Massive cheats are obvious, feature request.

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  1. feiting_shad0w

    So I was being insta-killed by some dude with PLA and decided to go back to his faction and observe, then of course, kill, as usual with cheaters, and I noticed some things beyond the usual aimbot. Insta-shields and insta-medpacks that seemed to react the instant I shot him. But since I was same-faction...

    Anyway onto the features. I have a suggestion, and I believe you can do this without anti-cheat. Before load, keep the screen dark and run two tests. Put an enemy NPC in front of the player, ensure it's aimed just away from the head, then log what happens when you fire.
    Also, switch them to heavy, regardless of class, "hit" them with friendly fire, (while it's still dark screen). If any instant reaction happens, or the head gets aimed, you have client-side detection that can't be worked-around.
    All you do is keep the screen dark for a second or less and run this just before the player is visible in-game and loaded.
    Your engine code might be a bit coupled towards players and networking, but I think the insta-shield could be detected and you wouldn't even need to install anything extra.

    My usual complaints of this being 10% of fun as Planetside 1 are still in effect. But that won't stop me from giving legitimate reports in-game. I call it a fair trade. You remove everything that made PS fun, and I complain. Quit delivering random things that weren't designed, and I'll quit complaining like you delivered things that weren't designed. Like the Vanu tanks. Thanks. Totally love water tanks without water maps. Oshur fixed it a bit. Now Hossin's lake size needs a bit of spreading, like PS1... because it was designed to work with the in-game objects.

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  2. feiting_shad0w

    Replace spaces with slash. 16 incidents. Free to use in your youTube. Most of them are easy to see. Some of them, like foxthetails, aeriast, and the like, I just followed to show off their ability to "track" better than the top ranked players in Legends.

    I'm a slight fan of Zilbrad and I'll say foxthetails has better tracking.
    But Zlilbrad is the top player....

    I'm not 100% confident in all, but I think most of these videos will show obvious cheating. 790m
    drive google com file d 1fDkElFt4CRHZGtWonlUAgnGvg3exqyvH view?usp=sharing
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  3. FLHuk

    Any member of staff logging into Cobalt for 2 seconds during double XP would've been enough for most people..
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  4. VV4LL3

    Other games flag accounts with "pro" like stats to make their kills undergo extra scrutiny, such as very high headshot %'s, consecutive headshots, etc... I don't see any reason why your proposal couldn't be implemented. There are two main types of aimbots: In the loop, and out of the loop.

    In the loop has software that is reading the game engine, or the video card memory live to see the pre-processed sprites. Your method would aid in detecting these engines that the anticheat engines missed.

    The second though -- out of the loop, is infamously more difficult, if not near impossible to detect since the code isn't being executed on current OS/instance of the machine. Sometimes people run a second system side-by-side machine, or even locally a virtual machine that runs the code that monitors the video feed and uses AI/ pattern recognition to control the mouse aiming or triggerpull. Methods to defeat these cheats involve placing color specific items in maps to fool the AI, etc.. but note -- Is very hard to detect.

    I'd say I wouldn't mind waiting 1-3 seconds while the system did a "diag," to help detect these, but that's only part of the problem.

    Sadly, regular cheaters use toggle on/off buttons / macros to avoid these sort of "traps." So might work at first for the really amateur cheaters, but career cheaters wouldn't hesitate to toggle on/off at load.

    When there's an in-game reporting tool that literally DOES NOT WORK, and users... CUSTEROMS, are forced to record games, screen capture, etc.. and file a report outside the game, I get the feeling cheat detection methods like this are a bridge too far. As long as people continue to pay their monthly subs, to include cheaters, doubt any great efforts will be implemented to stem the cheating.

    The most we can do now is submit manual customer service tickets, screen capture, and press on.
  5. synkrotron

    I regularly get ten headshot kills on the trot because of my play style

    No aimbot, obviously
  6. JibbaJabba

    Not familiar with PLA acronym. So you admit you switched factions and began team killing?

    If you have EVIDENCE of cheating then send it to

    And while you're at it, report yourself to :)

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  7. Grandizer

    the problem is a screen capture does nothing. What can be deduced from a screen shot of you dead? How many players are going to run game capture the entire time they are playing, especially those with barely enough resources to run the game? It isn't a requirement of players to catch the cheaters, and it shouldn't fall on the burden of players.

    The in game report should be acknowledged by the Devs, since it's there and it should require
    Tme of offense
    Offensive action
    approximate location is applicable unless it's chat harassment
    Player name

    Then DBG should just check the time stamp. It's really that simple
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