[Suggestion] Make anti-personnel mines common pool

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Shady Engineer, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. The Shady Engineer

    Honestly this is one of the things I never understood why SOE decided to make empire specific. AI mines don't have anything to do with faction traits and serve different purposes. Claymores are better "man traps", for mining doorways and getting a single kill (multi kills happen but are uncommon), while Betties are better for multikills, suicide delivery runs and mining stair cases.

    Different tools for different purposes.

    There are times I wish I had Betties on my TR engineer and times when I wish I had claymores on my NC engie and with no lore or faction traits justification for why they should be empire specific, I say make AI mines common pool.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Or..... make NC & VS proxy mines more unique.
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  3. Pfundi

    Or we nerf the TR because they want to feel like the victim?
  4. Scr1nRusher

    So TR are feminists?
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  5. Septus

    I had been thinking about this too last few weeks. I think:

    give all three to all factions coloring them to be more NS

    claymores : directional, large blast, instant detonation

    proxies : omni-directional, small blast, instant detonation

    bouncing betties : omni-directional, large blast, delayed detonation
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    No need, there is bound to be an NS version of the Claymore out soon............
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  7. Shiaari

  8. The Shady Engineer

    My suggestion and yours aren't mutually exclusive. Make betties and proxies more unique (Septus' idea about sounds interesting) and then make them common pool. :)
  9. Pfundi

    I hope so
  10. Taemien

    Nerf the mine that explodes in a 180 arc, misses if someone is sprinting over it, and sits up like a billboard?

    WTF forumside... WTF?

    I've got a near equal amount of uses of the Claymore and Bouncing Betty.

    Claymore Accuracy: 37%
    Bouncing Betty Accuracy: 43%

    Let me give you all a bit of insight on how to use these mines. First of all, Proximity Mines and Bouncing Betty's are just going to be referred to as Proxies.. they're about used the same way.

    When using Proxies.. STOP putting them in the middle of doorways. That's ********. You wouldn't try to snipe from there. Why would you lay a mine there?

    Instead put them around corners. Yes.. in the same spot as Claymores. Most doorways only have a single way you can go when you enter. Usually left or right. Most doorways are NOT in the middle of a wall, but at a corner. In the case that the doorway is in the middle. Think about the time of day. Then think about the geographical location of the players there. Do they walk to the left or to the right of people when walking about?

    In the US people tend to move to the right, its where we drive and so forth. I dunno which direction EU likes to do this, yall figure it out. Anyway, I'll place explosives to the right of an entrance coming in (my left if facing that door), this way it increases the chances of someone stepping on them.

    If you're going to mine a terminal. Place the mine ON the terminal. People check around the floor for traps. They don't think to check eye level for threats. In addition those buildings with computer looking machines in the middle of the room make good places to place mines especially proxies. People tend to run in and use them as a bit of cover. Turn the cover into a trap.

    Stairs are fine for both proxies and claymores. You have to play with claymores a bit so that the claymore is on the step and not the edge where its obvious.

    Other good places is in bushes slightly off paths, behind crates, and other covering areas. Puddles of water are good too.

    Proxies aren't UP, and Claymores aren't OP. You all just place your mines in some way too obvious of an area. As for dying to them. If its that often. Run Flak Armor. Or do like I do, and run EOD HUD. I run the implant and alert my squad there is mines. Not everyone needs to run it, but at least ONE person per squad should. That's just smart.
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  11. Vaphell

    and yet claymores literally own the charts of AP mines with a huge lead. How can it be? Obviously the TR are blessed with godly insight and the NC and the VS are just rtards. Yep, that must be it.

    Oh shut up. Putting them to the side + delay = explosion barely brushes the victim and the damage dealt is far from lethal even without flak. You'd have to stack 2 to counter that, all the while claymores instagib people left and right, not to mention cheese like mining the elevator shafts. And let's not forget sh!tters cheesing with them literally through the walls.

    No, I am pretty sure that proxies are UP and claymores are OP. One literally warns the enemy when in sight and is ineffective when out of sight, the other is the exact opposite.

