[Suggestion] Make Infiltrators cost nanites

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  1. Qewy

    Now, I'm already expecting a ton of "git guds" and a massive riot over this suggestion, but here's the issue: infiltrators in large numbers are ridiculous and bog down the game. Now, what do I mean by this? Infiltrators are, as many of you know, one of the hardest classes to counter, really the main counter to an infiltrator is another infiltrator - that's not good game design. Sure, you can cut them down with Light Infantry, but to do this you'll usually need to stealthily get across a fair amount of terrain and hope they're still there when you arrive, even if you kill them, they'll respawn and go back to doing the same - meaning you're spending time away from helping with objectives. So you're given the choice: do you want to take out someone who can one-shot your teammates and be a complete annoyance or do you want to take objectives?

    This isn't to say infiltrators aren't vital to the game, their whole purpose is to be an annoyance, take out threats at a long distance, mess with your facilities by hacking, make people paranoid by backstabbing them when they're distracted. The issue is they're so much better than other classes at doing all of these things that, when they're useful, it becomes a battle of infiltrators. Example, long distances: you can try all you want to have an interesting battle between two fronts of varied infantry, infiltrators are so ridiculously amazing at this that it bogs down to who has the best and the highest amount of infiltrators?

    But, what if you're taking a facility? Well, it wouldn't be the first time that I'm trying to help my team and there are seemingly infiltrators around every corner.

    The question, of course, comes down to what the exact issue with infiltrator is and how I think it can be fixed:

    The problem: every class in Planetside 2 requires time to master, the issue is that mastering any class in Planetside 2 tends to require a lot more teamwork than the Infiltrator and on top of this Infiltrators are just far more efficient at getting kills and when used in great number during large battles when you can't be constantly attentive they can easily get around you with cloaks and even if you do kill them, there's no risk, they shall respawn and do the same over-and-over.

    My solution: as the title suggest, make them cost nanites. It'll make them what they're supposed to be, highly trained, valuable assets that try to get around enemy lines and take out key targets at a distance, instead of suicidal knife&pistol wielding rambos and the key class in any long-distance battle. It'll make infiltrators consider their actions more carefully and cause people to question if the current moment is an opportune time to use the class.

    The cost: I can't really say, It'd need to be enough to hurt if you were to die early due to carelessness, so I'd say somewhere in the 100-200 nanite range, but again I can't say for sure.
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  2. LordKrelas

    You have the most situational class past Maxes, that are the simplest to kill with firearms, and vulnerable to any vehicles...
    Cost nanites.
    While the most durable, universally useful infantry unit is free?

    To counter an infil: A firearm.
    Up close; Darklight or practiced eyes. As a commissioner pistol will one-shot the bastard.
    At range; Cover, vehicles, Battle-rifles, motion, closing the distance.
    Medium-range; Shoot them.

    If this is hard to counter, without another infiltrator, the heavy assault is a god among men.
    As unlike the Sniper needing to thread the needle, hoping the target is static, without any cover.. and is easily dead if engaged by a vehicle or anything getting close, the Heavy-assault is far less vulnerable.
    After all, that 'one-shot', is a long-range head-shot on what is often a moving target.
    Anyone who pulls that off easily, would be just as deadly or far worse, with any class.
    And making it cost nanites, to have the ability to use a long-range weapon that demands pin-point accuracy with a massive vulnerability up close, with no anti-vehicle capabilities...
    If you're not standing still (which any class will chain-head-shot your *** if you are), or have cover, a sniper is not even noticeable.

    If a heavy-assault needs teamwork to be effective; The Infiltrator needs an ally to not be tactically useless.
    You spend more time reloading, adjusting & aiming, than you do killing with a sniper-rifle, usually.
    As every single shot, to be that 'one-shot kill', has to be dead-accurate, on the smallest possible target, that likely is moving.

