Mass close quater combat. Miller TR and NC demonstrate how to fight.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. zukhov

    I estimate 80+ people fighting literally on the control point, either dead or dying. Not exactly sure who represented the TR. NC was provided by WASP, consortium and the Zerg Reconnaissance platoon.

    Possibly one of the closest run battles in Planetside history.
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  2. Hatesphere

    jesus use some more damn smoke hah.
  3. AlephZed

    I think you demonstrated how to die.

    But doubtful that it's any kind of record for # of people, close to capping, or anything like that. I've seen situations like that dozens of times.
  4. huller

    TR against air polution 2014
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  5. Konstantinn

    Yeah it's a big fight, nothing unusual though. Similar numbers in much more confined space fight daily inside biolabs during alerts. It's literally a bloodbath with spam of rez grenades on SCU generator, daily. This is nothing particularly special on Mattherson at least. I don't play on other servers, so it might be a rare sight for some people.
  6. zukhov

    Yeh if it was a bio lab farm fest I wouldn't have bothered.

    0:45 "More smoke"
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  7. Akeita

  8. DeadlyShoe

    victory through superior rezzzzz grenaaades
  9. RyanGUK

    I was there man, I was there! Proper tight that, I remember having one hell of a fight outside then the next minute I rush in literally everything has been cleared and I was like lulwut where did all the TR go.

    One hell of a fight like.
  10. Paperlamp

    This is why KD should be removed.

    I'd be like yeah...I'll just find another base to farm at rather than spam dying.
  11. SinerAthin

    True. Whatever team caring about their KDR would've lost that battle, hah xD
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  12. Degenatron

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  13. sindz

    Who was the 9 year old kid at the start?
  14. Paperlamp

    I'm beyond caring about territory at this point in the game sadly - it gives no sense of accomplishment anymore since too many players are like me and just don't care to really throw themselves at fights. Especially as Connery TR, which is pretty much a lost cause most of the time due to being underpop.
  15. zukhov

    Don't get too excited boys, I'll tell you a secret, ladies also play computer games.
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  16. Guppet

    Smoke gets used a lot on Miller. It's great for removing MAX's from the fight. NV or go home :)
  17. JesNC

    Oh dear, heads exploding in 3... 2... 1...
  18. bPostal

    It wouldn't be so bad but it's Menthol! That **** will give ya cancer!
  19. Varjostaja

    That was fun, ran in as falcon max and had no time to reload so i proceeded to kill 5 terrans only with my fist :p .
  20. Erilis

    lol, if they had bayonets in this game you would have run into all of them.