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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    Status: In Progress

    Thanks for all the feedback. Here's the plan for the Liberator Update.
    • Add crew experience. All passengers in vehicle get exp when someone gets a kill and possibly kill assist
    • Add ammo display on the seat diagram to know how much ammo each gunner has
    • Looking into adding a vehicle only voice channel
    • Certification Adjustments
      • Increase power of stealth
      • Increase power of afterburner
      • Add tank shells to composite armor resist
      • Increase Racer performance speed bonus
    • Nose Guns
      • Improvement pass on Vektor
      • New: High velocity Vektor. More effective against air and fast moving targets.
      • New: Free aim nose cannon. A variant of the Vektor that can be aimed using the pilots free look.
    • Belly Guns
      • Dead zone improvements: Work to decrease the size of the dead zone
      • Zepher: Small increase to direct hit damage
      • Dalton: Reduction in splash damage
    • New Empire Specific Belly Guns These are now NS
      • VS: Large magazine weapon shooting explosive rounds or orbs. RPM increases after each shot until forced to reload or trigger is let go.
      • NC: TV Guided missile
      • TR: Zepher variant that has a larger magazine and higher RPM, but does less damage each shot. Each shot increases cone of fire, allowing it to spray a large area with shells from range.
    • Tail Guns
      • Improvement pass on Walker and Drake
      • Adjustments to try and give tail gun more firing angles
      • New: AA tail gun. Heat seeking missile launcher, similar to Coyote missiles in functionality.
    • Pass on ammo capacities
      • Ammo capacities for most weapons (even beyond the scope of Liberator) are being adjusted to even them out based on killing potential.
    Original Post:
    Liberators will be getting a refresh that includes new abilities, weapons systems and cosmetic additions. The primary goal of this update will be to enhance the existing offensive capabilities along with adding some new offensive options. We will also be taking a look at adding new ability options to increase the Liberator’s survivability in a fight and looking into different ways to share XP across the entire crew.

    In addition, we are discussing the possibility of adding utility roles for the Liberator such for example replacing the primary gun and lower half with dropship style rumble seats for 4-6 troops, while some of these ideas are still very much “drawing board” stage, we’d still like to know your ideas on ways to expand here too.

    What would you like to see added to the Liberator’s arsenal? What would make this venerable vessel more fun for you and your friends?
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  2. Blarg20011

    Actual bombs would be sweet.
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  3. NinjaTurtle

    New ES weapons

    NC - Napalm, does damage over a large area but damage is small. Sprays in the direction it hits the ground at. Does more directional damage
    TR - Cluster Bomb, again does damage over a large area. Bombs hits floor and explodes dozens of smaller explosive shells around the blast radius. Again low damage, large suppression
    VS- How about something like that big **** laser from Independence day, for now let's just call it big **** LAZER
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  4. Ixiawn

    The Galaxy is already far lacking in love. Giving a transport role to something that is almost as fast and agile as ESF's would only make that worse.

    NinjaTurtle's bomb ideas are pretty sweet though. Maybe a different kind of modular system that would allow the removal of the large (and maybe the rear) gun for two or so smaller caliber weapons, short range rapid fire perhaps, allow the Lib to fill a close air support role.
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  5. Jeslis


    Some work with the coding on the way the guncamera works -- specifically.. at various angles when flying the lib, the guncam is upside down, when it COULD be rightside up.. eg; something that keeps the camera LEVEL while the plane is gyrating all over.
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  6. Ac3s

    A small camera that shows the screen of the person gunning the belly !!!!
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  7. DeadlyShoe

    As a guy who pilots liberators a lot, my favorite addition would be PiP cameras. Something pointing down, or following the main/tail gunners POV.

    I would also like a weapon that's actually effective at striking from the flight ceiling. None of the existing weapons cut it. Even the Dalton has trouble landing hits.

    Dropship rumble seats would be COOL, but i'm not sure they are good idea. All sorts of sploity tactics come to mind, like C4 bombers and flying MANPAD squadrons. It also eats into the Galaxy's role :[

    One thing I think would be cool would be differentiating the weapons through their fire arcs. For example, a less effective 'light' weapon could be brought to bear all the way up to below the nose.

    Another would be a version of the liberator that had two side guns rather than a side and tail gun.
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  8. mycreagle

    Personally, I'd really love to switch out the tail gunner slot for a below-the-cockpit bombardier with the options such as cluster bombs for anti-personnel duties, some sort of timed-detonation munitions for anti-vehicular combat or a limited-traverse cannon (roughly equivalent to a 40mm gun) as an all-round A2G option.
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  9. DeadlyShoe

    Oh and while you are looking at Liberators:

    *Liberators have a VERY ANNOYING habit of flipping themselves over when they take off. I believe this is related to some of the landing gear getting stuck in the ground. This can be incredibly aggravating when you have no resource income and lose a perfectly good liberator.

