MASSIVE NERF IN SARON:time of refund cert and sc

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Navoletti, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Beartornado

    Get in line, you're not the first to get something nerfed out of its function, and you certainly won't be the first to get refunded for it either.
  2. Enxel

    This needs to be tested properly, dealing 2550 dmg + 1 AP shell to the rear in close range in such short time may be devastating to the the enemy tank giving him few to none time to react.
  3. Jac70

    I tried it, the CoF is ridiculous, the projectiles were almost coming out at right angles to the direction of aim. I don't ever use the Saron personally but it just looks daft.
  4. Myka

    That COF is beyond belief. Talk about completely useless. What absolute ****.
  5. Jeralamo

    CoF need improved BUT the halbert still exists which was better then pre-GU9 anyways. what we have now is a new weapon that adds much needed MBT secondary variety. Saron is now a combat rifle and you can get the Halbert if you want a sniper secondary
  6. Gary

    Firing it carefully allows for more damage output then previously before reloading, Don't spam the button treat it with care at range. At close range fire away. New Saron is infinitely better then Old Saron and is still the best secondary Faction weapon.

    It can Long range and be better then the Vulcan, and it can close range and be almost equal to the Vulcan..

    To be fair the magrider has been getting buffed every patch since they nerfed it.. it is gradually climbing up to the state it was once at and this just helps it even more.. now you cannot get close to try and nulify the damage/mobility since you get shredded by the secondary =/
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  7. GSZenith

    it is called making changes.
    did i cry when blackjack was nerfed? nope :(
    when secnd smg came? nope (well cyclone being cyclone helped)
  8. NDroid

    So the Saron is now a laser shotgun? Under which conditions would a weapon with a CoF this huge would be even remotely useful?
    It basically lost its high burst damage and gained nothing because while you can slowly fire single shots to achieve a similar damage output to what it was before the change, the fast firing ability is absolutely useless.
  9. Calisai

    You're absolutely right... there is the Halberd, that was an almost identical weapon. Now if only I could move my 5.4k of cert upgrades from the Saron (Fully certed) to the Halberd (nothing certed).... oh wait... cert reset has been moved to unscheduled on the roadmap... That's a wonderful option.. :(

    Overall, I think it'll be a good change... but in the meantime, I went from a fully certed weapon that my gunner liked and had gotten used to... to the choice of a fully uncerted near identical one, or a fully certed completely different weapon. Wouldn't bother me a bit if I had the chance to make an informed decision about it.
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  10. Quovatis

    Kinda bad that they completely changed the weapon after some players like myself put thousands of certs into it. But that being said, I think it's an ok change. But I'd rather all the thousands of certs I put into it be refunded or put into the Halberd, which is closer to what I paid for. The Saron is a completely different weapon now.
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  11. Kronic

    I think you lot are over reacting... they reduced the damage but gave you 6 shots per mag and it takes half a second to let the bloom reset and therefore refir.. It's slightly worse at range but up close that thing is gonna ****. It seems like they gave you guys vulcan.
  12. SpcFarlen

    Id bet it fares pretty similar to the vulcan in that respect, though the sauron is still by far better at long range. I use a vulcan on my AP Prowler and ya its deadly. But only up close unless you really burst fire the vulcan, which is its downside over range.

    I think the main change to the sauron was to make it more of a secondary weapon and less of a an almost primary. Id see magrider drivers soloing their tank, hopping into the sauron because of its ability to snipe armor at range. So in that respect people werent really treating it as an addition to and primary gun but as a supplement.

    Thats the real change here with it.

    PS. I am not saying this because "Oh I'm TR and i want TR to be OP, nerf all other faction... blah blah blah." I, like many others, want a balanced game. Balancing a game doesnt happen over night, it takes small steps. This is a small step. Like many of these small steps i support them, weather it be a buff or a nerf to any faction (including my own).
  13. Zombo

    wow, they might as well just make it semi-auto

    you wont be able to hit the broad side of a galaxy standing 10 meters away with full auto, wtf?^^
  14. LoneMaverick

    Seems like a change the VS should enjoy imo, instead of hate.

    If you want to see an ES tank secondary that is losing usefulness patch after patch, try yourself out a Vulcan, other than at nearly point blank range the projectile drop is horrendous, and the Armor damage changes have made it next to useless, much rather just use a Halberd or Marauder at this point.
  15. Phyr

    Lets look at what the Saron actually was. It was a 1kcert/700sc Halberd with no drop. The Halberd was 250cert/500sc(?) weapon. That means the Saron was vastly overpriced for what it did.
  16. Edenwolf

    Please show a video in VR of single shots after each CoF reset, you know, not spamming all 6 shots at long range targets. Im actually surprised with all the "WTF HUGE NERF," after watching the video the CoF is actually not bad if used against mid to short range, you guys made it seem like the CoF was 3 inches wide on the screen.
  17. Inkos

    As A long time Saron player with Auraxium medal. I Like the new one! More dmg per Mag, more Infantrie kills, even more Aircraft kills, and that only after testing it for 2 hours. This thing was buffed! not nerfed...

    Congrats on your Vulcan 2.0.
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  19. Snarfy

  20. malden

    K/D people are complaining because its no longer a GOD MODE sniper rifle. This is an improvement as an AV weapon.
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