[Suggestion] Make HE do more damage to Aircraft then AP does.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Pikachu

    If you had the power, what changes would you do to ps2 vehicles?
  2. Reclaimer77

    LOL brother, how much time you got??
  3. Codex561

    Just create a new forum account, your credibility is gone after those posts.
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  4. Hegeteus

    "Everyone who pulls a vehicle gets their title replaced with 'Shi*ter' and their XP is reset to 0" :p
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  5. Reclaimer77

    AHAHAHAH ok, that killed in RL. Oh man, thank you.
  6. Hegeteus

    You're welcome. I'll take the title "rat" or "wank" based on in-game feedback :rolleyes:
  7. Pikachu

  8. Gundem

    While unrelated to the OP, I think it would be cool and very Vanuesq for the VPC to leave a pool of DoT plasma on hit, make it last perhaps 5-15 seconds. Give it the smallest OHK range, but the DoT would give it the greatest damage potential as well.
  9. Demigan

    Because weapon variety and loadout choice are important ways to create balance and a varied battlefield. Otherwise we should have stuck with 1 SMG, 1 Carbine, 1 LMG, 1 rocketlauncher and 1 of everything rather than diversify. Remove AP and HE altogether and keep HEAT why don't you? Doesn't matter according to you does it?

    The anti-infantry MBT primary should be unique and more useful in it's role than AP. AP isn't overpowered, with this change it will hopefully open the way for more varieties and lethal infantry AV and making the anti-infantry MBT primaries a necessity in certain situations.
  10. Scr1nRusher

    Dying happens in this game, infantry are not excused from it, yet some how get babied.
  11. Reclaimer77

    Infantry aren't babied. However this is a business, and in a business ignoring your core customer base is a quick ticket to going out of business.

    Sorry I don't want the "realism" that comes with Vehicleside, and most FPS players don't either.
  12. Demigan

    Vehicles are just as much part of the game as infantry.
    You are basically saying "let's remove vehicles altogether because the core-gameplay is infantry". Just the fact that the "core gameplay" is for infantry is a sign that vehicles need more influence. This game isn't about infantry alone, it's about the combined combat of infantry, tanks and aircraft. It lacks in this regard, which is exactly why we need to upgrade the loadout choices, improve the one's that are lacking and improving the interaction between all these units is what the game needs.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

  14. Reclaimer77

    I'm not saying that at all Captain Context.
  15. Pelojian

    When infantry are on higher ground sure you need direct hits, however changing HE to viper-esq status would be detrimental even when fighting infantry on higher ground then you and infantry that don't peek-a-boo shoot get killed on high terrain, against someone popping over a hill to fire then retreating behind it weapons which are single direct hit kills are effective over viper like weapons.

    when running HE you will encounter situations where splash is great and situations where you need direct hits, that doesn't mean splash is bad, it merely means it's equally powerful in those situations against infantry as AP/HEAT.

    If HE couldn't kill on a direct hit you might have had a point, but all of them kill on a direct hit except viper.

    people pull AP because it does more damage to armor in exchange for little to no splash meaning they need direct hits all the time, not so with HE or HEAT.

    with HE and HEAT terrain gives you an advantage for indirect damage against infantry targets who are behind cover and that's what makes them useful. all they really need is a splash radius buff IMHO.

    i've found the viper is more useful against infantry when they are on the same elevation to you or are slightly lower then you. i've never been able to reliably kill people on higher elevations with the viper like i can with AP/HE/HEAT direct hit kills. from the perspective of infantry taking a direct hit makes splash and damage differences between AP/HE/HEAT irrelevant, ether way the infantryman is dead.

    AOE is useful against infantry both in cover and in the open, you have to use it right, that is all. in a tower fight it is piss easy to kill people with AOE damage while they take RL pot shots or try to repair destroyed turrets.

    IMHO it would be better for everyone rather then breaking something that works fine instead a new weapon is made instead if the devs think it is worthwhile.
  16. Demigan

    No you aren't, but your argument holds up for that exact reasoning as well. If infantry is the core gameplay and vehicles only detract from it, why should they remain available? Remove all capability for vehicles to attack infantry, remove all vehicles that don't perform duties for infantry (so only a non-weapon flash and Sunderer would basically remain).
  17. Stigma

    I guess I agree in a very general sense...

    Meaning that I think AP/HEAT/HE needs more work to offer real viable choices to eachother. AP is by a very large factor the go-to choice for nearly all situations these days.

    Currently the only difference between them is direct damage vs. splash damage (viper excluded) - and the splash damage has been nerfed so hard that unless you are pulling a tank specifically to bombard some room full of enemies it is almost never worth picking since it ***** you significantly in all other situations.

    HEAT is even worse, since the splash is close to insignificant anyway, but the direct damage is still poor compared to AP. HE might be niche, but HEAT doesn't even have a niche at all.

    At the same time you can't really balance this out by just adding more splash - like how it was in the start - because then it just becomes way too effective at shutting down fights by blindly shooting into doorways and the like, so basically we need some other method.

    A potential solution might be to have direct hits by HE and HEAT actually be more effective vs soft and medium-armored targets. I'm thinking along the lines of HE actually doing the most damage against harassers and aircraft, HEAT being ideal for sunderers, liberators and the like, and AP being the perfect choice for anti-tank and turrets sort of thing.

    Maybe the fact that tank-shells have perfect accuracy like a sniper rifle (even on the move) has something to do with it. AP is surprisingly effective at anti-infantry duty if you just have some semblance of aim. Maybe HEAT for example could have an advantage in that area to differentiate itself. You don't need pixel-perfect aim to shoot AP shells at vehicle-sized objects anyway.

    Just some ideas...
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  18. Pelojian

    Buffing splash wouldn't be that bad really if they increased the radius a little (1m) sure it's double the splash radius currently but it's nowhere near how high it used to be.

    infantry would whine and try to get it nerfed hard, anything good for tanks get whined about (see:gatekeeper) though at least they used a chisel to nerf GK rather then a sledgehammer in the past.

    all HE/HEAT needs is a little tuning to increase it's splash radius to make HE/HEAT more effective without undermining balance. If they did this i don't think they'd turn around and revert it.
  19. Demigan

    All right my idea works just fine like this:
    • Either replace the old HE or make the following new weapon based on the HE:
    • Reduce reload speed with 50%
      • Alternatively make it a magazine of 2 (4 in case of the Prowler), the refire rate is subtracted from the total reload to keep the DPS the same.
    • Reduce AOE damage (not size) by 50%
    • Decrease direct hit damage against vehicles by 50%
    • Increase elevation range
    This keeps the AOE damage you can deal the same, but you have more chances for a OHK against infantry. Maybe change a few things so that the Prowler's supreme AI capability is reduced.
  20. Reclaimer77

    But you're taking what I said and are just using it to make extreme deductions that I never was intending. This isn't fair or constructive. You KNOW I didn't mean any of that.

    I simply disagreed that infantry in this game are "babied". However if all you want to do is sit in vehicles in Planetside2, you can easily get a case of Confirmation Bias and feel that way.