[Suggestion] Make zeros with the slash through it Ø for easier name reporting

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Canaris, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Canaris

    I keep seeing people complain that hackers are using a combination of 0 - zeros & O - Ohs in game to make it hard to use the /report feature.

    I was playing Fall Out New Vegas there last night doing a expansion pack when you meet someone called Doctor O through talking to him you he explains his name is really Doctor 0 (zero) and how everyone keeps getting it wrong, so you suggest to him to use the Ø

    Could that not be used here to make it harder for those hacking schmos?
  2. RawrKitty

    most blatant hackers ive seen has had names with illillililililliil.
    GL reporting that with out a seizure

    on another note, don't report ingame, create a ticket.
  3. Hydragarium

    So.. you want to switch out a capital o with a ø? Yeah that won't confuse the scandinavian customers at all - it IS a letter you know. Not just a joke symbol from the wingdings font. o_O
  4. RawrKitty

    omega then? lawl
  5. Thagyr

    Just have a feature that reports /lastkilledby. Simple.
  6. HappyZaps

    Or we could employ 1990's technology, and have right-click/context functions in the chat window.

    lliliiilliiIIlIl killed you
    right click lliliiilliiIIlIl, click 'report'.

    I'm sure if the SOE developers worked together they could discover the secret of this power.