit, if they accepted, they were in. The end result of this COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP WAY OF RECRUITING was massive TR zergs that had no finesse or strategy. They simply threw bodies at a point. There was perhaps one occurrence of actual cooperation during the lifetime of Sol-Tech for TR. These flash-mob outfits" usually lasted a few months, then they would disappear. Has this sort of thing been happening on Mattherson for TR? Well, all I will say is that simply adding a player to your outfit without getting them registered on the outfit forum, into TS or Vent, and not constantly engaging them in tactical game play is just plain stupid and inefficient. Not to mention they make you look bad if they turn out to be nothing more than a tk'ing moron . . .

    I always see players blaming everyone else but their own faction for their own factions failings. This is a bad way to go about things. More times than not, issues can be addressed by simply looking at oneself. In this case, the TR on Mattherson are more to blame for their failings than the NC or VS. Additionally, everyone want's a quick fix (a aspect of the modern age I suppose) and long for the day when, for TR, they log in and see their population at 40%. This just isn't going to happen in an instant.

    What needs to be done? Outfit leaders for TR need to constantly engage one another in a respectful manner. Not communicating and working with another outfit because one of their guys is a dick to you hurts the faction as a whole. Suck up your pride and do what is best for the faction. Work together, communicate, be respectful, keep an even temper, and the rest will follow. If this is done constantly over the next few months I am certain the TR population will rise. Players will see a rise in efficiency. Potential players will see videos and FNO reels of Mattherson TR working together and say "Hey, those guys are getting stuff done, that looks like fun!"

    Sorry for the long read.
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  10. Nerd Mode

    You can continue to deny that the faction overpopulation you hide behind nets you wins, fine by me. Sad fact is, Mattherson TR population is not growing and why should it? I actually encourage more people who play TR on Mattherson to leave like many already have; kill the server and force SOE to react IMO. If you think VS succeeds there only due to great leadership, well then, you're either living in a dreamworld or you're just ignorant. Population imbalance has more of an effect on this game than you want to admit. Sure, having a cadre of dedicated and skilled players that won't lose interest in the game is amazing and can be a "factor" in successful outcomes, but outnumbering your opponent by a large margin is devastating. I know there is no way to perfectly balance the factions, and without capped population scenarios (i.e., instance based play) there is no way to force even match ups, but that's how this game was meant to be played. So, I say, force change; leave a server or switch to the overpop faction and make the problem metastasize into a disgusting mess that has to be fixed, i.e., Mattherson.
  11. KnightCole

    Those still happen. Last night the VS controlled pretty much every single cont. The pops werent that high but they still controlled alot of the conts and certainly thenight before. Like 2 nights ago VS controlled, literally every spot on every cont but maybe 1 or 2 on Indar.

    VS Pretty much own Mattherson...
  12. Metallic123

    Grass is greener in waterson.
  13. Negator

    What have you done to rally the wayward masses young man?
  14. Herby20

    DerRosaBaron is the man. Plain and simple.
  15. Dark Pulse

    ZAPS is bad enough; ZAPS + DasAnfall would mean VS dominance of pretty much everything.

    Mattherson, after all, is the one server where NC isn't pretty much dominating the WDS.
  16. AAA Beef

    Maybe some good ol' propaganda will help.
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  17. Negator

  18. RJGatling

    Awesome! That cheesy propaganda stuff is perfect.
  19. EliteEskimo

    Ya, it's a shame that Mattherson VS has such a high amount of population. Back when they were underpopulated I thought it was better for the server because their overall organization and the skill of their players kept them competitive (At least I think it did right?). Now they have skill, organization, and at times a significant population advantage which makes them an extremely hard opponent to fight and win against. This can become particularly frustrating during alerts.

    Mattherson VS could definitely help remedy the situation too. For instance GOKU's TR Alt outfit FRZA helps even the odds, and it would be very nice if more VS outfits could follow in their footsteps to help out Mattherson TR as well. If the all the well know organized VS outfits, such as GOTR/AT/NNG/GOKU/V, all created TR alts and were consistently willing to change to their TR alts when Mattherson TR was at a sizable population disadvantage I think the server would provide a more entertaining gaming atmosphere. Even the smaller 1337 VS outfits like DA/AC choosing to help out EXOC during these situations by giving them higher numbers would help. While Mattherson TR definitely have to their own bridges and increase the efficiency of how their outfits coordinate, at the same time I'm sure Mattherson VS also could help speed up the process through creating TR alts.

    In the end balanced server populations equal a better gaming atmosphere which is prone to create more satisfying fights. This is evident on Fridays when all major TR outfits have most of their regular players, which is when Mattherson TR has populations consistent with Mattherson VS/NC, and good times are had. If Mattherson TR is able to experience a more pleasant server atmosphere, which would come from more balanced populations/ increased outfit coordination, then new TR players would also in theory be more likely to stay on Mattherson and increase TR's population over time. :cool:
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  20. AdamPA1006

    Are you kidding me? Did you really NOT notice that by the end of the alert, VS outpopped TR by over 20%? it was like 45-23. Get real, the TR did an AMAZING job holding all the biolabs we did the the LEAST amount of pop on the server. get a clue, you really make me mad.