    The problem is that against the VS/NC a bit of caution can make you borderline immune, while the TR pidgeonhole you into flak or else you will be eating bull-**** deaths in every other door. It's not faction flavor, it's ******* bull-****.
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  12. Hegeteus

    They should just fix the claymore through wall exploit(which has been heavily exploited) and they'll be mostly fine. I know everyone has their vices and who am I to judge, but I think AI mines should not get too much attention right now... not that I ever deployed them
  13. Taemien

    Claymores are obviously a bad choice to put in places the NC/VS can place theirs. Except that placing Proxies in doorways is just as bad as placing Claymores there. Both get shot. Yet for some reason NC/VS still do this. There's your explanation.

    I see it all the time, they place them where I can see them. You all know what happens when you place a mine in a doorway and someone q-spots the doorway checking for lurking infantry?

    The Mines show up.
  14. Moridin6

    yeah i always put the a bit out of sight but as said there is a Large issue with popping late or popping when the person wasnt close enough, both resulting in barely any damage given . yet ill see a claymore 4m ahead of time dodge away from it and still take a massive blast. i mean its not so bad id make a thread but id def say claymore are better imho
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  15. Septus

    This is to be expected, claymores are directional, so less likely to hit, but when they do....

    Accuracy is not what we are talking about, kill rate is. your claymore accuracy is 37% and your kill rate is probably around 33%, your bouncing betty accuracy is 43% and kill rate is probably around about 25%. hits do not equal kills, with claymores it is close, you get the occasional flak armor guy or max it doesn't kill, but with betties or proxies your are lucky to get over 50% of hits be kills.

    I am about to auraxium proxies, my stats are :

    kills: 1078
    accuracy: 43%, same as yours
    fired(dropped) : 4508
    hits: 1958

    so 55% of hits are kills, and 24% of deployed mines are kills.

    I don't have enough uses of claymores to compare my stats, but looking at rates overall it is more like 90% of hits are kills and 35% of mines deployed are kills.

    if i had that rate on my proxies i would have 1577 kills for my 4508 mines dropped.

    Most people prefer to have claymores over proxies/betties.

    in terms of nanites spent per kill, claymores have large advantage, as well as considering kills per mines you can have deployed. 1 way to balance is to let NC and VS carry 1 more mine and cut nanite cost a bit, but i would prefer to just have access to all 3 and they all be unique for true balance, and TR would complain less with everyone getting all. If they are truly about equal or even as some TR claim, claymores are worse, then what is wrong with giving everyone them?
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  16. Ryme_Intrinseca

    I don't think unmanned weapons should be OHKs - this game is supposed to be PVP not PVE. Taking off the enemy shield+loud bang so you know to go and finish them off is enough of an advantage, while retaining a PVP element.
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  17. Foxirus

    They are unmanned weapons you can easily counter if you have half a brain or even level 1 Flak.. Yeah, Lets make this game even easier than it already is. Need a pacifier?
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  18. Taemien

    Remember its a massive fight and 1v1's are rare and inconsequential. OHK's that can be avoided and countered by a variety of means are fine. With that said. I don't mind mines in general not OHKing. However.. they are a key weapon in the Engineer's arsenal. They need to have a decent kill rate. To be able to pull this off if they don't OHK would be to double the mines they can carry and reduce the cost.

    I'd be fine with Claymores being able to deal 750 damage, proxies doing 600, and being able to carry six of them in a fully loaded utility pouch. This way if you step on a mine, you're not dead and can pull back.

    Sure Engies could just stack them, but they're more likely to be noticed as they clutter up the floor.
  19. Turekson

    As a notion, when within line of sight claymores are really easy to spot since they have a relatively high profile and those green beams shooting from them in an arc. Especially in built-up areas and Amerish mountains, NC/VS mines are much harder to spot since they blend nicely in the blue/grey floors. Also NC/VS mines can be dropped into crowds and used as bombs more reliably since they have a radius, with claymores it's pretty random since they tend to flip around when colliding with stuff.

    Generally aside from before mentioned doorways and such, TR/NC/VS mines have slightly different places of use. I'm not against revising the mines in general, but I don't think there's huge issue there either.
  20. OldMaster80

    Next step? Shields for every mbt? Heat mechanic and no bullet drop for every weapon?

    Imo the less common pool items we have the better it is for the game.
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