[Suggestion] Make crouch (c) not spammable.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotziMad, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    That shouldn't be too hard should it?

    I mean you need to be a genius right, to code this?

    Which is great, cause we dont have any do we :)
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Well, at least here it does throw off aim a little bit iirc. In EC even the crosshair stays exactly where it was when standing upright. :)
    But yeah, I dislike strafing, and crouch-spammers are even worse.
  3. Demigan

    If you press the spacebar for jumping too much, you slow down immensely. I assume this was done to prevent bunny-hopping in the early game. They also deliberately added COF increases while airborne specifically for this purpose.

    So why dont they go all-out and actually remove all related shenanigans? Crouch and ADAD spam is specifically designed to break the latency system and abuse it, so they should have similar restrictions as bunny-hopping. Any normal player will never even know its there, only people who spam these things will suffer, and boy should they suffer.
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  4. Liewec123

    Good idea! Recently for a test I made an ADAD crouch spamming macro,
    The kind of macro that all of the betelgeuse slinging tryhards use and omg, it was like activating a forcefield.
    I only tested it in a few fights, but yup, crouch spam and ADAD are OP as hell.
  5. NotziMad

    It's the kind of thing that a few guys would do a while back, but it's spread and now every tryhard wanabe is doing it. It really gets on my nerves.


    As a side note (but still on topic), I could swear that hitting crouch increases accuracy or reduces recoil, or improves hit detection (or whatever is the correct term, I don't know much about IT). I use crouch often, I don't spam it, but I use it to duck if the guy I'm facing is head-shotting me. I could swear that doing so makes me hit my opponent better.

    You know like, after a while, (not showing off), you've killed so many people that you "know" when they will die? What I mean is, for example, to save time, specially if there are more than one enemies shooting me, I'll stop shooting before the guy dies, and as I turn to face another opponent, the first guy dies. It's that kind of thing I mean, you "know" when you're hitting someone, and you "know" if he's gona die or not.

    What I'm trying to say is that sometimes (often) it feels like I'm shooting blanks, the guy should be dead but he's not. If I notice this I stop firing and continue again (and that works), crouching seems to have a similar effect, I'"ll try illustrate it :

    Imagine that under normal conditions it takes you 1 second to kill someone. (obviously it's a lot less than that, it's just for the illustration).

    Now imagine that you're (what I call) shooting blanks. When that happens, it takes more than 1 second for you to kill the guy.

    Lastly, imagine that you start off by "shooting blanks" then crouch, my experience is that the "TTK" immediatly shortens as soon as you crouch, to the point that even though you did so after having started shooting, the result is the opponent dies in less than 1 second.

    meh, I'm tired, not thinking straight, not sure you or anyone else will understand what I mean, but in short / TLDR -> I'm certain that crouching (and standing up also) has a (positive) effect on your shooting.
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  6. Johannes Kaiser

    HAHAHA. Now that you mention it, yes. But when I try to depend on it the guy usually has like 2 HP left and shoots me while I proceed to ignore the "dead" person. Dunno why after all those hours, my estimate there is always precisely one bullet off. :D
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