Massive lag on Cobalt

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by volth, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. volth

    Please SOE fix this. After the 30 october patch we got really high lag on Cobalt.
    My ping jump from 100-30k
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    Cobalt is well on its **** right now, infact the whole game is.
    Shame really.

    Im left here wondering if they will ever manage to pull this gam eout of the MASSIVE hole its in right now. Just gets worse with every single update. I really like this game a lot but not being able to play for so long is going to just do one people away.

    Please SOE, get your act together, what ever it is thats been distracting you for the last 2 months, please put that on hold and fix PlanetSide 2 and then move on.
  3. zant91

    Damn, this last patch f*cked this up
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    Coablt just kicked all players off Esamir during an event :(
    Servers are clearly getting worse, Cobalt is taking a massive dump right now.
  5. WarmasterRaptor

    All servers are suffering from the patch :(
  6. volth

    Still broken ping on cobalt. I get 200-800 ping and it say poor connection when the connection is fine.
    Really annoying.
    + server lagg and fps drops.
  7. volth

    Still broken.
    You need to fix this SOE cobalt ping jumps from 200-800 now and have massive server lag.
  8. HaridasPL

  9. volth

    SOE please fix this.
    Almost a week now and still we get 200-800ping + poor/bad connection when the connection is fine.
  10. Kafar

    Im amazed wtf is going on with the servers

    Got a new PC. Managed to get PS2 working. Got a sweet 60 FPS on ultra details. Went into battle

    Boom - servers are ****** up

    What the heck is going on ? Its unplayable. In no-fight areas, like the warpgate, I have 110-130 ms, playable but still way too high as for calm area. When I go into battle - 350-1200 ms.

    Cant do anything :(
  11. Rhin01212

    That's interesting, as I have not experienced any lag on Emerald. Just Cobalt maybe?
  12. Kafar

    No idea about the other servers but on Cobalt I wasnt the only one with lags

    And its not my net issue. Its clearly a server issue

    I hope that devs are aware of that and will do smth...I was kinda hyped to play PS2 on my new rig and now I cant cus of server issues :(