    If you die to an infiltrator, just like them, you can respawn; Every single thing in this game can respawn with the same ease among infantry.
    Only a Max, at 450 nanites, has anything different, with the terminal requirements; And even then, it's not a problem.
    As if there's no risk for them dying, there is no risk for Heavy-Assault #1379372 dying to an infiltrator once in awhile.
    Their bullets do not add additional respawn time or devalue any target they kill.

    The only infiltrators wielding knives, which are by their nature close-range & near suicidal, are Stalker-cloak infiltrators.
    Heavy-assaults with a Knife, or LA's with a Shotgun have the same pattern of near-suicidal action to kill people.

    100-200 nanites, to pick the lowest health class, that specializes in long-range or ambush assault.
    0 Nanites for a LMG, Rocket-Launcher, Overshield Heavy-Assault that can med-kit itself up to 4 times from death.
    0 Nanites for a Flying Rocklet-Launcher, Carbine Light-Assault that can also med-kit itself up, or throw C-4 around easily.
    0 Nanites for an AR wielding self-healing area-healing Medic that revive the dead with tools or wide-area' grenades.
    But a Sniper rifle? Yeah let's put 4-8 grenades worth of cost on it, nearly half of a Duel-wielding armored Exosuit.

    If you need more teamwork, to master a class, over an Infiltrator; You're likely not seeing the firepower each class has.
    The Infiltrator is the least useful in practical situations to Squads, past 1 for information gathering;
    this doesn't put them over or at where a Heavy-Assault is.
    Which has the firepower to survive or kill near any target type it pleases, if used properly.

    If you can't handle being killed by an Infiltrator, as if death had a cost to it, to the point you want Infiltrators to cost a hundred or more nanites..
    You really don't understand how death is meaningless to every single class in this game.
    You will die thousands of times in a day; Nothing makes that respawn take longer or be more of a *****.
    For every kill an Infiltrator lines up, for a head-shot at long-range, is a ton of set-up time; Which doesn't add at all to your death.
    No class is only countered by themselves; infiltrators are far from it as well, given the sheer number of easy infiltrator deaths.
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  3. Blam320

    It's hard not to say "git gud" when you're asking for the dedicated infiltration and assassination glass-cannon class to be given a Nanite cost.

    True, they can cloak, use SMGs, and Sniper rifles. But they also have the lowest base HP of all the classes, and lose their Primary when using the Stalker cloak. Not to mention Darklights exist.

    They might feel cheap, but so does the HA with their Overshields, Medic with revive grenades, Light Assaults and their ability to C4 anyone and anything with relative impunity, and throw in HESH, Banshees, the Mjolnir, Lashers, pre-nerf Unstable Ammunition, the list goes on.

    Point is, you can't ask for an arbitrary and crippling nerf to a class just because it "feels cheap."
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  4. Cirena

    Make bad forum posts cost nanites.
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  5. BamaRage

    Lol, horrible thread...
  6. CplRDaWiggy

    Sure infils are cheap, but as blam alluded to, I'd much prefer to fight a squad of infils than a squad of nanoweave overshielded massive magazine highvelocity bullet sponge heavies.
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  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    No, just a lot of facts. The statement "git gud" is reserved for those who deserve satire and dismissal. You haven't merited that statement yet.

    Your problem is threefold: you believe the infiltrator is effective everywhere, effective without the use of teamwork, and so much more effective than every other class that it warrants special restrictions that will roughly equate to the cost of a Light Tank?

    Infiltrators have incredibly specific conditions in which they are effective. Step outside of these conditions and you're likely dead, useless to your team, or both. Long range open combat is dominated by vehicles, not infantry. In CQB every other class has access to equal or more effective options. And in general they are soft-countered by the cloaking noise, cloaking shimmer and vocal spotting callouts. That's before discussing darklights, motion sensors, scout radar or detector bolts.

