[Suggestion] Make Light Assaults more suited for teamplay.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Luminiouscow, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Luminiouscow

    Light Assaults, at their current state, are the worst class for teamplay.

    I suggest we add perks and stuff to the class that would make it better suited for teamplay.

    Maybe a mobile proximity radar that detects enemy movement 10 meters around the light assault and make them appear on the minimap (could be upgraded).

    Or maybe even an explosives replenisher. Whenever someone is near you, their explosives (grenades, mines, NOT rockets, get replenished). Works like some sort of ammo pack, but for explosives.

    Or make it so that Light Assaults carry the motion darts while infiltrators carry the motion spotter.

    I don't know, I'm bad with ideas.

    All I'm saying though is that Light Assaults should have more use on the battlefield in the teamplay perspective.
  2. NinjaTurtle

    So you want to increase one classes team play aspect whilst taking something away from another?
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  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    So, Infinltrator loses the only thing that its still better than the other classes at and grenades and C4 get spammed....
    HAs can already get ammo for rockets from ammo packs.
  4. The Rogue Wolf

    Light Assault is suited for teamplay the same way Heavy Assault is- by using the abilities they're given to kill the enemy. A good, team-oriented player will do so in a way that assists the team in accomplishing their objectives.
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  5. Yeahy

    The consumables would still have to cost nanites though.
  6. Arsonix

    The HA just happens to be more suited because he is less reliant on a secondary weapon and can haul around sensor darts if he wants on top of being an armor and air deterrent. No the LA is not as suited for teamplay as the HA.
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  7. LodeTria

    Absolutely no on the explosive replenish-er. The game is already explosive enough we don't need explosives that you can bounce off walls at choke-points to be available everywhere. And C4 being replenished? Get outta here you'd be able to kill so many tanks that way it'd be unreal.

    A better tool would be explosive gun that does no physical damage, but drains (or prevents from using in the case of ammo/Shield bubble) any abilities of the class it hits, and would destroy any motion spotters or shield bubbles it hits.
  8. Luminiouscow

    I got a better idea then. How about a shock absorber, works sort of like an EMP for the light assault class. Can be activated every 75 seconds and it take away the shields from all enemy soldiers in a 10 meter radius (can be upgraded)?
  9. Arsonix

    So basically rip off the EMP but better?
  10. LodeTria

    It wouldn't damage infantry normal shields like the nade does.
  11. Pirbi

    Let's see, put beacons out of the reach of children. Unique vantage point to spot things. Already can shoot recon darts via crossbow. And drop a deuce of C4 on deserving targets.
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  12. Arsonix

    It would still be better because the only abilities the EMP has any effect on is the overshield and cloak and it only disables them if they are on when it goes off. I think the EMP needs a rework first because it has a lot of problems with it at the moment such as a lack of a hitmarker, it wont credit the user for assists, and doesn't even reward XP for deployable destruction. I say we keep the EMP function an infiltrator thing, it has had enough exclusive assets shared with other classes already.

    My idea is an anti-gravity device. All it does is basically turn a small area into a 0 gravity zones for a few seconds but it makes player crosshairs act as if the person is jumping to lower their aim and prevent aiming down sights. It could also be used on the Light Assault as a way of augmenting vertical takeoff.
  13. Bixli

    ..isn't it ?
  14. Posse

    No, you just don't how to use them, that's the problem.
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  15. Shootybob

    I want a deployable bomb that I can put on things and detonate whenever I feel like it.
  16. Plorf

    I made a little assault thread a little while ago, but it was soooort of a nerf thread.

    What I mean is, Light Assaults right now have a few broken traits and so I want them to be more in-line with the Infiltrator. Infils have cloak but pay for it with less shields, loud cloak noise, and inability to equip shotguns and C4. However they make up for it by having sniper rifles, motion spotters, and stalker cloaking.

    Light Assaults don't have any of those downsides, but also no utility to compensate for them, leaving them in kind of a bad place. I want them to have louder jetpacks, and possibly restrictions on C4 (or a replacement), but buff them by giving them utility and possibly an option for more direct combat.
  17. RebelRanger

