Mattherson - Indar/High Density Area Server Delay/Lag Getting Out Of Hand

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ItZMuRdA, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. ItZMuRdA

    Not sure what I'm hoping to accomplish by posting this other than perhaps getting the word out toward a fix. From what I'm hearing it might be a Mattherson-exclusive issue, but has been going on for some time now.

    While it's subtle stuff that the average player may not notice, it has led to many of us boycotting Indar and other completely zerged/poplocked areas during alerts and prime time due to the significant reduction in quality of enjoyment caused by server issues. I originally thought it was only Indar, as that is where the issue is 99% of the time, though I had it happen for the first time on Esamir last night as well and resorted to fighting on Amerish as my only choice if I wanted to avoid this issue. Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
    • Serious hit registration issues where only a few bullets will feel like they actually hit where they are supposed to. You will see your bullets hit your target on your client, but not receive hit registration indicators.
    • Items such as medkits completely breaking by healing you to full then immediately back to low health
    • Chat being extremely delayed, we're talking like 10 seconds for your message to appear after sending it
    • and many other examples of client/server desynchronization, almost as if slight packet loss was present consistently

    Please don't bother telling me it's a problem on my end -- I'm sure some people won't notice what I'm talking about, like I said, it's subtle but definitely game-changing for advanced and perceptive players. SO many people have reported this type of thing happening, especially on Indar Mattherson, that I am confident it has nothing to do with anything on any of our ends.

    If need be, I can try to pull together some video clips from my stream that showcase the types of examples of this that I'm talking about. Thanks for listening and if you've experienced this as well (on any server for that matter), please help get the word out.
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  2. Qaz

    All of these issues seem to be connected to extreme serverloads caused by lots of people fighting each other the same or adjacent hexes. Miller has been experiencing this from time to time as well (we once had ~1500 people a single hex ... things went crazy; unlimited jetpacks, no heals, no revives, massive warping, no vehicle spawning), and i don't think there's much that can be done about it. As soon as there's a critical mass of people + vehicles, things will deteriorate.

    I doubt there's much room for them to upgrade the servers beyond what they currently have easily, so for the time being, a different continent is probably the best solution.
  3. Gunnmitten

    A lot of players have been having this issue on Mattherson, so it's definitely not just on your end. Not sure why it seems to be only prevalent on Mattherson but it seems to happen mainly during high population times like Alerts or when multiple platoons on each side are hitting each other. Sometimes it'll bog down the whole server and other times you can leave the loading region and play normally.

    To build on your symptoms list a bit:

    • Repairing does not actually repair things, it's extremely iffy.
    • When repairing/resupplying as an engineer, nothing will happen for a while and then you'll get a huge tick in experience, like the server just now caught up to itself
    • As usual with lag in PS2, any abilities like Mag-boost, cloak, jetpack will immediately replenish on dis-use or continue to be usable even after the "fuel" is gone.
    The lag delays are really off-putting and pretty frustrating when I don't know if I should keep shooting because we're both still alive or whether I should stop because the other guy's dead/I'm dead. As it stands though, I know it's most likely a tough issue to solve, so I've either been dealing with it or moving continents because not even Alert XP and fun fights will convince me to ruin my own game experience.
  4. AgentBryan

    I've also been getting this all yesterday. I think I could count the amount of times on one hand that I've experienced lag issues on Mattherson in the past, but yesterday it was unplayable for the entire day. Normally, I'll experience maybe 2-3 minutes of lag where everything around me will just be doing whatever it was before the lag, for example, players just running in one direction forever even through walls, vehicles that were going up any slight hill end up flying off into the horizon, then after a few minutes the lag ends and everything warps madly about for a few seconds before returning to normal.