    If the situations in which the Infiltrator become powerful are so impactful on gameplay, what about those same circumstances for other classes? What about the Shielded Heavy Assault with Assimilate that just cleared out that point by himself? What about the Light Assault that just solo'd a full MBT? What about the Carapace Vampire Medic that killed everyone on the point with a power knife and brought his team back with one grenade? Why not make every class cost nanites and then when you run out you can refill them for 199 DBC?

    Let's not start down a slippery slope here. In the end none of us will like what's at the bottom.
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  8. F1LM

    Is the situation different from server to server or something? I haven't seen a fight on Emerald where infiltrators blowing me out with bolt-action headshots was the primary cause of my unending suffering since like 2013. Those two or three guys you managed to catch standing still long enough to get a shot off can endlessly respawn too, usually with a darklight and a personal vendetta.
  9. TobiMK

    I see where you're coming from with this thread, and anyone that isn't completely ignorant will agree that infiltrators in their current iteration are vastly overpowered. But making them cost Nanites is not the way to go about it honestly.

    What makes infiltrator the strongest class in the game is their combination of abilities, weapons and equipment. A class with access to OHK weapons at any range, free wallhacks that inform them of all enemy movement and a mechanic to make them invisible, can virtually not be anything but overpowered. This class is able to take on virtually anything on its own related to infantry, and doesn't in any way rely on the rest of the team (not that I think that is a bad thing).

    Already at this point though, you will notice how many people in this thread would be of another opinion. And believe me when I say there are many more that are for some reason deluded into thinking the infiltrator is balanced or even too weak. Possibly one of the most dishonest statements in all of Planetside. One of the most brought up arguments is that infiltrators have less HP than other classes. Already there you see how misinformed the majority of the playerbase is when it comes to this topic. The Nanoarmor Cloak (which for some reason people still aren't using exclusively) grants the user 100 passive HP at all times, thus equalizing their HP disadvantage. Now you have a class with all of the above-mentioned abilites and the same health pool than all other classes. Next up would probably be the comparison to the HA. The Nanoarmor Cloak furthermore grants the user effectively a Resist overshield when cloaked. Yes, on top of all the strong abilities and the OHK weapons and the same health pool as all the other classes, infiltrators also have virtually the same damage resistance as a HA when they are cloaked.

    Doesn't really sound like a "glass-cannon class" (a quote taken from this very thread), does it?

    And I could pull other, similarly misinformed, statements from this thread.

    "You have the most situational class"
    "Infiltrators have incredibly specific conditions in which they are effective."
    "If this is hard to counter, without another infiltrator, the heavy assault is a god among men."

    This is what happens when people join a balance discussion without actually having much (or any) knowledge of the topic they are talking about. You can observe this to an even greater extent in any faction balance discussion.

    As I said, your concern about infiltrators being too strong is absolutely valid, and any informed and competent player will agree. But your suggestion here is probably not the way to go about it.
  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    What makes the Light Assault the strongest class in the game is their combination of abilities, weapons and equipment. A class with access to Shotguns, C4 that is effective against any unit in the game and a mechanic allowing them to approach any target in an instant, can virtually not be anything but overpowered. This class is able to take on virtually anything on its own, and doesn't in any way rely on the rest of the team (except to resupply ammunition).

    What makes the Heavy Assault the strongest class in the game is their combination of abilities, weapons and equipment. A class with access to weapons capable of attacking any unit in the game and a mechanic that gives them extra durability, can virtually not be anything but overpowered. This class is able to take on virtually anything on its own, and doesn't in any way rely on the rest of the team (except to resupply ammunition).

    You can spin statements like this any way you choose to make a point, but it doesn't make them accurate. Classes in this game used to their strengths are very powerful, but in different ways. They all have strengths and weaknesses.
    You admit above that not everyone uses NAC. How can you possibly make broad statements like this:
    Or this:
    When you don't even know what fraction of the playerbase uses it? You are suggesting that NAC users make up a significant fraction, if not a majority of infiltrator players when Occam's Razor would suggest otherwise. You can't dismiss discussion about a class based on an extra option that not everyone has, wants, or can afford. By in large, the statement that the class is weaker health-wise in combat is correct.

