[Suggestion] Make anti-personnel mines common pool

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  1. Ryme_Intrinseca

    The numbers say I find the game a lot easier than you do, kid.
  2. AZAN

    The claymores harder to use well and more rewarding, the proxy and betty are easier to use but less rewarding.

    Personally I think the claymore is superior, maybe the other factions could get more mines to make up for it? Seems like you sometimes need 2 betties to do the job of a single claymore.
  3. starlinvf

    Are claymore still using that directional mechanic, or they patch it out like they said they did?
  4. EPIC389


    emp is love, emp is life
  5. AZAN

    They're still directional.

    To be honest they would be flat out worse if they simply changed the mechanics to be like the others.
  6. Foxirus

    The numbers would say you just looked up an inactive alt. Great job, Old Man. I learned a while back never to use the same name in game as your forum names. Lotta people get butt hurt, Lotta people try to bring that rage in game.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    My formula (which works well enough) is to place a Prox a bit further back from where I would place a Claymore. You have to make an educated guess at the direction the enemy will be travelling in but generally you can work it so that they will be running towards the mine.

    I find that it requires a little more thought to place a Prox somewhere effective than a Claymore but beyond that, they all perform similarly for me.
  8. FateJH

    Well, the NC are already spoken for. I assume that Claymores are just so low-tech for the VS that they just can't wrap their heads around them.
    If you're really that scared of dying, wear Flak.
    Or have your group lead with an EMP grenade at the door.
    While it might have been wearing Flak Armor, I've seen MAXes chew three Claymores and require half a magazine of headshots to go down. Ask your squad MAX to temporarily take a step inside to perform "minesweeping."
  9. AxiomInsanity87

    People would rather whine and find excuses than adapt.
  10. AxiomInsanity87

    That's vs or nc shtter talk.

    The crutches will be here soon, so the idiots can all run EOD and never have to care again.

    People will literally just pull passive counters inbetween deaths.
  11. LaughingDead

    I thought there was something odd about mines being behind walls when I would die to them.

    First off, I do feel like the mines are a bit unfair, skilless, easily placed and are the least interesting thing to fight in a game. That being said, yes they should be in the game, but each should have better querks to them, like for instance, why shouldn't bettys blend in more with the metal flooring or if put on dirt, dig in slightly, since the massive glowing ring is going to give it away anyhow. Or maybe vanu mines could be placed like sticky traps on walls or low ceilings since running past them is usually not going to hurt you anyhow because the boom is less rewarding than the speed, how bout claymores have a outward explosion with a hard to....see...green....light.......

    TR mores are kinda up there in terms of good, they can be placed safely at chokepoints where the enemy HAS to get through and can't easily be shot without detonation. Betties are better blending in with the metal flooring but have a glaringly obvious shape and glowing hexagon, vanu mines are just...bad...really bad... Like the only time you ever fall for a vanu mine is when you NEED to get to cover and theres on there and you wait on it. The only times I've ever died to them were I was taking cover/bad luck or the first time I saw one and I was like "oh whats that?" When I was a br 2.

    Factions do have upsides and downsides, that much is clear and makes sense, however mines used by each faction should be different in placement and use without sacrificing effectiveness. If all mines are for stopping chokepoints then obviously the TR win in that aspect, but you can't ligitmately expect people to fall for the circle of doom trick on the floor, and creative mine placement is part of the defense game, if all the mines were going to be the same, everyone would pick a claymore, thats the situation that comes up most and is effective at.

    Closing thoughts; its like 8 am, I played all night. Also mines for each faction should have different functionality, making them an actual tactical manuver and a bit more thought is placed in how you deal with enemy mines. Bettys would be in the dirt so you'd look for FAINT glowing circles in dirt to avoid, proxies stick to walls and ceilings so you'd watch all angles for a boom, tr already has the peak from 8 feet away manuever, in fact all the mines do, that's how boring interacting with mines has become.
  12. Demigan

    Actually I agree with him. I would rather give people the ability to carry something like 15 AI mines with maybe 50 to 80% damage to infantry.
    You can force those mines to automatically detonate after a few seconds if they are placed too close to each other to prevent stacking. They would also be a lot cheaper per mine.

    Why would you do this? It would make AI mines a support tool. you place them around a room and have to stick with them to get a kill, or you have to have the knowledge to predict someone's movements and have them walk on two successive mines.
    Mines would still be incredibly powerful tools, they just wouldn't be the fire-and-forget mines we have now. Imagine if an infiltrator mined a point-room with so many mines. With proper placement that minefield can be both lethal and cause players to start behaving differently, making them easier targets. Especially the Stalker infiltrator would have a far better time, using his tripmines to both alert him of an enemy and instantly weaken one. The players stepping on mines would also know that they are about to be attacked and are weakened, so they could go for already boobytrapped cover or get flanked anyway.
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  13. Ryme_Intrinseca

    EOD would be almost as much of a waste of a slot as flak armour. I have 95 combined proxi+Betty deaths, compared to 5,938 deaths in total (964 to the Mercenary alone). No way I'd give up nanoweave or battle hardened for such a niche benefit.

    Point is, I'm not QQing because mines kill me a lot, they really don't. Rather, passive OHKs are not good design in an FPS - never have been, never will be.

    I realise you're in a committed relationship with claymores so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree :)
  14. Ryme_Intrinseca

    15 mines would be going a bit far :eek: Just getting down a corridor with no enemies within 100m would become super tedious:

    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7
    Explosive kill +7

    I was thinking maybe 80% damage, and up the mine count to 3 (same as tank mines).
  15. AxiomInsanity87

    I know you're not qqing over that, i was just puzzled.

    This Isn't like every other fps though in the slighesst, they have a place here just as much as smg infis, I win shield and all the other cheese we have that would not fit in other fps.

