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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Aurcius

    I really support this idea. I just wish I'd known about it earlier, before spending so much money on the same items for my different characters. I do hope I at least get back the Station Cash from those duplicate items, otherwise that money is essentially wasted. :(
  2. Khorneholio

    I just can't understand why people care about this so much. I guess if it's cool with SOE, it's cool with me. *shrug*
  3. Mugen223

    it's a good start, needs more though addition tho. Players should be able to buy items like say a rocket launcher with half station cash and half certs. Also, subscribers should earn 1 SC for every cert they earn. This would make subscribing feel more worth it, becuase right now, it just isn't because every double xp weekend free to play players earn more certs than subscribers do during normal times. This game is great it's marketing/sales models just need to be modified and improved. It also might be a good idea to allow premium players to carry over all their certs from on character to another of a different faction so that they don't have to start all over again
  4. cgiAlexis

    It's a good idea this, though there's no need to equate weapons across nations or certs because that's profit-breaking for SOE. So let's say:

    1. All items are recorded against the account.
    2. All cosmetic items that are the same across nations do transfer to other characters.
    3. All weapons that are the same across nations do transfer but the certs associated with them do not transfer.
    4. All boosters are account-level and therefore can transfer actively, you could play with a TR character for thirty minutes and then with your VS for another thirty.

    I know the EU version will probably have different rules, and the unlocks are some 30% cheaper, so these rules shouldn't break the bank but also keep players pouring money into PS2.

    For reference, I've spent in the region of £200 on Station Cash for PS2.
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  5. Biytor

    This is something I would like to know. I bought bundles for both my TR and NC chars that are the same, will I get that SC back for the duplicate?
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  6. AimlessRanger

    This would be super epic!
    Greetings from Germany :)
  7. rickampf

    Shut up and take my money!
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  8. EnforcingEcho

    So will this mean the amount of sc I spent on my NC character on Jaeger will be the same amount I'll be getting for my TR character on Watterson?
  9. HoodBeaver

    Even though it may decrease profits for SOE, it would UNDOUBTEDLY give people more incentive to buy SC, maybe even breaking even or increasing profits. I mean, wouldn't you want to buy SC more if this were enacted? (not in larger amounts, but just want to.) I know that because I bought 1500 SC for $15 USD. I spent it on jacking up my Mosquito with all kinds of missiles, then I decided on not purchasing more SC on the grounds that on something like Battlefield, the unlocks would carry over everywhere. Therefore, I decided to get some stuff in BF3. It may not be the greatest maneuver in the economics department up front, but how many people here would love SOE a TON more if they enacted this? Thumbs up for Sony, this is truly the greatest free computer game on the market today, but this would make it EVEN BETTER!!!
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  10. HoodBeaver

    Yes you would, therefore 1500 SC on Jaeger would be 1500 SC on Watterson also.
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  11. riker

    anyone notice that there are three loadouts for every class? this is where they were intentding to go the whole time, it would be nice if we could have one account that controls all three characters (if you have 3) and we could use certs and sc
  12. Gadamlu

    this guy has it right. this would be MAJOR points up from the community if this is enabled
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  13. Metroskyscraper

    I think that this should happen in game, mainly cause if my friend wants to play on the server I play on and he/she has spent a good sum of money on that server then I feel that he/she should be able to take those things from server to server To play in comfort with the things they bought. I can't see why anyone would not want to have this in game.
  14. Davun Fecari

    My thoughts exactly. i have bought similar items on different characters not essentially on the same server. Some of which I regret, but in any case, they were purchased nonetheless. Will we be then credited for any duplicate purchases that overlap? I even had a few duplicate upgrades I'd purchased on a character I ended up deleting.. no comments o.o
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  15. CSPatton

    That is what I had hoped it would be in the beginning.
  16. Lockster

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  17. Alex Heartnet

    While this might encourage the multi-faction players more, at the end of the day it means more value for my money, so sure.
  18. illgot

    One of my favorite games is APB Reloaded.

    When their weapons went from single character only to account wide, the money I spent increased from less than 100 dollars to over 2000 dollars spent.

    I was getting more value for my money. Why unlock one weapon for one character when I could unlock that weapon for all my characters (all 3 of them).

    I know SOE will probably never allow us to buy one factions weapons and unlock it across all factions, but faction neutral weapons and fluff (like camo) will become the big sellers once they go account wide.

    I just hope SOE refunds the difference in Station Cash for those that bought multiple of the same item on their account prior to this change.
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  19. HiddenAmbush

    Why not with certs as well? Takes just as much time and effort.
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  20. CptFirelord

    As long as this carries over from prior purchases it'll be worth it. I don't want to spend another $500 to unlock everything that is 'cross faction'.
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