MASSIVE NERF IN SARON:time of refund cert and sc

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Navoletti, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Navoletti

    well now this change is really a massive nerf i pay 1000 cert for this faki.... weapon and now i group of "prototipe of developers change the damage for 425 sh????

    really?what is the next change ?

    really soe this is a massive nerf i support only 1000 damage of nerf but for 425 sh.... is really stupid.l

    i request a refund of my cert
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  2. MFP_TK_01

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  3. LibertyRevolution

    OK, this is a sick joke right?
    You have no idea how angry I am right now SOE.. No idea..
    What is the point in giving it a 6 round mag and full auto mode if your going to give it such a bad COF....

    You can expect me to be filing a support ticket for a CERT REFUND, as this is a ridiculously major change to the weapon I paid for..
    To make a drastic change like this to a weapon before offering a cert refund option is unethical...
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  4. Navoletti

    now the weapons is a joke really bad and vs other tank lose all time.
  5. Ranik

    While I can understand the frustration at a pointless change. (As I'm annoyed at one right now) I'm going to suggest that you try semi auto fire and see if it functions better......
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  6. Spookydodger

    I must be missing something here. According to the video posted, if you just let a half second for the recoil to calm down, it's pinpoint accurate again. If you hold down the trigger, you get high speed fire suitable for close range targets (like half the distance to the gun target in the video).

    What is the major nerf? If the damage is 1/6th what it normally was and you need all 6 shots to hit then yeah, that wouldn't be cool. However if the damage was 1/2 of what it was so you needed 6, and they removed the initial fire delay, that might be better overall.

    I'm still patching, so I can't try for myself yet.
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  7. Ranik

    I think they changed how it works (rather than just a direct nerf) and he's not checking to see if it performs better overall.
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  8. Holomang

    Good, no reason whatsoever that VS tanks should have 2 main guns.
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  9. LibertyRevolution

    I don't care how it performs, I bought a single shot, dead accurate, high damage weapon.
    That is no longer what I have.
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  10. GSZenith

    read the freaking eula/tos/pp etc before agreeing to legal stuff...

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  11. Mustakrakish

    less qq, l2patchnotes
  12. Dvine

    I have the same feeling using it like when I'm near pass out drunk at a club barely able to walk and try to aim for the urinal in the loo.
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  13. LibertyRevolution

    Yeah, I know you don't care, your TR...

    If it put that they can have forced buttsex with you in the TOS, that doesn't make it legal..
    This is seriously borderline bait and switch and unethical business practices..
  14. Navoletti

  15. JudgeDeath

    Thanks for the buff that was actually a nerf.
  16. Mythicrose12

    You're an idiot. Saron had the same damage the Halberd and Enforcer.

    The change was probably made to make it viable on the Harrasser. I wish SOE hadn't changed the Magrider version, but they did....same goes with the NC Enforcer. I suppose it it also a change to hep "differentiate" those weapons from the Halberd.
  17. Izriul

    it surprises me, I got 1 shot from the ML85 enforcer, which is pretty quick firing too. I thought it was suppose to be 700 damage, yet against a heavy with nanoweave 5 - (no overshield) and around 150-200m that doesn't seem like 700 damage to me. I tested mine out in the warpgate and shot a VG in the back with it and after 3 shots it took off a rather high chunk of it's HP.
  18. LibertyRevolution

    So now that they changed saron and enforcer, they have jacked the price on halberd from 250c to 750c...
    SOE... I am done supporting you.

    Know what.. I'm just going to play TR from now on..

    I hope lattice breaks the servers and forces a rollback at this point.
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  19. Phazaar

    It's definitely not a nerf, but it's a completely different weapon with different purposes. Thus, why not just make it a different weapon? Tankies have been whining about a lack of shiny shiny for ages... Instead of making them happier, you've made them angry. GJ SOE.
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  20. ShadowAquilaX

    yeah you should let the bloom settle before firing again. Rapid fire spam is for close range "holy **** there's a tank in front of me!" type of situations. I think it's a good change, however unnecessary. I wonder who gave them that idea... HIGBYYYYYY!!!!!
    But yeah at close range, while the driver is trying to dodge incoming fire, the Saron was as useful a wet noodle. Especially with that blasted firing delay mambo jumbo. GAWD!!!
    I mean 425/shot x 6 shots = 2550 total damage. up from 1500 per shot. mhhhh....i think it a good trade off don't you?
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