    *Landing gear still sometimes gets stuck 'down' for gunners, necessitating a landing to fix the issue. Thankfully this is less common than it used to be.

    *SFX issue: Ground units need to be able to tell they are being pelted by a Dalton rather than something else. Being directly struck by a Dalton makes a little tink noise and sometimes you can''t hear a shell hitting you from above in the heat of battle. I feel this does a disservice to our friend-targets on the ground.
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  10. doombro

    Give the rear gun something to do. That's all I could really ask for out of the liberator.
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  11. Pyromaster14

    I think something like the original vulcan cannons idea (Two miniguns under each wing, with a wind up time) would be interesting. It would give the liberator an interesting position of a stationary infantry area denial weapon, that to be properly used would require the liberator to hover at low altitudes to properly utilize, balancing a risk vs. reward system for the weapon.

    Additionally, since it would require the use of the main cannon slot to use, it would give a function for a solo liberator pilot if he can fire them in the pilots seat. Nothing game-breaking as the bullet spread would only get kills if they remain out of cover, but without getting out of cover he cannot be shot down with rockets (since lock-on rockets will require them to maintain the lock)
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  12. NinjaTurtle

    Dual Daltons :eek:
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  13. Arquin

    The most I'd like to see is shared exp for the third seat gunner. It's a thankless job with minimal XP gain most of the time.

    For some other ideas:

    1. Something to make it easier to see your gunner's orientation and where you should angle it as a pilot.
    2. Balance it out a bit. For average and new players Libs are really, really squishy, but godlike in prohands. Nearly the same problem that was with ESFs.
    3. For utility slot, the dropship might be a nice idea, but it needs to be a viable alternative for a galaxy in squadplay and not just a vanity thing. I can see it working very nicely, if you manage to do that though.

    It's really hard to think of any utility that would really fit the liberator. I was thinking of a low duration, long cooldown invisiblity or something to get out of sticky situations. Liberator survivability is very low in big battles right now.

    4. For belly weapons, something unique for each empire would be the best. There's too much NS stuff right now.
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  14. Pikachu

    And dalton for nose gun. :eek:
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  15. Nepau

    If they were to add a carpet bombing ability I would like there to be restrictions on it, such as the Liberator needs to be flying at such and such a speed, can be inverted etc.

    I'm not against the carpet bombing weapons, but I don't want them to be able to be used as a Farming tool (hovering over an ams, pad) but more of a Fly in and hit with little chance of that Perfect aim).

    Also this is more as something that needs to be done For all Vehicle with gunners:

    Gunner/Tailgunners for any vehicle that scores a kill gets an assist xp bonus, even if they themselves didn't hit the target. A tailgunner can be a boring job, and the fact that they are there to defend the aircraft, but get no reward for doing their job (keeping aircraft off them, not always killing) while the Bomber and Pilot get the xp is just the wrong way to promote a Team vehicle.
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  16. Klondik3

    Liberator lacks in survivability, not firepower. Zepher and Shredder are already quite good at massacring infantry when no AA is present.
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  17. DeadlyShoe

    Off the wall weapons:

    "Suppression Rockets"

    An array of rockets replacing the primary weapon. When a suppression rocket hits,it does an enormous AOE of minor damage (inf kill on direct hit only?) with a concussion effect.

    "Mass Driver"

    If it's too good for ESF, it's perfect for Lib :D

    "Swarmer Missiles"

    Missile array where the gunner locks targets consecutively, or alternatively keeps locking the same target. Once all missiles have locked or the gunner press the button, All swarmer missiles launch at their designated target.

    Very high potential single target damage or moderate damage to groups, but countered by violent maneuvering, Smoke/Flares, or simply escaping into cover.
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  18. September_Observer

    UPVOTE THIS MAN! Empire specific stuff for the liberator!
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  19. DeadlyShoe

    "Passenger Assist XP", that you get just for being in the same vehicle ala BF4 would work fine.

    Just as an aside, though, I've found people have waaaaay more fun with Bulldogs than with Drakes or Walkers. Strictly speaking, they arn't as effective vs ESFs, but they still work sometimes and they are WAY more fun during ground attacks.
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  20. DeadlyShoe

    Oh finally there is the issue of Flak-blinding.

    Is it really necessary for flak to both blind and deafen the gunners? :|
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