Make the Commissioner a NC-only weapon

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  1. UberNoob1337101

    My body is ready.

    And the Tengu, and Decimator. Why do NS weapons have ES quirks and stats is beyond me.
  2. FateJH

    Why not the Underboss?
  3. Liewec123

    i think it really should have been, the square blocky shape, the slow high damage,
    plus it looks like a magnum that screams "murica' f%%k yeah!"

    everything about it is NC :)

    In that case, Masamune and Swarm should be TR only. Tanto and perhaps Yumi VS only.

    I actually wouldn't mind this at all, but it's clearly not a good decision from a business perspective, so it's not happening. More ES stuff would be nice.
  5. TR5L4Y3R


    es weapons are in the making ...

    and now commence the wrelhate .. because reasons ..
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  6. Kdog559

    But where would the fun be headshotting people with the commissioner if it's only going to be for NC? Keep it the way it is :)
  7. Campagne

    As much as I'd like that, I think it's much too late now. Too many players have bought the Commissioner for their non-NC characters, and they would be understandably very unhappy about losing it.

    The Underboss has lower damage but fires faster. That's nowhere NC enough!

    Fnck him because of my subjective perception of his immorality! :mad:

    But also no details, dates, teasers... nothing. A pacifier for the masses and nothing more. Even so, what's one round of ES compared to the five or six or whatever NSX weapons?
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    because stuff ain´t simply ready yet ... you expect the small team dbg is to throw out es stuff immidiately?
    and it has been mentioned that ns weapons have been long ready modelwise .. that´s why they were able to spit them out in such number .. the NS directive was also a thing that has been decided to come in long ago .. it just took them longr since they are so few now and with less budget ...

    as for teasers and and details you get for the most part information on continenbasechanges what is changed regarding general infantry, vehicleplay and ( hopefully soon enough) air play .. so it´s not like DBG is leaving us in the dark at all actualy
    heck you even got a teaser and information about the pilot in that very video .. even if it is "just" another ns weapon ...

    and you base that perception on what exactly ? he´s not the only dev to decide what is done with the game ...
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  9. LordKrelas

    NC better not get another ******* shotgun, is all I'll say.

    Also, Poor Wrel.
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  10. TR5L4Y3R

    ... what was that ? you want them to get the supershotgun from doom !! :D
  11. Campagne

    The new weapons don't need to be ready or even out of the concept phase to tell the playerbase what type of weapon is even is. I.E. "we're designing a new set of ES ARs, but they are very much still in the works and won't be out for a while yet." But we didn't even get that. Perhaps it is just my jaded, cynical self, but I call suspect.

    Also I knew more about the NSX Pilot from the PSA here on the forums than was even said in the video.

    I base my perception on his previous content, back from way before he was a "dev." --I'd call him more of a community rep than anything, but I obviously can't say for sure.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    you still would have the blackhand
  13. TR5L4Y3R

    nova 6? what?

    also not everyone goes onto PTS looking on what potentialy new content there could be ..

    community rep just doesn´t fit imo ...
    a community rep would be .. actualy someone out of the community .. which wrel is no longer a part of since he´s now an actual dev ..
  14. Campagne

    There's a clue for ya'. :p

    And not everyone hangs off of every word Wrel says to get their information.

    Well he's a prominent popular Youtuber whom made almost exclusively PS2 content for years before being elevated to the status of "Developer," if ya' believe the official story. ;) He's definitely in the social spotlight, and he's not calling the shots himself.

    However, in true developer fashion, he doesn't ever post here on the official forums. :p
  15. Corezer

    The 44L fasho, especially with the Pilot coming to give other factions' stalkers a taste of the sniper life. The commish at 1 faction would be OP, tho I'm not sure how much difference overall an OP sidearm would make.

    would be cool if masamune was TR, deci was common pool, penix had a dumbfire mode like the days of yore, etc.
  16. Hegeteus

    We could tune Mag-Scatter up a bit and give it slug ammo possibility :D In order for it to be relevant this way, it would need to have one stat to be above the commissioner though
  17. FateJH

    It can fire seven times before needing to reload, as opposed to the Commissioner's six. That work for you? :p
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  18. MrMinistry30

    Erm... what the OP suggested already sounded like trolling or a really bad joke as the NC does already have the best equipment by far and does not need the best pistol, the best launcher and a very good smg (in addition to already having the best smg in the game...) to be ES as well, leaving the VS without ANY good pistol (Underboss and Emissary are ok but still FAR behind underboss)...

