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  1. x800

    Hello PS2 forum!:)

    pls tell me, why is there no ANTI-AIR Mana Turret???
    that would make the MANA turret collection complete.
    Also it would give the engy a first option to fight against air!

    Could be something like the NS 10 Burster. deploeyd on an rotation platform.
    I mean that must be realy simple to create...:rolleyes:

    What do you think?
  2. Skraggz

    1. This wouldn't work well as ESF already can RIP a lightning if caught, imagine being on a mana turrent.

    2. Dev team, game is on life support (yes I am going to continue being negative)
  3. Naskoni

    Actually they just turned the life support off. Game is on it's own. When it ***** the bed there will be nobody around to come clean it up either.
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