[Suggestion] Make it possible for ANTs to steal Cortium from enemy silos

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Endlave, May 2, 2016.

  1. Endlave

    I've been playing around with the ANT yesterday and found myself getting severely frustrated by the fact that I was driving around for 10 minutes straight, never finding a single Cortium node.

    Then I saw an abandoned enemy base lying around with a little bit of Cortium left in their silo. I was like "ahhh, finally. If I can't find "wild" Cortium, I might as well take it from the enemy. Might give me some sweet bonus EXP, too, for being such a tactical genius."

    Except it didn't. I couldn't steal it at all, which made me frown in disappointment instead. I drove my ANT off the next cliff and watched it explode as I redeployed to the dev bases with the bitter feeling of defeat.

    Is there but a single reason why ANTs shouldn't be able to steal Cortium from the enemy? I can understand that you can't "relocate" Cortium from friendly Silos (even if abandoned somewhere) because it would be abused by griefers, but stealing form the enemy should be in everyone's interest? I don't quite get it.

    They should implement it. It gives another purpose for ANTs and forces players to defend their damn silos. (Or at elast destroy them after they aren't needed anymore)
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  2. Pelojian

    If you are having trouble finding cortium i would suggest running resource radar at max rank it can detect nodes at 600m. as for stealing resources it could work if done right (aka you have to hack the silo after destorying all the structures around it), think of it as a bonus for destorying the enemy base.

    it would also add some strategy if players could remove resources from their own silos to disperse resources from supply bases up to the front line bases which might not have a full silo to prevent too much resources being stolen if the base is destoryed.
  3. PatateMystere

    The ability to steal cortium from ennemy base would had a huge interest in the cortium cloacking mod on the ANT.

    Be able to take cortium from a friendly silo, maybe this as to be a squad silo to avoid idiots and trolls, could had to possibility to have supply chain in the game. Like having silo every 500m and several ANTs supplying the base at the end of the chain.
  4. FigM

    I think that ANTs should not only be able to steal resources, but they should be able to "salvage" entire enemy base. It should work at same rate as 2 tanks shooting at the structure with main guns. The idea is that if enemy ANT can drive up to enemy base and sit there for a minute, without getting blown up, it deserves to get rewards

    And it's kinda annoying to have abandoned structures everywhere
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  5. PatateMystere

    Add to the ANT the Cortium Bomb ability. When you deploy your ANT it trigger a chain reaction that make your ANT explode a few second later. The explosion scales to the amount of cortium you have in the tank. Full tank explode like a hive generator.
  6. Chubzdoomer

    Couldn't possibly agree more!
  7. EPIC389

    Give infiltrators the ability to hack silos. Then ANTs can steal from them. Gives some tactical depth to it
  8. LaughingDead

    I'd like there to be a defense slot that lets you steal from enemy bases, that'd be cool.
  9. FateJH

    Sounds more like a passive system than a defense slot.
  10. MonnyMoony

    Yes - sounds like a good idea.
  11. DeadAlive99

    I also like the theft and salvage ideas. A number of people are starting to talk about it now. I hope they implement something along those lines eventually.

    An idea I posted elsewhere was to have a new niche in the game: Salvage teams. Engineers who specialize in salvaging enemy structures. The structures could not be salvaged without being destroyed first, unless they meet some 'abandonment' criteria, e.g., no battle activity there for 30 minutes or something. And the ANT could have new gear for the job too, as well as Engy tools, used in combination.
  12. Neo3602

    I don't know if that would be necessary they could simply make it so that it takes a while and when a structure is being salvaged is flashes, makes a distinct noise, or something that lets people know it's being salvaged so that the only way it could be salvaged successfully is if there are no people around to defend it.
  13. customer548

    Wouldn't it increase camping ?
    People would have to constantly stay in their base in order to protect it. People may be bothered then woud stop building bases. In order to play the game in the "old" way - fights only ?
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  14. HadesR

    I would also suggest that if an ANT is destroyed while carrying resource that it drops them in a form of a package / crate ..

    This could then be retrieved by other ANT's or even maybe even Valk's in a Chinook type role.
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  15. DeadAlive99

    Absolutely this ^^ in some fashion. I was really surprised that that wasn't in there by default. And from a 'realism' angle, having an entire load of ore just evaporate doesn't really make sense either, combined with the fact that 'ore can be a chore' to hunt down. I've got a lvl 3 radar and it's a full time job running this stuff down with all of the competition, and most of it being dinky little finds.

    Ore shouldn't be destructable. Just objects.
  16. Saturax

    I think steal from enemy silos have to be possible without destroying other structures or hecking silo ( just get with ANT inside enemy base and steal is hard, if its not empty ). For taking resources from frendly silos... NO i like idea with supply lines, but there is tomany trolls... ( or it must be squad locked / platon )
    +good idea respawn pile of resource from destroyed ANT did cary ( but nothink that can block shoots/vehicles.

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