Massive Latency Issues Recently

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iSammyJ, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. iSammyJ

    Been playing on and off for a year, Never had anything like this until this week/recently

    90% of the time when I log in (assuming the latency thing loads in as well, usually doesn't) it says I have 50k latency.
    There is a huge delay on waypoints loading, continents on the selection loading, if i wait for everything to load in, players are teleporting, tanks are flying, its just, laggy.

    I have tried anything and everything thats come to mind, nothing seems to fix this, it just seems hit or miss on whether or not I'll be able to play PS2 today.

    I can play any other game perfectly fine, like LoL or Hearthstone, so I'm really at a loss on what to do, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
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  2. Darkwulf

    I had the same problem last night. Huge lag issue.
  3. iSammyJ

    Its not just one night tho, I've had this on and off for over a week now.

    Server is Briggs, if that's important, forgot to mention in OP
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  4. Darkwulf

    im sure it is more than one night, I just don't play as much as most people.
  5. SteamBoiler

    Yep same here, started 2 days ago and has not gone away. I'm sitting around a latency of 200 ms with frequent spikes of lag between 900-50000ms.

    Not having connection problems with any other games and ran several speedtests just fine. SOEs website is loading slow for me as well. I play on connery.

    Real annoying.
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  6. Draguun

    Also here on Cobalt. Since around a week ago, I have a latency of 160-500ms (perm.) up to 32000ms (happens once per day).
    There´re no problems to other gameserver. Normaly I´ve a latency around 20ms +/-10ms.
    During the game people often cry, cause they say ig the latency is 80000-100000 !!
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  7. CptUseLesS

    massive latency problems here to.
    since a couple of days after switching from PSG to SOE my ping is around 200-300ms with random drops to 1000+ms, makes this game rly unplayable!!

    not 100% sure but this seems to happen around primetime, last 2 days when i was playing early in the morning just with some handfull of players my ping was fine.

    playing on Miller
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  8. Goiiath

    Playing on Connery, experiencing it as well along with virtually my entire outfit. Haven't been under 100ms sine about a week ago
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  9. Lightning Dust

    I have the same issue. I can play fine for some time (not long) but then the lag nation attacks, and BAM! i cant play anymore
  10. Nitish Sharma

    I wrote couple on support tickets about the high pings on Briggs lately,I wrote about 500+ words,what I get in return,that my ISP is causing it,so I have to contact to them not SOE,so every other server is lag free,even in a 340 people fight which I played on Emerald today during an Alert,my ping was 320ms in WG(1-12),and it became 333ms in the 340 fight near Zurvan,tbh,I had a triple kill for the first time in last 2 months(playing infantry,not farming them with pods or HE/Heat),I simply logged off after 20-30 mins,went to briggs,cmd was saying 300-304ms ping(infinite time),I started,it's 347ms on WG,I went to a 24-24 fight,it's 380,I went to 48+/15-48 fifght,it's 410-1000ms,not to mention the lag I get after killing one guy or getting any amount of xp,again,just on Briggs,it was solved for few days then it comes back again,like it solved after the last June patch,it came back on yesterday,there were 5 esfs fighting on Indar,2 reavers,3 scythes,and everyone lagged,we talked to each other,and yeah,everyone lagged but at different time,slight delays in 3-4 secs each.Even if it's my ISP which just don't like to connect with Briggs for me,why can't people just get some Server Switch Token,wonder why they removed it from the roadmap when it could have benefit everyone,even it was for 2500SC,I would do it without hesitation,ofc,PS2 is P2W now.

    I was wondering where you went off,haven't had a problem with Miller,still <170ms there,but I see other lags a lot sometimes,warping and stuff.
  11. Blackinvictus

    Briggs also, and it happens to me every night. Connery as well.

    From Japan I get 130 or so ping to both servers with a "poor" connection, but it usually plays just fine.

    Seems like after that last Lib patch, I will suddenly go to "bad" connectivity at random times. Hit cloak and don't cloak, map goes haywire etc.
  12. Goiiath

    This is actually getting pretty bad. Almost an entire squad either d/ced or gave up playing with pings ranging from 200-800ms in a 2-squad platoon on connery. We're a north american outfit as well, so we've never experienced this before.
  13. CptUseLesS

    oh, hi there, it's been a long time since we was shooting each other :)

    i left briggs cause im playing from europe, so my ping was arround 400+ms, not cool.
    god bless my decision to leave briggs, rly sad i waited so long for a server transfer token which maybe they will never be release...
  14. Nitish Sharma

    Yeah,I want it too now,since June starting,my ping also increased to 350+,damnit you made BR100 there as well,Your friend Mega also with you ? ,I'll play here one more week,then will be in top 3 overall leaderboard then,I will go for Miller or Emerald
  15. Incentive Legend

    I am also experiencing latency on the briggs server of 200ms+ .I notice this problem usually if the game takes longer to login like 2+ minutes instead of 1 minute max.

    Basically my connection is either poor or bad for the entire session. Once in a while it will drop down to "good" but it is still 100ms. In the past, i was getting around 60-90ms max in good but since the most recent patch it has gotten worse.

    I live in brisbane qld australia and id expect high pings if i where in another country not in my own country unless there is something seriously wrong with our network infrastructure that i am not aware of lately in my area.

    My internet connection is excellent at 4mbps+ and no ping drops with my ISP who also notifies us on any maintenance which there has been none of lately.

    Side note - I am also noticing the game performance slowly deteriorates the longer the play session say after 20 minutes. Performance appears laggy, response to mouse and keyboard control seems slightly slower and fps begins to drop about -5 or -10 from average 60 fps. Not sure if this is related to the problem but it just makes matters worse. Rebooting the game or system appears to fix the problem temporarily however not a overall solution to the problem.

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  16. M4gn1

    The only problem I have with the "lag" is that it bugs the medic tool. It simply doesn't allow you to heal or res someone.
  17. pulse

    I've recently returned to the game after being inactive for a couple of months and now sddenly i'm constantly on "poor connection" between 150 and 200 ms. It sometimes spikes even further. I cannot remember having this issue ever before in PS2.
    I'm from Germany, playing on Miller. There's no issue from my side with any other game server i've visited recently and all speedchecks say everythings just fine.
    So it has to be an issue on the SOE side, seeing that many people seem to have similar problems :/

    <3 pulse
  18. Rajir

    I have the same Problem and it gets worse near peak hours.

    I am from Germany and play on Woodman since over a year now i think, but in the last few days my ping goes up to 170-200ms everytime the server is a bit more filled with players. (My normal Ping was always ~40ms)
    My internet connection works just fine and it happens not only to me but half of my outfit. Some also said they had 2000ms randomly when they play.

    It is very annoing, because within the peak hours the largest battles develope and I can't have fun because the game lags so hard. Also my overall Ping has increased, it never really goes under 90-100ms anymore. (even outside of the peak time)
  19. Gleerok

    I get that, a lot.

    I troubleshoot like never, but I didn't find anything huge like that. Did all router tweaks I could. Helped a little, but those huge spikes still come and go :/.
  20. Partybooper