[BUG] Map opened entirely just right before alert ending

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by player0498, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. player0498

    The esamir map was in an "unstable warpgate" mode (only centre bases and bases at the edge of the map were available) during the entire alert until 5 min before alert ended. Our faction (eastern warpgate) was leading by approx. 10-15% territory at that time. After the map opened completly (unlocking every other base of the map too) just 5 min before alert ended, NC could easily cut off the entire northern bases (from northpoint all the way up to snowshear tower) at stillwater handing the victory to TR. You could now argue, that we just have missed the map awareness, nevertheless stillwater is a base without hardspawns and fast to capture which made it almost impossible to defend the base (at this time of the day with low pop and almost no coordination/active squads). This means we basically lost the alert despite a 10-15% territory lead in last minute since TR got many bases due to map extension and the cut off from NC to us (since map extended soo late noone really expected to get cut off at stillwater cause NC had no bases at all at that time and just got all the bases up to Mani CS due to this map extension).

    I always thought, maps cant extend during an alert, since they get locked in the state they are when the alert starts.