[Suggestion] Make the ANT its own vehicle!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Samutus, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Samutus

    There are three main reasons for why the all important ANT system should NOT be a sunderer function.
    1. The sunderer does way too much as it is. The thing is an armored war machine, a spawn point, a vehicle ammo dispenser, an engineer on crack, and a radar system. This is boring as hell and feels lazy. I want to pull a lightly armored single man repair vehicle, or the same small vehicle equipped with an ammo dispenser, or ally shielding device.

    2. The ANT is intended to be a weak unarmed vehicle that requires an escort. And NO, disabling weapons when a sunde is equipped with the ANT system is not an option.

    3. The ANT serves a radically different purpose than a sunderer, and should therefore look different. It's already bad enough that the sunde a vehicle support system in addition to being a spawn point. Enemies should be able to easily identify what purpose a vehicle is serving, especially in this case due to the fact that ANTs are of much greater importance to those defending a base than a sunderer.

    Now my thoughts on ANT design for PS2.
    Although ANTs cannot equip any weapons, they should be able to equip several defensive utilities at once such as a shield similar to the deploy shield that would be always active, immunity to lock-ons past a certain range, and an auto-repair system. It would be interesting if some of these defensive utilities could be controlled by a second player in a gunner seat, for example the user could fire floating dummy units which all lock-on missiles that get close to it it would hit, or a player controlled shield that would protect part of the vehicle from all small arms fire and a certain amount of explosive fire (similar to the MAX shield). The "gunner" would get xp based on damage absorbed. To encourage ally armor to stick around and defend these things, players within a certain proximity of them will receive an ANT defense bonus of 20% for all of their kills and actions. Allies will be happy to see them around and will sure as hell try to keep them alive.

    One last note. This should be added soon, as it is much more important than things such as the Valkyrie and the mission system. Part one of the resource system has been implemented, time to finish it.
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  2. Sghignifiss


    I just do not understand why devs keep working on this many projects at the same time, never putting a real end to any. You began the mission system and set up something I doubt any player cares of, then nothing more. I would have expected something new in later patches to complete this system, but nothing came out. Now we have this phase 1 resource revamp, and what do we probably get with next patch? A new vehicle. What about phase 2? And what about completing the mission system you sketched months ago or the performance optimization project (wasn't it just on phase one, too?) you set up even before?

    What's the result of this behavior? No one is completely happy with any of the features you're putting in, as none of them is the real feature we're expecting, it's just an early stage draft. If you begin with a phase-project, it should be in your interest to complete it in less time possible, just to finish a big game changing feature and be able to say "hey, you can whine about this and that, but look what a huge thing we've done here, and look how good it works. Now be patient, enjoy the new system while we consolidate this other main concern".

    Features here have priorities and, as OP says, the resource revamp is a really high one. I couldn't care less about valkyrie. We don't need it. It would be good to have it, but we don't need it. What we need are good and solid game foundations. I agree with OP: it would have been better to have a new resource dedicated vehicle, or a dedicated support vehicle instead of the next fighting one. We already have a load of them, another one won't make any difference.
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  3. Zotamedu

    I too hope the ANT will be its own vehicle. Something between Harasser and Sunderer in size, speed, manoeuvrability and armour. No guns but a selection of different defensive options. Just think about all the extra cosmetics you could sell for it!
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  4. Evilsooty

    Yep, the resource system needs to be finished as soon as possible. At the moment it doesn't make any difference if you blow up a vehicle as the person can go and spawn another one right away especially as territory now doesn't have any effect on resource income.

    Although it is funny blowing up uncerted lightnings & MBTs over and over again :)
  5. FateJH

    I can understand the devs hold back on adding too many Vehicles because each other requires design and modelling phases, but all they really need to do in the short run is take a Vehicle model, remove a few bits (weapons, in the case of the ANT) and modify a few numbers (resistances, in the case of ther ANT), and call it something else. They run with that until they've stopped back for a better model.

    Heck, in PS1, we had three Flashes that looked identical save for their weapon loadout (including the one that had no weapon but could cloak). What's so wrong with having three different Sunderer variants that have both task-specific and cross-variant options based on what role they are designed to perform on the battlefield; but, in general, one variant could not compete with another variant at the same tasking?
  6. Nody

    Because the task would be far more suitable with a different chassi rather then have the Sundy be used for everything? For example Harasser (add AMS module and it's max speed is reduced by 25%) or Flash (replace back seat with a big battery; reduce speed by 30%) and make either to be very bottom heavy (like the Sundy; almost impossible to flip it over on a bump/going down a hill). Heck you could even put it on the Lightening by replacing the main gun with a big "sail" that captures nanites in the warp gates (i.e. simulate the PS1 way of charging up). You could even go creative with two or three AMS vehicles (Flash charges up fastest but brings the least, Harrasser medium and Lightening/Sundy chargest slowest but can bring the most).
  7. Pootisman

    Do it like Valve: Let the community do the work. There are literally thousands of weapons and cosmetic items made by players in TF2 (not all of them are implemented of course).

    I already suggested some time ago that SOE should use Player Studio for more than just hats and camo. Devs should make competitions: Create the new vehicle X/weapon X. Who comes up with the best model gets 5000SC and his model gets implemented.
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  8. FateJH

    If would be nice if the devs went even in that direction. With the way things currently progress, we give more than we take, if we ever take.
  9. Hammerlock

    like this one for a complete new chassis ?
    (the left one)
  10. Nerazim

    I agree the sundy does too much. I like all the things it brings to the battlefield but it would be more fun to have these ANTs performing a dedicated support role.

    I'd like to see an infantry resupply terminal on the back of it. Keep your infantry push flexible, and well stocked with grenades and ammo. The ability to repair or resupply vehicles obviously would it's main functions. Perhaps an AOE flare would be a fun defensive options, to also disrupt lock-ons targeting nearby vehicles.

    I don't know how many people would be interested in driving these things, but they seem like they could be quite fun and profitable on certs if used correctly. I think the main issue is most people would rather be killing things than supporting the team. I could see outfits making use of them for sure though. I suppose it's the vehicle version of the Engineer class, which appeals to me at least.

    Maybe they could just tweak the harrasser model, remove the gun and add a back section to it.

    There is a tonne of possibility with the ANT.
  11. Atis

    I already suggested in another thread to take Deliverer from PS1 and make ANT module for it, which would block gun, some upgrades and passenger seats. This way we'll get ANT and medium transport at same time. Its more agile than sundy but less armored, good for ANT role as well. Making totally new vehicle without opportunity to sell weaponry for it isnt SOE way.

    You mean ANT, not AMS, i think.
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  12. hdup71

    Dream-time again ^^

    Let's face it, a sundy-model-ant would be a great addition to this game!

    Rather have new working content sooner then never. They can re-model that sundy-ant later anyhow.
  13. Samutus

    Have you seen how many repair sundes spawn whenever there is a decently sized armor push? I for one love driving mine. Although I find the role to be fun by itself the fantastic cert flow helps a lot. The ANT system should also be rewarding in the category.
  14. KnightCole

    This game is going towards the instant respawn, infinite vehicles........not towards strategy, skill, or anything but pointless zerging. An ANT is useless and pointless at this point. Thinking this game will ever gravitate towards a cool strategic game is useless.

    Its just turning into large scale Call of duty pointlessness.