    But HAXTIME overextended that bad joke by giving the VS the 2 worst NSX-weapons.

    Seriously guys, just learn to use the NC's already great (if not OP) arsenal and leave VS at least some NS/NSX alternatives to their pretty crappy weapons. TR's Arsenal is in my opinion quite balanced.
  19. LordKrelas

    Best equipment? Max's AI weapons are RNG shotguns. Heavy weapon is a shotgun.
    Every single gun is dependent on accuracy, yet has incredibly high recoil.
    Starter weapon is murderous for new players.

    You mean the Phoenix that can't even kill infantry?
    That unless in a spawn-room, makes you unable to even see anything around you, while piloting a slow missile?

    Best Pistol? What bloody pistol is that?
    The burst pistol, mirrored by the VS?
    The stock sidearm, that is damn slow to fire?
    Commissioner, the NS sidearm, outshines any NC sidearm.

    NC's higher damage model? Oh forget that, when it comes to the NS weaponry.
    Then again, TR's traits are also used by NS.

    What SMG is good, in addition to the "best"?
    Cyclone has the best damage, barely a thing else going for it.

    Our Tank is a slow firing easy target, that literally needs a shield, that just got hit with a maul.

    Dear Lord.

    VS weapon stats; Pretty good.
    VS LMG directive: Beyond high, better than TR & NC directive weaponry in number, and efficiency.
    And that's after a slight re-balance of numerous weaponry, specifically that LMG; And it's still up there.

    Lancer, that's a grand weapon.
    Lasher, murderous in groups; long ranged.

    Chaingun: lethal in close quarters, more reliable than a shotgun.
    Striker: potent rapid-fire missile launcher.

    How is NC's gear the best again? Oh right, as it relies on RNGesus to function.
  20. MrMinistry30

    @LordKrelas you are joking, right?

    MAX AI with highest kill potential? Jackhammer being the King of all shotguns with absurd range and accuracy? So much for the first crap you wrote...

    NC weapons are extremely strong so of course, there has to be something to compenate that and that is being A LITTLE harder to use but as soon as you got used to them, they are absolutely brutal compared to the water guns the VS has...

    The Commi is generally considered the best pistol, giving it only to the NC would be another unfair advantage for them. TR surely has the best pistols while NC and VS pistols are mostly crap (witch exception being the Desperado and PLEASE don't compare that piece of crap called spiker to that one...). Still i find NC pistols easier to use but not in an extend that really makes a difference...

    Cyclone is non arguably the best SMG in the game, good ones being the tengu and blitz isn't bad either. So why should only NC get that other good SMG Tengu, hm? Because the eridani is such a monster? Surely NOT!

    VS weapon stats: far behind NC/TR, just do the math and see what "perks" we get in exchange for less attachments for certain guns, a generally lower dps and projectile speed and small magazines...

    Lancer? SERIOUSLY? i'd happily throw that piece of sh... away for the phoenix
    Lasher? Long range? ---> you are kidding, right? Apart from the laughably low velocity, that thing is useless if you can't camp a chokepoint from an extremely safe position while the jackjammer really is a beast up to an absurd range (for a shotgun)! If they doubled the velocity and the fire rate of the lasher we could talk about that again...

    Chaingun? that one is not even VS! Besides that, it has it's advantages and disadvantages but in close range, every non-brain-amputated NC heavy with a jackhammer will win while a VS heavy with the lasher.... let's just say i'd rather switch to my sidearm, even if that is the beamer than using a lasher in a real fight...

    Striker? also TR and NOT VS and what did you complain about infantry one hit potential with phoenix?... :) Besides that, striker is not bad but quite situational.

    Again, just learn to use the strong NC weapons, they are extremely good (with some of them being damn close to OP!)