    And irrespective of this, there is the fact that NAC itself comes with several strong drawbacks which you have not addressed here. Personally I don't feel that the benefits outweigh the costs, so I don't run it on my main anymore. If I'm in a situation where I feel I need the extra health, I just play a different class.

    You cannot use NAC to attempt to draw parity between an infiltrator and a heavy assault. If an infiltrator meets another class in a field at range whatever cloak the infiltrator is using is superfluous since the battle will likely be over for the other class before that factor becomes relevant. At close range the shoe is on the opposite foot, since to the infiltrator the extra protection NAC provides makes almost no practical difference in the outcome other than perhaps a chance to escape.
    There is absolutely no reason for a passive aggressive tone, here. If you want to discuss, discuss. I can appreciate a rational dialogue, but hostility breeds hostility.
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  11. TobiMK

    The arguments in favor of the infiltrator being balanced have just been brought up and debunked so many times, sometimes it's hard to stay objective. I'll concede that the whole post was somewhat biased from my perspective.

    But my opinion (and that of most other competent infantry players I deal with) remains that the infiltrator is the most crutch (infantry) class in the game, excluding MAXes obviously.

    One aspect that makes the infiltrator seem less obnoxious than it is, is that most competent infiltrator players around anymore these days. Players that would clear out entire squads by making full use of the infiltrator's abilities have become very rare. Some remain, but obviously it's less apparent. Now what we see for the most part are long-range bolt babies that are at best a nuisance, taking off your shields from the nearest hill.

    Nevertheless I stand behind what I said in my original comment, the infiltrator (making full use of his abilities and weapons) is simply the strongest infantry class in the game, with the least effort required compared to e.g. HA or LA.
  12. LordKrelas

    If you have problems killing something that isn't able to return fire at all, to use their ability..
    You have problems.

    Heavy Assault Shield: Activate, and weapon still works, Effective health is increased.
    There is no experience that will negate the entire advantage while leaving the vulnerability; Cloaking, Experience negates it.
    If an Infiltrator is cleansing a room better than a heavy-assault; Your Heavy Assault is poorly configured & used.

    Least effort; To close the gap, at short-ranges, where using your ability disarms you until it is disabled.
    Anyone intelligent hears the sounds of an Infiltrator.
    Anyone experienced can see through it.
    No experience will allow an infiltrator to fire while cloaked;
    The Armor-Cloak's entire effect is while the infiltrator is unarmed.
    The "matching" Heavy-Assault Overshield, is on a fully-armed opponent with said extra durability.

    Now for SMGs; You can pack that onto a heavy-assault.
    Against complete idiots, yes, a class capable of closing the distance with clever motion is brutal.
    However, you can't exactly walk in a straight line running with a cloak, against anyone who understands an infiltrator.
    As that is an target that is unable to return-fire;
    Now if it's using an SMG, you can also fire before its range, as otherwise they are adding an additional Delay & warning to their opponent about their attack.
    So, if you use less skill than your opponent with this cloak: You will be dead, as they need only listen, or see, to counter this ambush, if the opponent uses their cloak as a heavy would use their shield relatively.
    If they used it with the same reactionary motion needed: The Cloak would disarm the infil.