    If anyone else has experienced it, they'll know what I'm talking about. Yesterday though, it was just a constant and never ending warping about of everything, hits wouldn't register, I'd randomly die a full minute after I'd encountered an enemy and ran off all the issues mentioned already. Tried playing on Miller for a bit and it works perfectly there. Hopefully this is just a temporary error and will be fixed by the time the severs are back online today.
  5. Technologist

    I have an account on Mattherson and don't notice any lag issues running 150fps but dropped to 120-130 with GU7 but my system is pretty maxed out for game play. GTX690 2560x1440p on a 100Mbps connection. Sometimes I do dump 30-40 rounds at point blank and the guy takes little damage.
  6. doomengine

    I started noticing this a few weeks ago myself (repair delays, hit registration issues, hit registration DELAY, etc). I initially moved to Esamir because of it, then stayed for the smaller fights (up until this week, I had an older PC that only got ~20fps). While having a slow PC *COULD* have been the issue, everyone in chat seemed to be complaining about it as well.
  7. go4life

    This is not an issue only on Mattherson. I play at Ceres which is perhaps one of the most popular in EU right now.
    It was bad before too, but after server merge we can REALLY feel the lag, especially in prime time.
    I am used to play competitive, and when my fps cuts in half, hitbox hits in 1/20 and people warping around you can't play competitive to say the least.

    I have read a lot around now, and I think it is indeed not our computers, or the game itself. This is a server problem.
    I am really not sure why SOE has chosen so weak servers for a game like this, I think they should upgrade to something like 2-3x the power and then I bet most of us can enjoy a pretty much lag free game. The servers where to weak before the server merging too really, there was some a fair bit of delay and lag in primetime/high density areas back then too on Ceres at least.

    Come on SOE, upgrade your servers and make us happy. I know personally several people that refuse to play until you do.
  8. SasoDuck

    I'm getting this too. When scoping and turning quickly I'll experience extreme lag that I never had before GU07. It worsens the more people are in an area, etc. And it's just be jumping around a lot, getting stuck as I walk, dropping to 5 frames from 40.
    I run on the specs listed below, and have Planetside set to Ultra graphics except on stupid things like shadows and foliage and on those settings I get roughly 35-40 fps on a regular basis (sometimes 25ish in larger bases). I tried setting everything back down to the lowest of the low and was still getting the same low frame spikes and lag as on Ultra (just with higher non-lagging frames obviously). So I emailed SOE support, and you know what they told me? That my graphics card doesn't meet minimum requirements and that was the issue. Emailed them back and told them I could run their game on ULTRA with this "below minimum" graphics card, and it ran no different on low than it did Ultra. They told me I should upgrade my graphics hardware. Deaf idiots.

    So the only things left that I can think of is
    A) It's something server-side that they're not willing to admit and will hopefully fix, but I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same issues;
    B) I have a bunch of dust in my computer that's making it lag (I'm getting a little of the same issue from a couple of my other games, but not as much as PS2. Those games are Star Conflict and Crysis 2. Warframe however, is unaffected, and the rest of my operating system works fine);
    C) Could my 100+ gigabytes of Planetside videos somehow be bogging me down? I still have 400 gigs free on my 900-gig drive. Just and idea
  9. razgriz417

    Mattherson was a mess last night, we decided to mess around with about 1-2 platoons full of lashers on Indar and that seemed to knock about 10-15 FPS for everyone involved in the area. Seems like the servers could not handle the load
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  10. EaterOfBabies

    Murda is spot on about Indar. Every time I fight there I ask myself why I just went and did that. Most of the time I tell myself it's because there are lots of fights to be had, but honestly, non-lagged small fights beat large scale lagged fights IMO. Of course, that whole idea goes against PS2's selling point but I digress.

    The worst part of it is that some seem to get it and some don't. I usually ask in /yell when I think the lag is hitting to see what people say, and the response is usually 50/50 on people experiencing what I am experiencing. The most disappointing aspects of the lag are of course the gun battles where my hits don't register and I come out the loser with the other guy not even having the loss of his shield. Equally frustrating are the failed healing and repairing attempts.

