Makes no sense: Why is base cap allowed with no WG link?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Halcyon, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. vincent-

    Being cutoff should mean something and it doesn't at the moment I don't know if the devs have other plans with the resource system in mind but it isn't enough at the present.
  2. HadesR

    Agree with the OP in the respect that you should not be able to cap territory from lands cut off from the WG ..
  3. Halcyon

    Please explain how the current system "works as intended."
  4. Yaj

    Because you get no MBT when you get cutoff, which in terms equates to getting slaughtered. Obviously this means there are totally no communication in between the faction and/or the lack of skills in terms of playing the game.

    You could of took territories to the north into their techplant and switch off back to yours instead or spawned buttloads of MBT's and make it a slaughter house. It's either that, or NC **cked you guys over too. LOL.
  5. Yaj

    Do you not understand what having no resources mean?
  6. reticentbassist

    I was just ranting about this in game last week or so, totally in favor of heavy consequences for losing connection to the WG. When combined with the increased lattice connections on PTS this would encourage and allow flanking maneuvers to cut off large Zergs.
  7. Xasapis

    It's not bugged? No lattice rules are broken?
  8. John_Aitc

    If the lattice has to stay, then I am also in favor of harsh penalties for disconnected territories.

    I like the idea of flipping those bases to neutral if another faction can sever a lattice connection.

    I used to like the pre-lattice game where we could split up a Zerg by capturing any possible border territory and forcing them to react.
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  9. Nocturnal7x

    Thinking about this...At first I was like "no, its fine". Then I was like "If you are getting cut off and it has consequences, that's when fights occur, the faction about to be cut off goes to defend the territory about to be taken to prevent being cut off".

    Lattice was a great step in concentrating forces to have more consistent and better fights, but it didn't do a good enough job on its own.

    Events that take place need to have more meaning, we need incentives to attack and defend.
  10. Halcyon

    Ok. So they don't get resources. But neither does the faction the base belongs to. And there's no deterrent to this strategy.
    It's a flawed system.
  11. redshirt

    If being cut off removed link to enemy bases I think that would be enough. Maybe goes as far as cut off territory doesn’t count for alert win conditions. Be it facility capture or territory % control.
  12. Halcyon

    Lattice rules derive from Planetside 1, where bases were frequently cut off, hacks were cancelled, and bases could go neutral.
    Since this game is titled Planetside 2 and they've included lattice, it should follow the same rule set.
  13. Kid Gloves

    Resource overhaul is coming. What I've already seen sounds good, but I hope they go all the way with it.


    * removing your pockets. no '750/750/750' resource savings. You use the resources available at the base, at the time. Bases with WG connection get their resources resupplied regularly. Bases without don't.

    This means a big army at a base with no WG connection will drain the base dry. At that point nothing that costs resources (grenades, vehicles, etc) can be spawned.

    What I hope they do is prevent a drained base from functioning at all. No inventory, no vehicle, no shields, nothing. It doesn't need to change sides, it just needs to cease to be.

    It also opens up an interesting tactic: infiltrate a base, hack its terminals, spawn random crap to drain the base.
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  14. Teegeeack

    I disagree. This is a symptom of overpopulation, not a problem in and of itself. Allowing bases cut off from the warpgate to capture surrounding territory promotes variety in the game. Sorry you have to deal with too much VS, but I believe the game's been dumbed down enough. I'm sick of going back and forth between the same goddamn bases every single day (looking at you Quartz Ridge/Indar Excavation). Miniature breakouts like the one in your image can be fun.
  15. Teegeeack

    And the thing is, on a balanced server, you wouldn't be at any sort of disadvantage. The VS are fighting on two fronts - so are you.
  16. Teegeeack

    How will that affect subscribers, then, since extra resources is supposed to be one of their perks?
  17. Xasapis

    Well, it doesn't follow the same rule set. It does however follow a rule set. According to it, once a base is cut off from the warpgate, it stops producing resources. However, as long as you control the point in that base, you can attack any adjacent bases and capture them. The whole thing is directly derivative of the original hex system, with the only difference lattice restricting the direction of attack.

    All in all, the hex system was superior to the current system, but it required more people to operate and provide big battles. The current system gives the illusion of big battles by funneling all people to predefined paths. Perhaps a hybrid system would be better, one which would connect the major bases with lattice, but allow freedom to take the minor bases and outposts based on proximity.
  18. Halcyon

    That's my whole point.
    If they're going to do lattice, then stop tip toeing and do lattice.
    The hex system is garbage and inferior to lattice. It's no illusion there are big battles; it seems like there are big battles because the battles are actually big.
    The lines between certain bases may be set but there are multiple routes you can choose on the map.

    All hex did was promote ghost capping and a lack of being able to setup defenses against a specific approach.
    Lattice gives a clear definition of the "front lines" and makes defending and attacking clear and concise.
  19. Xasapis

    And promotes zerg fights only, unfortunately. We've just gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.
  20. Halcyon

    I find plenty of small fights in lattice.