    So it must be used ahead of the engagement & disabled before the firing phase; meaning timing.
    So, you must be aware of when the cloak is engaged, when to disengage, just to use this cloak.
    If it's the armor-type, the shorter-duration is also easily noticed: This is fighting a longer-duration cloak & an infinite cloak.
    For protection that is only available when unable to fire, and typically when trying to not be shot.
    Stalker cloaking disables primary weapons, and is typically used for local-disruption, to harassment , to scouting.
    Hunter is the standard, and enables frequent & long duration cloaking periods, granting ease of motion.
    Nanoarmor-Cloaking provides additional health, but a shorter-cloak with a protection-bonus while cloaked.
    Infiltrator weapons, such as SMGs are front-loaded alpha-weapons, benefiting best from stealth for brutal results.
    Their range is limited, but not as limited as shotguns, granting versatility.
    Sniper Rifles, are long-range precision weapons, requiring accuracy & battlefield awareness for best results.
    Battle Rifles, are efficient medium range weapons, and scout-rifles serve as lighter medium to long range rifles.
    Outside of the SMG & Stalker, which requires you to reach the target, exposing the imperfections in the cloaks, these are long-range precise opponents -- with their primary tool, countered by Experience.

    An Overshield's timing is press-button on damage, or right before, this is a reactionary action easily, with no tactical information needed, nor is timing as critical:
    You do not need to touch it after activation of the shield.
    The Overshield has 3 variants, one tailored for killing-spree, another for basic use, and a third for damage reduction.
    Each achieves the same goal; The basic with an additional decaying health for a period at the cost of speed.
    The 2nd achieves a less regenerative variant that recharges on kills.
    The 3nd, for a flat damage reduction that does not have a decay timer only a duration.
    All 3 have relative uses, in the same field, for different situations; All three are reactionary devices.

    Now, we have a reactionary device that grants a direct combat advantage, with no instant counter-measure.
    And a device that requires precise timing of activation & deactivation, with the user being defenseless during use, with a vulnerability to experienced eyes, rendering their advantage nullified.

    Which of these sounds easier, with the opposite side laying into the subject?
    The 'competent' Heavy Assault reflexively triggering his overshield once, or the Infiltrator managing the easier task of activating & deactivating his cloak in accordance to positioning, weapon-range, terrain, while being completely unarmed whenever using their ability which is easily countered by someone with experience.

    Now the first, you are fighting an enemy who is fully armed, and their ability heightens their direct combat power.
    Without a regard for timing past a "Dead before it registered" situation -- This ability requires a button press.

    The second, involves someone having an ability that disarms them, for a situational advantage that can grant an advantage in combat that involves their opponent & their own skill, in handling the engagement, for if that advantage even works.

    If your infiltrator is expected to be perfectly executing their abilities;
    Your opposing Heavy-Assault must be as well, or we might as well be using pistols against an ESF, as an 'effective' situation.
    Which means outside of a perfectly staged ambush, the Direct combat power of a heavy-assault, trumps a situational ability countered by situational awareness.

    If needing situational awareness just to use their ability, makes an infiltrator OP, since their ability requires tactical thoughts in their users, to be more than useless idiots..
    I'll say it again, but with Sass; The Heavy Assault must be godly. When not used by complete idiots.
  13. TobiMK

    This is exactly what I meant when I say that it is difficult for me to not sound condescending in these discussions. I have played a few thousand hours of HA and Infiltrator. I have been a main bolt player, a main HA player, an SMG infil and HA and whatever else you want to imagine. I have fought the best players in the game, be it HA or infiltrator. A competitive top-tier infiltrator will drop any HA before the HA can react.

    The raw firepower of the HA isn't as powerful as the combination of infiltrator's cloak/perfect awareness/OHK weapons. Any competent infiltrator will have killed a HA before they turned their shields on. You have the advantage of knowing where the enemy HA is at all times, you can choose your engagement angle accordingly. You can bring yourself into position and only uncloak in the second that you fire your OHK sniper. Unless you screw up, or the enemy HA is vastly better than you, you will win the engagement. Infiltrator doesn't take any significant amount of situational awareness, that is what your free wallhack is for. HA on the other hand does need actual awareness, he relies on spotting enemies and being more aware of sounds, due to not having said motion intel (in a 1v1 scenario).

    If I want to see just how effortless, yet effective infiltrators are in comparison to HAs, I just pull a bolter and enjoy the risk-free 200+ Kills per Hour. Unless I completely turn off my brain, I will always have better results than playing HA.