    Indar really is a poo-bucket at the moment, and like Murda, I think I will be boycotting it as well until they can locate the issue. Of course, people leaving Indar may just make it better for those who stay, which just doesn't seem right to me but I don't know what else to do...
  11. ItZMuRdA

    Thanks for the support everyone who threw their own accounts of these types of issues into the hat. Hoping it at least has the attention of the appropriate parties.
  12. go4life

    I hope so my self, but the dev's are know to shun their own forums.
    They actually respond more on reddit than here......

    But thats another issue it self.
  13. ItZMuRdA

    Got a bit of feedback not only here and on PSU but on Reddit as well -- thanks everyone!
  14. ColdCheezePizza

    It's all the same issues that usually happen during 2x weekends or after a heavily anticipated update. I also noticed a few of them on that list last night and during a tower fight I was running down the stairs and the whole bottom floor seemed completely clear, soon as i make it to the ground level over 20 friendlies just suddenly appear and then another 20 as i got closer to the resupply terminal. Ive had rendering popup issues before during massive battles, thing is it was just a squad or two attacking and there wasnt that much going on in that hex out of the usual, something definitely feels amiss on Matherson.
  15. infinite loop

    Did this get worse for anyone else? I have been experiencing extreme lag on all 3 servers I play on this week (Connery, Matherson, Waterson). It does not seem to be tied to server load, as I can login during the day when the pops are low and still get this. I can't remember the last time I killed someone w/o having to literally kill them twice b/c hits weren't registering, or they registered late.
  16. Feyevich

    Having the same problem here, in Mattherson and Conery you can notice more in populated areas (towers, biolab). It comes together with a fall of FPS.
  17. Sadiro

    Indar isnt just the problem on Math server...

    Ever since may - ive been experiencing the most disgusting & un-playable lag beyond imagination.

    So bad, that i cant even roll with my massive outfit in platoons anymore, because its just that laggy.

    Vehicles + people, are literally teleporting, everywhere, the the extent where if i stand still, noone can shoot me, and ofc - i cant shoot back.

    Its so strange, cause this used to run flawless before, but after may - its been horrific.

    Whats even more stupid is, it randomly occurs.

    Im from Scotland - and yes i know, there are EU servers, but they just dont fit me the way Mattherson does, i have a massive teamspeak outfit with around 60+ on everyday, and i cant and wont afford to lose these guys.

    That being says, i used to play this game perfectly before on Mattherson, until may came, now its been an absolute lag fest.

    I mean, its really stupid - when i first join the game, for the first, 20+min, the game is flawless, no server lag what so ever, but then after gets insane, teleporting sundys, scythes flying through the ground, players rubber banding everywhere, to the stage of "unplayable".

    Then out of nowhere! - Game starts working fine for another 10-15min, then MASSIVE LAG etc, until it gets so bad, i log off.

    I understand this has been an ongoing situation, and have absolutely no faith that this will be addressed or even remotely looked at until AFTER the launch of PS4 - where they will obviously be merging both together, and there for, anything they do now, would be considered a possible "fail" towards the way they run it on the ps4, but that being says...were still a while away from that.

    Please, ill even donate if i have to, please upgrade the servers, and get the bandwidth juices flowing, cause PS2 is a great game, no denying it, and its gonna boom even harder in the following months etc - but right now....its unplayable beyond belief.

    EDIT - Please understand im talking "server lag", not "FPS lag" as people now days somehow seem to get both confused with one another.
  18. Stew360

    I feel this pain made several tread about it and it seams that peoples are more interested in flame wars and factions biiased than in actually fixing the core game

    These are not new issue but some day it get worst and for some reason heavyload in some area tend to crash to medkit repair tool etc... and in these situation the HA class and max become severly OP especially while in a huge groups

    Here few of my tread about various issue thats youve talk about here , and as you can see , there is more denial , trolling and BS than actual fact and sane comments ...

    LAG COMPENSATION and players imunity ?

    Is the game ready or can handle the lattice ?

    The game become highly unresponsive and laggy in huge battle over smalls outpost !
  19. Sadiro

    Yeah, server lag is getting out of hand now
  20. Xodd_1138

    Used to just be Indar now I'm getting it everywhere

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