[Suggestion] Make double XP every weekend, but continent-specific

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Slink(FSU), Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Sinoby

    I would like to see something like this implemented. I like Amerish, but it is quite empty normally.
  2. Krizzen

    This idea is pure win.

    EDIT: On second thought, it will likely backfire (a bit) and exacerbate the problem. I don't really want to feel like I'm forced to play on continent X. Also, this will only shift the zerg since it's primarily large outfits. I could totally see this causing the bonus continent to be ridiculously overpopulated while the others are "No Activity" everywhere.

    On the surface it's a great solution, but when the XP bonus is over, everyone will just go right back to Indar... people typically follow the path of least resistance. I think the upcoming Jan. 30th changes might help distributing players a bit better. If anything, they should double, triple, or even quadruple the bonus XP on low pop continents.
  3. Rusky

    Yeah that's the thing, I'm not sure even a 10-20% xp increase will get people to move their butts off Indar :(

    I LOVE SNOW FFS ! :p
  4. Metsuro

    No, you want to restrict xp to 600 players per faction per server because? You think thats a good idea? No stop suggesting it.
  5. ChaosMC

  6. Slink(FSU)

    Did you even read the full post or just stop at the first two bullet points? The second-least played continent also gets an XP boost, so they could go to that continent as well for more XP in case the other continent is full.
  7. Stigler


    It might actually cause the fighting to become more varied and interesting. It may even cause a regular rotation of played on continents.
  8. Hodo

    Couldnt agree more!
  9. Rahabib

    not sure this is a good idea. With ques people will get upset that they cant participate.
  10. Slink(FSU)

    The second continent would also get a bonus, so people could play there if the other continent is full.
  11. Rahabib

    regardless, if you are in the second server not getting as much of a bonus, people may get frustrated if they never or rarely get to the major server.

    That said, I am on a dead server anyway so I guess it wouldn't affect me much :)
  12. Cyridius

    It's the wrong solution to the problem. All it'll do is turn the other continent into farm fests, make 1x continent totally dead and the 1.5x continent barely a fight and then the 2x continent will just be people sitting in Bio Labs all day. I think it's a terrible idea. Instead of shifting the focus of people fighting on one continent, you're just encouraging people to farm all day on another continent. I don't think people "+1"ing you have thought this through. It sounds all fine and dandy when you highlight it positively. Now look at it this way;

    People stay on one continent all the time.
    Let's make 2x XP every weekend but for one continent only.

    The result?

    Everybody goes to another continent to farm XP, the other 2 continents are dead.
    To fix that, we'll give another continent 1.5x XP, but that 1x XP continent is still dead
    Seeing as the populations aren't high enough, the 1.5x XP continent wont have a high enough population to sustain a proper fight, and will be dead.

    It's a bad idea. You're seeing the problem differently to what it is. You're seeing it as "Everybody likes to fight on Indar as opposed to Amerish or Esamir". The problem is that "There are not enough people playing for there always to be a fight on Amerish and Esamir, aswell as Indar".

    Indar is the oldest and best developed continent. It has the most territories to capture, well known fight spots, and everybody knows it like the back of their hand at this stage. The reason people go there is because big outfits go there.
    On Ops nights we repeatedly go to Esamir and Amerish when we notice it's being capped by a large amount of the other faction. The second we show up though looking for a fight they all just switch continent and Esamir/Amerish becomes a ghost cap again.
  13. Slink(FSU)

    I think you're arguing my point for me. People avoid fighting on Amerish for whatever reason, and they run whenever there is a big fight. By having the 2x XP on Amerish, then people will want to stay there and start to learn the continent better. The only way for people to know Amerish as well as they know Indar is for them to fight on it. Doing things like this will encourage people to stay and fight instead of just running at the first sign of trouble.

    Right now, Indar is always busy, Esamir is sometimes busy and Amerish is a ghost town. In the absolute worst case, it's the same situation as that with my idea except the continents are switched. Now as I said in my original post, this isn't designed to fix the imbalance problem on its own. It's supposed to work in tandem with the other fixes coming to help encourage people to fight on other continents.
  14. Hammerklau

  15. McdIzzY

    This, definitely this. I'd love to be able to play on the other continents every now and then without the constant 70-20-5 stack.
  16. TerroDragon23

    Everyone just gonna play on the 2x XP continent....