MASSIVE NERF IN SARON:time of refund cert and sc

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Navoletti, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Compass

    People complain about the 30-round Vulcan being OP despite it having a CoF that can only be countered by reduced ROF, damage falloff, and a maximum range of 450m.

    People complain about Saron being UP when it is turned into a 6-round Super Vulcan with it having a CoF that can only be countered by reduced ROF, no damage falloff, and a maximum range of more than 1000m.
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  2. Gary

    The new saron is more difficult at extreme ranges but is very nice at other ranges

    Long Range - Careful timing allows damage to still be applied at a decent rate.
    Medium Range - With some pretty basic control the weapon is still very effective
    Close range - Kills faster then the Vulcan


    Long range - Don't even bother
    Medium Range - Some damage can be applied at this range
    Close Range - 2 full mags will take out a magrider if every hit connects with the rear.

    The Saron is an improved Vulcan....

    Other notable things

    The 30 round vulcan on the prowler takes 60 shots to kill (2 mags)
    The 30 round Vulcan on the Harasser Takes 75 Shots (2 and a half mags)

    The Saron on the magrider takes 12 shots to take a tank out from behind (2 mags)
    The Saron on the Harrasser takes 15 shots (2 and half mags)

    The Saron is basically a better vulcan since with some practice and control it can put its damage out at a longer range.
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  3. LibertyRevolution

    We are complaining because be paid for saron and they now give us a vulcan that shoot lasers...
    I want my old saron back, SOE should have released this as a new weapon, "Saron Burst laser" or something...
    And to rub salt in he wound they jack the price on halberd x3 up to 750c..
    They know this new saron sucks and we were all going to just cert halberd, so they thought they give us the double fist.
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  4. StrikerKOJ

    This is crap.

    I don't care how more or less powerful the gun is now, because it is an entirely different gun. I did not invest my cert points into a rapid-fire weapon. I invested my points into a slow firing, highly accurate, high damage weapon.

    Regardless of the new power of the weapon, this sets a ridiculous precedence for the mechanics of potentially any weapons to be completeply changed at any time. Yeah yeah, virtual items, ELUA/TOS, SOE can do whatever, but this is beyond just altering some math. This is an entirely different weapon.

    Wonder when my pump-action shotgun will be "adjusted" to a mortar or some nonsense.

    "Well, the math adds up to do potentially MORE damage, you just have to fire it completely different..."
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  5. Niamar

    Just wait until they release a new weapon with the old saron stats, then all will be well, after you put a ton of certs into it of course.
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  6. wwwyzzerrdd

  7. Tommyp2006

    I would just like to point out that this is a similar argument to why many people complain about the striker vs the annahialator. Because it does more damage per mag (new saron/striker) than the other option (old saron/annahialator). Basically, good gunners will shred vehicles even more than they used to, while getting a unique weapon at the same time. Though I can understand those who are complaining that it is now a completely different weapon than what they put certs into. But this is why a cert reset option is needed.
  8. Regis7575

    Guys...the new SARON is awesome. Do not use it as a fully automatic weapon. It has a half second to reset to pinpoint accuracy just like the first shot always is. If you are close use full auto if you are far away use semi auto half second between each shot. The new saron is freaking amazing. DPS is WAY higher than it was before.
  9. GSZenith

    erm what? that dosen't make sense at all.
  10. BadLlama

    The new Saron is ******* terrifying, what are you ******** about?
  11. Eugenitor

    I'm not sure why Sony pays developers to teach people not to give Sony money.
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  12. Spookydodger

    They didn't, anymore. The Saron didn't get the increase to armor damage as the main gun did (like on all MBTs). Now it's actually a damage buff as long as you don't spray and pray. You might not like the result so much if people use it correctly.
  13. that_darn_lurker

    Based on that video, they should make it semi auto. That COF is laughably absurd. It looks like you'd have to be right on top of enemy armor to guarantee all shots hit.
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  14. Myka

    COF on full-auto is worse than awful, even at point blank range shots will still miss.

    Can't believe they did this. As a Vanu player, I've never felt **** on like this, even after the Mag nerf. The Saron ONLY NEEDED THE DELAY REMOVED. Faster projectile velocity would have been nice as well, but this... abomination is not the Saron we paid for.

    No wonder they never put this on the test server. There would have been so much rage, they had to keep it hidden. WHAT IS THE POINT OF A ******* TEST SERVER IF YOU DONT SHOW THIS STUFF BEFORE IT GOES LIVE?

    And we get the underpowered POS ZOE module as well. Has there been a worse patch for VS players? I can't think of one.
  15. illgot

    weapon looks like it has more functionality, but it is not longer the weapon we purchased.

    It is a completely different weapon. Seems like they gave the VS a TR type fast fire low damage weapon.
  16. Steppenwulf

    Breaking News!

    Vanu discover what cone of fire is!

    Stay tuned to find out if the Vanu discover semi auto fire on fully auto guns!
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  17. WookLordz

    As ridiculous as it sounds... it's the straight unrealistic look of the bolts flying off at a 45% vector from the tip of the gun that bothers me the most. I know it's a "game" about fictional future warfare, but I like my physics to be at least modestly believable.
  18. Myka

    Precisely. The COF on full auto is ludicrous. The video linked says it all - you literally cannot hit the side of a Galaxy with all the shots at point blank range.

    The Saron needed the fire delay removed and the projectile speed buffed a little. THAT WAS ALL. **** knows what the weapon has turned into now. This new version makes sense for the Harasser (with a significant COF reduction at full auto), but the Mag version should have stayed as it was, with just the delay removed and the projectile speed buffed.

    This new Saron is a ******* abomination. It is NOT what I paid for.
  19. ShadowAquilaX

    Yeah haven't had the chance to see it live myself but from what i see in the video above, it does look a bit whacky. Also i'm not quite sure how a super heated gas (plasma) would cause recoil animation like that.
  20. schwarzklang

    People dont care a **** about Eulas etc.. Me too.

    What i see is this: They changed the Enforcer to a total different Weapon. I bought that weapon with SC. I bought a quite heavy hitting antivehicle long range secondary. Now i have a light weapon with automatic on my Magrider.. with insayane cof. Thats not the weapon i bought.. i feel scammed and bad.. and good for the decision not to buy SC for 3-4 month.And it looks like i will never do it again. (account wide unlocks where are you?)

    With that cof you can easily miss at least 2 shots with automatic on a Sunderer at 20m.
    The role has changed. Its a close-mid range spray and pray weapon now. You can controll the cof a bit. You can snipe with it.
    But for me it is not worth it. I am 90% of my time Engineer with AV Turret in my backpack.
    Instead using the Enforcer for long range sniping i will use my AV Turret. The bad turret behavior, corsor and now the low dmg of the Enforcer is doing the rest for my decision.

    That was not a balance act. It was a major change on the Enforcers mechanics. Its practical a different weapon.
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