[Suggestion] Make anti-personnel mines common pool

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  1. LodeTria

    I mean, the lights are there faintly for 5 meters, then they are gone. A betty lights can be seen from much MUCH further away, at 20 meters before the lights vanish.

    http://imgur.com/a/suhDz I don't know why the image quality has gone to **** in these I'll see if I can find out why. I took them on PTS with everything at medium apart from texture quality which is ultra & model quality which is at high, and render at 100%.
  2. Foxirus

    Riiiiight.. So the current playerbase can remain as ignorant as they are and come on here crying because "Players shouldn't be able to place more than 2 mines down at a time cause I am too ignorant not to walk into a door before checking if there is 50 mines sitting at it."
  3. Demigan

    This isn't about ignorance. Sure there's tons of players that are ignorant, but having weapons that do the work for you without you present is not a good mechanic in my opinion. This has unfortunately for me this has stepped right into the subjective territory. There's plenty of games that are perfectly OK with mines that OHK you or multiple turrets that each separately can win a 1v1 with other players. PS2 is not that game from my POV. 99% of the game is all based on player interaction with players needing to make use of everything. Place sensor darts? Players need to use it. Ammo packs? AOE heal? shields? hacking? rockets? turrets? Everything needs players nearby to either use it directly or indirectly. The only exception in the game is mines.
    So why don't we correct that? Why don't we make sure that mine's require player presence as well? Enemy trips over mine, you have to be nearby to make use of it and finish the job.
  4. Taemien

    Damn I thought people would think my suggestion was OP. But you all took it a notch higher. Oh well carry on then. :D
  5. Problem Officer

    Claymore is the easiest to place for me and always has the lowest profile because of that.
    Doesn't bounce, so hiding it inside exploity mesh or behind holograms like on control points or terminals is simple.
    You can hide immediately behind and not be damaged when it explodes, the perfect spot to bait someone into if they run EOD and/or to finish them off.