Mar. 25, 2021 - PC Update (Outfit Wars Championships)

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    All PC servers will come down for a new game update on Thursday, March 25, at 6:00am PT (2:00pm CET). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 3 hours.

    Outfit Wars - Alpha 03 Championships
    All Alpha Cycle 03 Championship Matches will take place this Saturday for all servers, and the in-game UI will reflect the proper times with this update.
    Times below are in JST for SolTech, CET for Miller/Cobalt, ET for Emerald, and PT for Connery.
    • Gold Match - 8pm
    • Silver Match - 8:30pm
    • Bronze Match - 9:00pm
    Throughout the day, be hosting the community casters covering these events.


    Note: The scoring above shows incorrect, and will be set to correct values with the update.





    Whoever claims the medal for their bracket will unlock a shiny new banner frame, forever showcasing their victory in Alpha Cycle 03.

    Unstable Warpgates
    Amerish, Esamir, Hossin, and Indar now have a "partially" stabilized state that creates additional territory lanes along the rim of the continent, in addition to the path in the center.
    • "Partial" stabilization occurs at 100 players on the continent, or after 3 hours have passed.
    • "Full" stabilization occurs at 350 players on the continent, or after 5 hours have passed.
    The intention behind these changes is to increase fight density on off-continents and during low-pop hours, and prevent ghost-capping of off continents. Previous changes went too far in this regard, and the partial stabilization state will allow for more combat areas.

    Chapter 03
    As mentioned in last week's article, we're pushing back the Chapter 03 start date, and beginning testing of the new content with an internal group. The new Chapter 03 start and end dates will be April 16 through May 30th.
    You can read the last dev letter talking about our progress with Chapter 03 here:

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • When a player has incoming tells turned off, they will no longer be able to send tells, themselves. You will still be able to receive tells from your friends list and Outfit mates.
    • Outfit Wars: A countdown timer until your next match is now displayed on the Outfit Wars screen.
    • Loadout selection from the map screen dropdowns now have appropriately sized text.
    • NSO LB00 Python AP can now unlock and upgrade attachments.
    • NSO characters can now earn directive progress for gunner kills for vehicles summoned by non-NSO characters.
    • NSO Valkyrie's Hellion now has a windup time, like the other factions' versions.
    • NSO's CQC Primary directive now shows a Silver medal for the Adept tier, instead of Gold.
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