Mask seed costs too high?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CorporationUSA, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. CorporationUSA

    After farming pumpkins and great jack-o-lanterns all the way through the 3rd tier and part way through the 4th, I still don't have enough seeds to get one of the cheap masks. I don't remember it being this tedious last year. I want to finish the directive, but how much time am I going to need to spend farming pumpkins just to get enough masks? Roaming around the map shooting stationary targets isn't too much fun after a while.

    Also, are the DBC purchasable masks wearable after the event end?
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  2. liquead

    Last year, if i recall correctly the cheapest mask was 250 seeds
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  3. Jake the Dog

    Nope. At least it wasn't last year.
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  4. Elkybam

    Any other cosmetic helmet in the game costs and equivalent of 700 DB Cash if I recall correctly, so I'm not sure why they would want to give an easy challenge.
  5. Vaphell

    arent they good all year long this year? Because i checked my stash and the old ones had "haunted" prefix and explicitly said they appear during halloween. New ones costing north of 750n say more or less "a mask, grants +15%" (which would imply it's valid all year, but during the event it grants a bonus), or "a mask" like the skull face cloths.
    If ****'s permanent this time, it might be worth it to farm the event again, so some clarification would be nice. Dat immersion tho - steaming skulls and green ogres o_O
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  6. Devrailis

    That moment you see an infiltrator trying to be stealthy with a giant pumpkin head.
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  7. Vaphell

    you can always take a stalker and use his pumpkin head as a lens to create a megalazor or something, no need to be stealthy anymore ;-)
  8. Prosium451

    some of the masks last year cost as little as 25 seeds if I recall correctly.
  9. CorporationUSA

    Right now it's not really a challenge, it's more of a dull grind. Maybe if they add other ways to get seeds it will be more enjoyable.
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  10. pyradacor

    Yes, its a friggin joke how much they costs, given the piddly spawn rate and minuscule seed reward per pumpkin.
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  11. xSalt

    as far as i can tell. in there official post, they say the masks are only wearable during the event. And last year, the cheapest masks were 15 seeds, the most expensive were like 2,000. this year the cheapest is 750, lol
  12. pyradacor

    This isn't an "event". It's a pain in the friggin ***.
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  13. Xeta

    Yeah I mentioned this in another thread. Are we just trying to poop on new players? Because now the masks are crazy expensive compared to last year. I get about 100 seeds per hour, so if i want a 2,500 seed skull, I have to grind that for 25 hours. Where last year, I could do the same in 3 hours, with a cost of 300 seeds. I'm not really sure what the plan from DBG is on why this is a thing, except if its a plan to figure new ways to discourage new people.
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  14. Ostdarva

    Agreed this is ridiculous how much they cost and HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A DAMN PUMPKIN IN THE FIRST PLACE! WTF
  15. Berlios

    Agreed. Cost needs to go down or 100x more pumpkins need to be available. Maybe both would be good? It's impossible to get a lot of pumpkins at one time because there is so many ******* people grinding this damn ****. Along with the team killing! This is a team orientated game and yet there is people killing others over ****** pumpkins. WTF. Maybe make it where we can be in squads and if one person gets it....Then everyone gets it? Idk this **** needs to change either way.
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  16. AlterEgo

    Maybe if we sit down to some pumpkin pie and share, we wouldn't need to kill anyone!
  17. freeAmerish

    So true 700 seeds are too high.
    And the ridiculous thing on top is, if you bought a Mask last year it´s counting for this
    years directive.
  18. Jake the Dog

    My suggestion is just focus on the directive since the slasher and certs are the only thing that last all year.
  19. Watndit

    I m so happy I unlocked all the facepaints last year.
    Seriously I think the actual prices are a bug. It simply doesn't make sense at all to make them so ridiculous expensive.
    I unlocked the scull blank in the directives and have less than 300 seeds by now. It allready gives me the max. exp boost of the masks.
    If you could unlock that masks with DBC there would be some sense. So the people who really want them can buy them. But the only way to get them is to go on an idiotic 25 - 50 hour pumpkin grind. DBG makes no money with that.

    There is one 0 too much in all the prices. Divide them with 10 and its perfect.
    By the way I can't remember that I have unlocked the ichabod crown last year.
    Did we all get that for free?
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  20. ALN_Isolator

    You guys know how it works right?

    Step 1: Lower DBC prices by 1 (on most weapons, raise on others)
    Step 2: Increase prices of everything else, including holiday only currency, by anywhere between 200 and 500
    Step 3: Flip off players

    I will not forgive, I will not forget.