[Suggestion] Make infil cloak actually able to hide you... AT 400m RANGE AT LEAST?!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Irlogia, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Irlogia

    So, i was playing as an extreme long-range sniper in the mountain ridges of Indar just earlier, when i noticed another sniper. As i was lining up the sights, he cloaked to reposition... but i could clearly make out the cloaks distortion the entire way until the cloak went down again with a 12x scope. He even stayed still for long enough to enter deep cloak, yet i could still clearly make him out.
    Now, this is not the first time i've pinpointed a cloaker at long ranges, it occasionally happens against the right backgrounds. However, at 400 meters (i used a waypoint to get the distance), against the sky as the background? You shouldn't have to worry about getting spotted by a sniper 400 meters away when cloaked.
    While there is no way the devs will make the infil cloak hide you better, shouldn't it at least be possible to hide from enemies at the render limit?
  2. LordKrelas

    The Sky is what literally highlights the distortion.. It is bright.
    Anyone bright, no pun intended, avoids standing in-front of the horizon.

    Position yourself proper, and you won't actually be visible to the trained eyes as easily by your own failure to position.
  3. CaptCran

    Just the other day I was in deep cloak by a vehicle term and some one shot one round into me but didn't spray and pray to finish me. Was very confused by this action. I don't know if it was a show of mercy or just a "bot" glitching out. Game has be very unforgiving recently. Seems every one has too good of reflexes for some of the sh_t that's been happening. I really wish the infil had an implant to make their signature invisible on radar all the time (even running). Or an implant that makes the cloaking noise less audible. It's annoying when you're creeping around and then all of a sudden some one whips around the corner with a flashlight because of a vehicle that has Max radar that's not even visible to you. Or at least have an icon pop up that says a radar is active in the vicinity.
  4. urida

    I completely agree, it should stand to reason that the distortion should become less noticeable to the point of nonexistence at that range.
  5. Jac70

    If you are using a x12 optical scope then you would be able to see whatever someone who is much closer to target would see. If someone without a scope could see the cloak at >400m then that would be an issue.
  6. Silkensmooth

    Stealth in this game has steadily gotten worse, mainly thanks to snipers. It used to be that there was no shimmer, and it was very hard to see you even if you were sprinting. Nerf Nerf Nerf. It gets old.

    Whats worse than that is spending 60k plus certs to get cloaker implant, only to find that it doesnt do anything.

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