    You can't be serious, nerf the light assault? You said light assault have no downsides, we don't have a tool slot, weapons that aren't really suited for long range, no real purpose other than to camp rooftops.... Plus light assaults aren't meant for direct combat. The poster of this thread was right about light assaults needing more teamplay based tools though their ideas weren't great. Currently, even with C4 light assaults still don't have a real purpose. Think about it, as a BR91 I have NEVER heard a squad leader ask for light assaults, want to know why? Cause we're not needed in squad play. Heavy's are the pushing class(not including maxes) who dominate infantry and have anti-tank/anti-max capabilities. The support classes are a must have, and infil is handy for motion spotters/recon darts. Light assault? All they can do is put beacons down and then quickly be switched out of to a more useful class(no real reason to stay light assault after beacon is down right?) Sure we can take out a tank(only one by the way), but heavy's and engies can do that job just as well(heavies don't even have to use resources). I'm not saying light assault is underpowered, don't get me wrong, I've gone on great killsteaks with it, but the problem is it doesn't have much of a place in teamplay, many squads would prefer not to have light assaults at all. There have been many great ideas to give LA a teambased tool, one was that any light assault in the squad could put a spawn beacon down, the cooldown timers would all be linked though. Might be a bit hard to balance out, maybe there could only be so many spawn beacons per squad. Another idea was a radar jammer, lots of ways that could be implemented.
  18. Siilk

    Pretty much this. If by "teamplay" people mean "support" as in heaing/resupplying or other tool-based utility then no, LA is not for that. And, of course it's worse than HA at "being HA" so it's not suited for holding objective or generally "going with the (zerg) flow". What it is good for is(same as Infi) is covert ops: getting to where other classes cannot and doing things that are destructive to the enemy where he is vulnerable. So yes, as a part of a main force LA is less effective than HA/Medi/Engi/MAX, which are the mainstay of the infantry forces. LAs and Infis should be using their skills to get behind the enemy lines and do their part their, distracting the enemy and forcing them to spread out and feel that no objective is safe and no one can rely on the engie that repairs them or the only medic around will not be picked by someone with a silenced gun. When coordinated with main force, the effect of such covert teams could be tremendous. So if some people don't think it's teamwork unless all the members of the team are in the same room shooting in the same direction, then I suggest them broaden their view a bit as such limited perspective only makes them worse tacticians.
  19. Plorf

    Uh... I'm not sure we disagree. I basically want to bring the LA more in line with the Infiltrator and make it a class that actually has a more distinct role. I just don't think they can buff the class without at least adding something like faction-specific jetpack sounds. And there's definitely a few tools they could add; I like the radar jammer idea but they could also give them utility grenade launchers or some sort of super-spotting scope.
  20. Demigan

    Here's a few of my idea's. The LA is mainly focused on position, confusion and obfuscation to get his work done (jumpjets and smoke grenades), so we'll try to build on that.

    -"Smoke jet". A Utility that can be equipped to complement your jump/drifter jets. When you press "F" you'll start draining jumpjet energy which is converted to smoke. You can lay down a long smokescreen to hide your allies from concentrated fire.

    -Scrambler. A utility similar to the Motion Spotter. You get a limited amount only resupplyable at a terminal and you can only place one at a time. Everything inside the Scramblers radius does not show up on motion sensors, motion spotters, scout radars and auto-spot implants. The Scrambler does show up similar to the Motion Spotter.
    Anyone inside Scrambler range could additionally have the range at which their weapon fire shows them on the minimap reduced

    -Decoy signature. An energy-consuming Utility that is activated with F to create phony radar signatures within X meters around you. Phony signatures will move into the direction you are moving. Higher levels increases the range and amount of signatures visible. This way you can make yourself look like an army about to storm the enemy, causing them to react. Should you get spotted, the enemy will have trouble tracking the right signature although they will know your general direction.

    -Teleport pad
    Probably has some people in arms this idea. It goes like this:
    You place one pad down. Then you place another within X meters. The X meters is only a small range of up to 20 meters or so.
    Now anyone can head to either pad and use it by holding E. After 5 seconds holding E you are teleported to the other pad. MAXes cannot be teleported this way (unless you make a convincing argument :))
    This allows Light Assaults to bring an incredible form of teamwork to the table. Right placement of pads can help teams across obstacles and barriers or on top of buildings, allowing for much more varied attacks or to avoid hotspots.
    As a drawback you could say that these pads can be destroyed. Anyone still trying to teleport by using the other pad will be killed if they still try to teleport to the now broken pad, resulting in a kill for the pad destroyer. This would make pad placement a much more important part, as people not only are sitting ducks for 5 seconds while using the pad, they could potentially be killed when the other pad is destroyed.
    The teleport pads are a consumable utility, costing X resources (150 to 300?) to buy. You can have a maximum of 2 to 3 of these with you through certs. Higher levels could potentially increase the range at which the pads can be placed from each other.
    Last but not least XP gain. An LA could get a small amount of XP (1 XP per person) that teleports, as well as a deploy-kill bonus similar to a Galaxy pilot that drops off infantry at a base.
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