Make players interested to defend HIVEs

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  1. H4YW1R3

    I never wanted the construction system to begin with. But to each his own. I understand that many did like the idea. So now they have it. It's up to those players to make use of it.

    But it's not my problem (or the problem of many other players who did not want or do not like the construction system) if you who do like/want this system, just want to build and turtle up on a base then end up bored because other players aren't attacking you to be farmed. You that like the construction system need to get out and attack one another's bases instead of turtling up and expecting everyone to come to you.

    I, and others, shouldn't be expected to stop playing the game we like to play, a game we've all liked playing long before the construction system was added, just to play your game.

    I tried that game and I didn't like it. Bases are built in favorable positions, often on terrain that is not meant to be traveled by vehicles in P2, as evidenced by P2's teflon-coated landscape. Vehicles that do maneuver into position and manage some sort of firing angle on a portion of the base are at great disadvantage. They can't maneuver in that terrain to effectively defend themselves. They're just easy targets for air, turrets, and infantry alike. On top of that, those vehicles need an ammo sunderer to reach these areas as well. That or they are constantly having to retreat for ammo since constructible walls and turrets empty half of the vehicle's ammo despite fully certed ammo capacity. And now P2 devs plan to patch the game so that walls and other constructibles are invulnerable as long as they're under the effect of an active repair module.

    And then there's the air defense shields and turrets that turn those bases into a no-fly zone for enemy aircraft. So aircraft friendly to the base are free to farm infantry, and enemy ground vehicles that can't effectively maneuver in most of the terrain surrounding some of these bases.

    With the coming patches changes, infantry is expected to get their arses farmed storming the base and and trying to take take out repair modules before vehicles can even take down any walls. Meanwhile, base defenders are using SC to quickly replace those repair modules.

    Yeah. To hell with that. I'll keep playing the game I've liked playing since I started playing P2. If it ever comes to the point I'm pushed or forced to use the construction system, attacking and defending constructed bases, that'll be the day I move on to one of the many, many other fps out there.