Make all grenades available to all classes!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codex561, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Codex561

    I think it would be nice to have for example infiltrators with smoke and flash grenades, light assaults with sticky grenades, etc.

    That would be great imo and add a lot more versatility to all classes.

    But some exceptions need to be made. LA and infiltrators with concussions are no go as well as with anti-vehicle grenades.
    Infact HA should remain untouched in this.
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  2. Diggles

    While I agree infils should not have conc nades...why should any other exception happen? Why should LA's be prohibited from concs? If you dont notice them and they get the jump on you anyways and you pretty much deserve to die. It would reward some riskier play by LA but even 2-3 conc'd heavies are going to present a challenge to kill before conc wears off.

    Why shouldnt a engineer be able to use anti-vehicle nades? Or a light assault (who probably kill almost as many vehicles as heavys & engies).

    More choices = better.
  3. SteamBoiler

    on a side note, AV and sticky grenades should be combined, makes more sense. Some new grenades should be designed as well. Lets add grenades to the roadmap!
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  4. RHINO_Mk.II

    AV grenades should simply be made sticky.

    Even better, make them magnetic so they only stick to vehicles and MAXes.
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  5. SteamBoiler

    I'd like to see some faction specific grenades as well.
  6. NinjaTurtle

    So by ALL grenades to ALL classes you mean SOME grenades to SOME classes.

    Shame because Conc grenades would be incredible for any class
  7. SteamBoiler

    infiltrators are another animal. The ability to cloak makes things hard to balance around them.

    Imagine an SMG infiltrator with conc grenades... They could stealth and get that perfect conc and clear a whole room with an smg. Same reason why infiltrators are the only class that doesn't have C4.
  8. EGuardian1

    Clear Vision, Drifter Jets, Pump Action and 4 Conc Grenades.

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  9. NinjaTurtle

    Not if you leave your C4 behind
  10. Axehilt


    Classes need to be more distinct, not less distinct. There is already too much overlap between the capabilities of classes.
  11. DrPapaPenguin

    Yes, give MAX revive grenades. Preferably ones I can fire from a HEG :D
  12. DeadliestMoon

    No, bad idea.
  13. ParadoxPancake

    Everyone would have Conc Grenades. There would be no reason to pick anything else given how effective they are.

    Maybe AV Grenades.

    Personally, I wish Infiltrators had AV grenades. At least they'd be able to do something against a MAX except die.
  14. Codex561

    Thats why I said exceptions need to be made. Conc and AV nades should be exclusive to HA
  15. NC supporter

    This is possible but devs are too lazy to do so anyway. We also want classes to be diverse and not just blatant copies of one another. Giving everyone every type of grenade would further blur the lines between each class.
  16. MrJengles

    Anti-vehicle grenades for Engineer and LA would be nice. They're not really that special, they're just a basic "deals damage to tanks" grenade. Engineers already double as anti-tank, and Light Assault is HA's little brother.

    Now, if EMP grenades affected vehicles, that would be a more interesting, unique role.

    Other than that, it's nice having grenades help define classes.

    Oh, and Medics really should not have C4. AT is simply a role they should never cross into.
  17. Saviorself

    LA has more options to frame their engagement than the HA. Conc nades would grant LA too much absolute advantage in engagements. LAs can easily maneuver above or behind a squad, deploy conc nade to stun in a 20 meter radius, and take them out without risk.

    LAs already control the terms of engagement, if you remove the ability of enemies to fight back, it would become broken. I have not even mentioned the effects this would have on maxes and implant choices.

    Generally I am against the proliferation of conc nades.
  18. Scr1nRusher

    this....... would be awesome!!!!
  19. Gisgo

    I really really would like smoke and AV grenades on my engie.
  20. MrMackey

    engi's dont need AV granades. and concussion grenades should never have been put in the game in the first place. its not the wavy screen thats the problem.. what is it about a concussion grenade that slows your movement? if anything that ability should be given to the Infil with its emp grenades and even then should only cause that effect against max's. concussion grenades are completely overpowered purely because of the movement effect.

    the wavy screen is fine. mabe even lower accuracy.. but not being able to move is just dumb. it should be called a paralyzing grenade.. that would be a better description of it.. being concussed doesnt mean you cant move. it means you get a bit woozie. not paralyzed.