    My claymores are an answer to ps2 sjw's. I'll be watching doors with c4 and pump action when the crutches come, of which i'm going to p2w the sht out of lol. Need that T5 battle hardened lol.
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  16. Ryme_Intrinseca

    The last game I put a lot of time into was Dust on PS3, which was kind of similar in that there were tank and aircraft specialists, massive class variety, deep skill trees, and cloaks (with no weapon restriction - we're talking shotgun scouts with SMG as sidearm :eek:). It had manually detonated explosives, which I have no issue at all with, but no claymores or proxi mines. On the other hand you would get OHKed by unmanned large rail turrets, so swings and roundabouts I suppose :rolleyes:
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  17. Demigan

    I think the next step should be diversifying and rebalancing the mines.

    If they stay OHK mines, make sure the proxies can get similar kill rates as the Claymore by buffing/nerfing both slightly until they have the same power.
    Then make the NC/VS proxies unique to each other. The Claymore is a definitely different version of the two mines, but the other two are too similar with maybe a few statistics swapped and a cosmetic change.

    Just some idea's for alternative mines, these could even be thrown in as an NS mine or second mine type for one faction or other:
    • Sticky mine. Thrown on any surface, be it ceiling, floor, wall or any type of cover, these mines have a several meters long trip-laser that is noticeable but not overly so. Once triggered it fires a powerful projectile at the enemy, potentially killing him if hit. Since it shoots a projectile Nanoweave blocks it rather than flak armor. Alternative version (NC probably): Rather than a single projectile it fires one shotgun shell from it's placement. Best used in small environments, since it doesn't have an AOE it's not designed for groups and can potentially miss it's target.
    • Tripwire. When you activate you start dropping a line for 1 second, it is possible to drop one of these around corners or make shapes in the second you walk. Once tripped 2 explosions happen, one at each end and directed at the center of the wire. It's limited trigger-zone make it tougher to hit a target but the total power of both staffs combined should be enough to kill even a player with flak armor. Shooting the wire anywhere will make it detonate.
    • clustermine. The mine will launch a bunch of smaller mines in a small area (2 to 4m or so). Dangerous for players that keep walking but a lot less dangerous for players that are trying to avoid mines. This mine is best used when there's a hostile push about to happen or if you need to stall enemies for longer by forcing them to destroy multiple mines, as it's total damage potential is higher but it's also much more easily avoided.

    Then there's mines and traps for other classes and other potential capabilities:
    • Firearm activated mines. You place them, then have to shoot them to make them go off. best used as ambush devices, LA could have these in the form of fuel canisters. The fuel canisters recharge while the LA has maximum fuel, so he could place 2 at a time to heavily damage and kill enemy targets, although I would limit the damage output to 900 damage for 2 canisters detonated in your face to prevent rechargeable OHK scenario's.
      It shouldn't be difficult to invent different mine abilities for different classed from there. Since they are firearm activated rather than automatically they could get much higher damage outputs and/or be capable of damaging infantry and vehicles alike. Think of special (non recharging) explosive charges set by engineers or Heavies or a medic-placed powerful shield that blocks a lot of damage for X seconds, making medics useful as tank drivers by placing defenses to give them time to repair or during defenses.
    • Speciality mines. Mines that can be placed either by specific classes or be used by multiple classes. Concussion mines, Flashbang mines, EMP mines, scanmines that scan a target as he passes, obstruction mines that place a shield to stop enemies from entering for a few seconds (but don't stop them from firing at you) etc.
    • radio-controlled mines. Place a mine on the ground and you get X seconds to remote control it similar to a Phoenix missile. After the timer is up it detonates, or you can detonate it yourself by pressing fire. Has a tell-tale sound while walking around and isn't too inconspicuous to be shot before it reaches it's destination, so it needs a bit more thought when using it.
    • Ranged vehicle disabling mine. Place somewhere on the scenery. Similar to claymores they have one direction they "look" at. Once triggered it shoots a missile that deals low damage but severely nerfs the vehicle it hits, reducing it's speed and maneuverability to make it an easy target.
  18. LodeTria

    Well they need to be fixed to not kill you through walls first the claymores. Then they need the green lights to actually come back because right now they are effectively invisible.
  19. Demigan

    Well that's exactly it, no one would place so many mines in a row because they would be that easily found and destoyed. Unless the owner is still around ready to make use of someone loudly detonating his mines while looking at the ground I doubt that anyone is going to place mines around corridors like that. So players would use them as stragetical assets. Place them at doorways/objectives they want to protect, place them behind them as a warning system and to level the playing field between the one getting flanked (the miner) and the one doing the flanking (now with less health but still a hopeful flanking advantage). They would be actual tools for area denial and spreading the attention of their attackers over the ground and the miner. I would love to use these mines a little bit up the corridor. Someone checks the door, no mine. They move into the hallway, there's a guy shooting me! They return fire while moving up to the nearest cover... BAM. Either they are dead after my first volley got their shields down, or they are now easy targets.
    Next time they choose different cover, also mined! BAM another kill!
    Next time they assume everything is mined, and they will expend time, bullets and health trying to cope with them while I have all the opportunity to shoot them without distractions. I'll happily place mines just passed cover, where they'll pass them as they move in to kill me.
    I don't think for a moment that with 15 mines it would become a slow trudge through corridors while detonating mine after mine. It would simply be too costly and too much waste of the potential you could be using it for, weakening your enemies for faster kills.

    Edit: Although I admit that 15 mines is pushing it. It was just an example of what I would prefer over the current system.
  20. FateJH

    If they're "effectively invisible" doesn't that mean they are visible? (On the other hand, if they are invisible, make certain that's not due to your graphics settings. They're screwy like that.)