    Of course HA is a strong infantry class (albeit that Infiltrator and LA are better if you just want maximum kills), but it doesn't compare to the extreme synergy that an infiltrator presents in the hands of a competent player.

    And as I said before, I do concede that the number of competent infiltrators is virtually going against 0 on live servers (just like with any other class), but any infiltrator still gets a vast amount of advantage against any equally skilled opponent playing another class.
  14. That_One_Kane_Guy

    They are certainly the most survivable but that is only due to the nature of their class ability. The last time I saw DBG to a class census, these were the results. Their only significant statistic was dying less. If the infiltrator were truly as broken as some claim, they would be making bigger waves than that.
    The Elusive1's and Mustarde's of this game make up a tiny percentage of an already small fraction of your playerbase, and even they require certain circumstances to pull off moves like that. Maybe outside of Connery and Mattherson/Emerald it was a regular occurrence but I only remember encountering really skilled snipers a handful of times, and most of the time they could only nibble on the flanks because they had to avoid too many people at once.
    But this contradicts your statement above, where you said that the only reason their brokenness isn't more apparent is due to the fact that the really skilled players aren't playing anymore or as much. If that is the case they certainly can't be the most powerful with the least effort.
    But if that were true, why aren't more players using them? People inevitably drift towards what is most rewarding for the least effort, yet I am killed far more often by pink BR120's playing Heavy Assault than Infiltrator. I'm certain they aren't all playing Heavy to make it more challenging for themselves.

    I'm going to briefly touch on a complaint you mentioned earlier about Infiltrators and motion detection, because while I disagree with the majority of your stance concerning Infiltrators, I do agree with you here. There really needs to be a better form of counterplay to this mechanic. At the very least there should be a limit to the number of active darts at a time. In larger fights the number of pings going off on the minimap is a little ridiculous, and the overall coverage does bog down tactical gameplay.
  15. LordKrelas

    If the Heavy Assault, puts themselves to where a Sniper rifle's single shot to the skull is easier than them hitting a target in their own optimum range, that heavy assault is trying to extend further than then can reach reliably.
    As well, this is quite literally requiring the Infiltrator to always get the perfect shot, the first one, every damn time.

    Perfect Awareness: This apparently is easier to have than playing Heavy-Assault.
    OHK Weapon, is a single-shot Sniper rifle: it is not a CQC weapon or medium-range,
    You do not see Bolt-Action users engage typically in short distances; if they do, they have to hit perfect, and only with 1 target.
    As it's a bolt-action rifle, that only has 1 shot, and will cut down before it even gets the next round chambered.

    If you are managing perfect information collection on every solider on the field: You are not doing less effort.
    Your opposing HA, has access to the sensor darts as well:
    Your Opposing HA can know positions.
    If your Infiltrator has to, and needs to know, every single position; They are needing more information to operate.
    The HA as well, can choose their engagements: The Cloak is a fine tool , easily countered.

    Ah yes, the 'wall-hack', is also available to every class with the Crossbow.
    As well, it alerts every sod to the ping, and has direct counters to it.
    If this is effortless, to literally seed an area with radar devices, to gain combat data...
    Then every class is not taking advantage of this, but the Infiltrator is expected to, To function.

    If the HA knows the Infiltrator's position; The HA can massacre the Infiltrator.

    You are nailing a moving target in the head at a distance beyond retaliation.
    Calling it effortless: As otherwise, your firing at static targets whom are players who would die to every single class easily.
    Why, as in order to nail this shot, you would be able to nail them in head at closer-range.
    As well, the 'risk-free' is only if no one actually tries to engage you, or use a vehicle.
    In addition, this requires your targets to not use cover, motion, or anything else for that matter in this engagement: You, the Sniper have the skill to land the shot, they the target have failed to adapt or adjust, while you have picked this firing arc.
    If this due to the Class; Then this entire firing arc, must be magically created over a position picked by someone & not the class.
    Your targets are dead, not by your Class, or their class; But by their action or inaction, paired by your ability to succeed in your action.

