Make Sunderers Immune to Friendly Fire

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phaze, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Phaze

    Having watched my group's sunderer get blown up... again... by a 4th Factioner... it's time for this change.

    Too many attacks get stopped because enemies just log an alt and blow the Sundy. Reporting is fine - but it doesn't do anything about the immediate effect on the game.
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  2. Bill Hicks

    Gotta love being able to switch factions in a persistent FPS game. mo money .

    The funny part is that you dont get a log of who killed your sunderer. Killing a sunderer should be a immediate weapons lock for 1 hour.
  3. Koldorn

    I've actually had normal same-faction people blow up my bus because I tend to take a slightly more cautious approach to parking. That extra 20-30m is apparently a deal breaker. Even if its the only one we have; and losing it means losing the battle.
  4. Robert Patrician

    Well, let's add some measures to keep it from being exploited. Consider if you made sunderers totally immune to friendly fire, and so someone locks down a base's vehicle spawner by parking a deployed sunderer across the exit. Perhaps immune to the friendly fire of those who have been logged into that character for less than 15 minutes?
  5. Ghost_Leader

    This can be easily fixed if SOE made it so that you can't have another character on the same server.People who have more than 1 character on a said server should be forced to relocate their characters to other servers.Of course,that would cause a huge whine.
  6. Serell

    Or maybe your Sundy got blown up because you drove away while you were 1/12 and lots of people needed a ride to the next base and were spamming chat with "I need a ride!" while they were literally behind you desperately trying to get an inch closer so they could hop in? Just saying, when that happens and your Sundy gets blown up, look no further, I'm the guilty one.
  7. Morchai

    If they are immune to friendly fire, how can I shoot them when they rudely try to run my tank off the road and into a ravine? :p
  8. Robert Patrician

    Ineffective due to how it's a F2P game, so someone can just create a new account.
  9. Robert Patrician

    I think a bigger concern would be parking a deployed sunderer across the vehicle spawner exit and blocking it from creating an armor column.
  10. Ghost_Leader

    Yeah,that's true,but I still think it will stop most of the ******* switching factions.You can switch characters in literally 10 seconds if you logout.Switching the acc requires you to leave the game and then launch it again.Don't underestimate people's laziness.
  11. KlyptoK

    That's why the world instantly disintegrates whatever is on the pad when someone pulls something on that pad.
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  12. illgot

    you guys are so paranoid.

    One of my clan leaders was paranoid. He thought people were joining our clan to listen in on our super secret plans. He often made us move around the map a few times to "throw off the spies".

    People are lazy. They will rarely relog to blow up an enemy sunderer with an alt of the same faction.

    More than likely it is someone that is bored or pissed or just wants the sunderer in a different location.

    I very much doubt many people will relog onto an alt and blow up your Sunderer.
  13. Fned

    Not leastwise on account of there aren't enough servers to actually do this without relocating some people's characters to the other side of the planet...
  14. KlyptoK

    Should buy him a tin foil hat for his birthday.
  15. Robert Patrician

    Not 'on' the pad, but directly in front of it. Think of the vehicle spawners at outposts. You get a vehicle queue after the base is captured. Someone gets to the front of the queue, spawns sunderer, backs it up and deploys it. Next player spawns their tank, can't move it because they just ran into an invincible sunderer, and then their tank gets blown up by the next guy in the line because he's still on the vehicle pad.
  16. StonedFlyingLamb

    If an enemy would put AT mines under your sundy you could blow them up without harm. In some ways a good idea but in other ways bad. The problem are a**holes who blow up a friendly sundy because they want the xp or they are just dumb.
  17. illgot

    lol he kicked me because he thought I was a spy. I just played all 3 factions :)
  18. dBMachine

    Terrible idea.

    I shouldn't be punished just because a select minority of "4th factioners" do stupid things. If I want to be able to create a new char to play with a friend who is already on a different faction than I should be able to do so.

    Considering this is a F2P people can make as many smurf accounts as they want. Your idea is awful and creates more problems than it solves.
  19. Phaze

    I've seen people blow friendly Sunderers out of rage, or thinking they were parked in a dumb spot, or whatever... in this case - that wasn't happening.

    It was a good battle back and forth between 2 bases in NW Indar... we were pushing into the base after pushing back a nice counter attack... I died... respawned, then watched some BR 5 lob 2 tank mines under the Sundy and BOOM! Then promptly vanish from the game as I went to tell it to F-OFF.

    Maybe immune FF isn't the perfect solution, but smart minds can surely come up with something that prevents what happened to us and isn't exploitable.

    I'd think this will be even more impactful with the nodeploy zones, too.

    Not the biggest problem in the game by any stretch, but one that I think is also easily solvable.