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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Talizzar, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Sliced

    I agree. I bet that hackers who never even played the game before started playing just to smash SoE.
    There is no way on earth hackers who pride themselves will let a challenge go unanswered. Especially a challenge they cant lose (F2P) , and on top of that all their hard work will be seen by thousands.

    He might as well said, "Come here hackers, show the world and its wife what a real hacker can do"
  2. AltMelodium

    I can't believe what I'm seeing. Cheaters actually changing bits of the server.......
  3. Sliced

    It's painly obvious that our clients have no protection, on top of that the servers have no protection.
    No wonder Sony got hacked so badly.
    It won't be long until these hackers have all the CC numbers that have ever entered this game.
  4. Cryless

    if what you're saying is true... then the ones doing this must have pathetic lives!
  5. PharmD

    Oh my god, I didn't even think of that. I only spent 5 dollars on station cash but I made it so my credit card number wasn't saved so maybe they can't get it?
  6. Sliced

    Their servers may hold previous transaction numbers.
    Like a reciept for their taxes and so on. I'm not an accountant or anything but I'm sure they are supposed to keep them for their records.
  7. AltMelodium

    I sincerely hope it never comes to that. It could be a huge crapstorm
  8. HonorIsForever

    I like how after 12 hrs the dam turret is still sitting in the doorway......Hello SOE anybody home? Maybe throw the janitor a few bucks so he can GM for a bit for us? Unbelivable
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  9. FlR3

    Since somehow the link was changed in the PM I sent you from a webpage to a video (strange). I will say it here, It would be a bad PR move if major game reporting sites were to say that Planetside 2 is being taken over by cheaters. It is time for Sony to stop playing a game of cat and mouse with these lowlifes and hit them very hard in their wallets.
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  10. Stormlight666

    Yeah normally Totalbiscuit would be the first one talking about this (or LevelCap) but unfortunately they're part of the Showdown so their opinions have been bought out in this case. We can only hope the hackers decide to stomp the showdown, which would honestly be their ideal target anyway.
  11. BenYeeHua

    And also when FridayNight on the twitch.
  12. Mishkel

    Well when Blizzard sued the creator of Glider it was ruled a violation of copyright act. The one issue you can run into there is geographical location (don't recognize US or International law for example).

    The one part of that case most don't look at is.. initially it was also ruled that use of 3rd party programs was in violation of copyright law. An appeals court then struck that down then it was upheld again and then kicked back to the first court for more review and.. from what I can see didn't go much farther.

    With all the money game companies lose they really should push it so that something more can be done. If you spend 80 to 100 million dollars of your share holders money (soe doesn't have a vault full of development cash sitting around) you would think the share holder of sony corp stock would want to get involved as they are being defrauded as well...

    You also have the cyber crime laws that can be applied AND... every ISP in North America (not sure outside of there) has this lovely AUP (acceptable use policy).

    Eventually at some layer of being a moron you should be hit hard enough financially, jail time or no longer be able to get internet service.

    The only reason these things don't happen is because banning people means you won't get money from them anymore and they apparantly believe that the potential loss of income from banning/going after hack users/griefers etc.. is higher than doing something about it.

    Now if you could convince all the major share holders of a company that their dividends were as low as they are because customers were being allowed to defraud them... it would no longer matter what management thought...

    Obviously at some point something has to change here... imagine how frustrated you are as someone who wanted to play PS2 in comparison to a major share holder that just watched another few million value drop in your shares due to cheats.

    **edit I apologize for the various typos you will read in this.. if you read it**

    They are either going to do something about it or eventually the people with the real power will no longer fund game development.
  13. Potogasu D. Esu

  14. BenYeeHua

    I hope we stop reporting it, and keep it until FridayNight, let see what will happen.:D
  15. Potogasu D. Esu

    I gave up. Sony does not seem to care. Hackers run around for weeks without getting banned.
    Btw. what is Friday night ?
  16. BenYeeHua

    lol, look at the launchpad.
    It must be funny to seeing this on a SOE event.:D
  17. Mortis

    Headed off to cancel my premium account right now. Not another dime until they clean this mess up.
  18. Gibber

    I'm still reeling from peeps blaming Smedley for 'spitting in their faces' in this thread. Like you are going to throw the blame at Smed... really? Are you fkn serious?

    btw it's happening on Briggs too, Vanu spawn.
  19. Eugenitor


    If he didn't like hackers so much, why did he let them do everything? Why didn't he put checks on the server to prevent this kind of thing? Why did he leave the game so vulnerable?

    He's the President of SOE, and the buck has to stop somewhere.
  20. Gibber

    I'm responding to the claim that we are in this situation because he provoked them... which is BS. If you want to agree with that sentiment go right ahead. But I'm just happy that he's just as pissed off about this crap that the rest of us are. I would feel more ticked if he was complacent about the issue... but he has made his feelings clear.