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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GreenWeenie, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. GreenWeenie

    For one, I've never seen anyone use the flashlight in game. But as a Veteran, weapon lights have huge advantages in real life. Yes, they light up the dark. But surefires are actually considered weapons due to the extreme light that they can omit, and since no one uses them, im proposing a fix that will make them viable in game.

    - IRL we used them to blind bad guys as we entered rooms and buildings giving us just a precious couple of seconds to get a beat on the bad guys, before they slaughtered us in a horrific "fish in a barrel" type situation as we came busting down their doors.

    -PS2 already has a system that will work for this. When you fire a turret it collects heat right? Well, instead of 10-15 seconds of continuous fire, how about 3-5 seconds of light from using a flashlight?

    -Make it have a light distance of 30 meters in front of you and a blind distance of 10-15 meters in front of you. Also you have to hit your enemy directly in the face with the light (just as IRL) for the blind to take place.

    -the full blind last for 2 seconds, but after one second, the blinded start to regain vision (like a fade in).

    Id like to know what everyone else thinks about this. But I think this is a great viable option that can make something that is currently not used by anyone, usable.

  2. GreenWeenie

  3. FateJH

    Hm. May as well consider doing something with the flashlights. Auraxis doesn't have a night time anyway.

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