    If your result is sheer death count; The most effortless is a MBT with HEAT or HESH.
    A sniper picking off static idiots, vs a HA reaping a front-line & taking a point.
    Results, are a particular thing you need to specify.
    Let alone a time-frame, when calling one class effortless or OP, or similar.
    Let alone, in a thread to stick nanite-costs onto a Bolt-action, while one class has every possible solution under its belt.

    An Infiltrator must work to use that advantage: One that can be countered entirely by skill & Experience.
    A Heavy Assault gains their advantage with one press: This can't be countered entirely by knowing what to look for.

    So in all your years, I assume you have a notion about "Perfect" Requirements on one-side, being a bit absurd.
    Or is every Tank Operator & ESF Pilot, an Rookie, and the Skyguard always operated by an ACE?
    After all, how exactly is it, that the Infiltrator takes less skill, but requires perfect anything, by the user?
    Why is the Heavy-Assault used more, when "One-shot-Kill" weapons exist that it can't use?
    Why is it, that Perfect-Awareness on an Infiltrator is able to be used more effectively than an HA?

    In a perfect situation, with first-strike, a class designed to operate on first-strikes, looks great on paper.
    If your Situation requires an Infiltrator to achieve perfection, or exact control of the situation, It requires too much variables to be controlled in a manner they can't, if both sides are equally skilled.
    No HA is running in a field, in a straight line, with the same skill as the Infiltrator that is expected to be perfect.
    Nor running face-first into an Ambush so casually.
    Nor ignoring their access to 'perfect awareness' by map-hacks: Unless Pride drives them to stupidity?

    What do you see people use, in composition? Are all the Expert terms made of Snipers, or mixed classes?
    There's a hint in this.
  16. iStalk

    Git good. ^__^. as a main stalker Id have to weigh in here. You talk about OHK weapons? Hmm. Power knife? Hmm. Heavy shield can just tank it. Tired of inf sniping you? (I don't snipe, boring) switch and snipe them back? Again everything you say can easily be countered. Your problem is lack of awareness. A running inf can be seen. Even a cloaked inf can be seen without a flashlight. I play inf because I used to play DUST 514 as a scout so I miss that playstyle. It's fun, it's challenging in the sense that you have to pick your fights. Some people say it's easiest, yet I see more heavies then infiltrators. It's a fun class to play. And I'm tired of people crying about stuff in game.
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  17. Twin Suns

    Caldari? ;)
  18. Scroffel5

    A class that counters itself in a sniping range such as the infil does is still a counter. If you don't like that, then use another counter. Use cover, get inside buildings, get in a vehicle, ect. And yeah, you can argue "I HAVE TO GO OUT AT SOME POINT!" However, in a war, you sometimes have to go into the enemies territory, into their zone of expertise. The open is where a sniper wants you to go, so don't complain if you get shot.

    Making the lowest health class cost nanites to shoot you in an area where there isn't too much combat or to move them into an area where they are gonna die is a bad idea for those who already play the infiltrator and for newcomers to the game, and making them cost 2/9 - 4/9 the cost of a MAX is also unwise. It is an idea in theory, but shouldn't be implemented.
  19. Nenarch

    well they nerfed vehicles even if people could hide inside, even changed bases to give infantry more shelter.

    Anyways, what I have watched for example streamers and seen how infils are played these days.. close range infils with sniper rifle.. They kill more efficiently than a shotgun in close range.

    Balance was broken long time ago when they changed the cloacks.. people just didn't play that much infil back then. Prolly someone could pull statistics and see if cloackers are more played these days.
  20. Hyperat

    Its a practiced art to be so annoying Nothing more strategic then 2 infils keeping a dozen of so guys away from main battle to help their team