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  1. CovertYank

    Mans are Red, Mans are Blue. If I ever had to choose, I'd just shoot Vanu.

    Now you.
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  2. Campagne

    VS are purple, TR are red,
    Stop shooting at me, and aim at them instead.
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  3. CovertYank

    +1 Internets
  4. FieldMarshall

    I fight the purple i fight the red.
    What usually works is SAW to the head.
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  5. Moz

    I kill the red i kill the purple
    Is it me or does that Maggy,
    look like a floating turtle?
  6. Eternaloptimist

    When the zerg goes wrong as it sometimes will,
    and your daily farm is all uphill,
    When your shields are nerfed and casualties high,
    and you want to laugh but can only cry,
    and you feel as though you want to quit,
    don't tell Vanu, we don't give a sh**t
  7. Devilllike

    Better Red Than Dead
  8. Azawarau

    Buttons are red

    C 4 is molded

    When i press this

    It makes an ex-
  9. FateJH

    The warpgate is camped
    And bases we can not capture
    Damn southeast Indar
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  10. Gundem

  11. Demigan

    To this beat:

    One little NC felt really alone,
    He called his 9 friends and left his little home,

    ten little NC guys walked passed the Auraxium mine,
    One got shot through his head and then there were just nine,

    nine Little NC guys walked saw a little bait,
    one took it and got shot dead so then there were just eight,

    Eight little NC guys were discussion about heaven,
    TR helped one get there and then there were just seven,

    Seven little NC guys were fighting in a mix,
    Friendly fire got one dead so there were just six,

    Six little NC guys used Flashes for a dive,
    One dove off the wrong cliff so there were just five,

    Five little NC guys were settling a little score,
    They roughed one up and left him there so then there were just four,

    Four little NC guys were climbing up a tree,
    One fell down and shot real sound so then there were just three,

    Three little NC guys were going to the loo,
    One got stuck and redeployed so then there were just two,

    Two little NC guys were having some,
    Command found out and shot one lout and then there was just one.

    One little NC guys was feeling a bit alone,
    He revived his friends and left his little home.