Major Performance Issues as of 10/02 Update

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Pandora's Lunchbox, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Pandora's Lunchbox

    My in-game name is PandorasLunchbox.
    I do not consider myself a 'hardcore' player, but I do consider myself a dedicated one.

    Minutes before I opened up my game, following the new Halloween update, a friend of mine told me of all the trouble with Planetside 2 he had been experiencing over the last few weeks - lag-outs, screen freezing, bugs in general - that kind of crap. Because I hadn't clicked 'Play', yet, I just assumed that it was likely a local problem with his computer and suggested tweaks to his graphics settings (both with his card's controller and in-game) and other minor brush-ups to his system in general - you know, just to rule out as many obvious problems as possible.

    It made NO difference. Not even slightly. His connection is fine with other online games - hell, it's one of the fastest connections I've ever heard of, in person. There is literally no reason (on his side) for the game to be so unstable.

    Anyway, he closed the Skype call in a huff and vowed to delete the game after a good night's sleep - at which point I defended the game and its issues and persuaded him to keep it, at least until he hears of good performance fixes.

    It's come to a point, now, where a player whose total gameplay time reaches only three months, is giving up on the game all together. Seconds after spawning today, I experienced EXACTLY the same issues as he did. A quick few yell-chat messages revealed that we weren't the only two being forced to put up with this ****, just to play a game. You must forgive the angry tone I'm beginning to set; you see, since I dropped into Planetside 2 I have ONLY experienced new bug after new bug after new instability issue after dramatic fall in active players on my server (just so you know, it is Cobalt). I can't help but think that this could all be general neglect.

    Who oversees Planetside 2's development? The amount of money I have pumped into this game is ridiculous - not on memberships, just on Station Cash; completely warranted, of course. I feed developers my money if I beleive the game is thoroughly enjoyable and looks to have good prospects in the long run. I regret doing that and beleive that now, SOE are selling its consumers a faulty product.

    If anyone is reading this and thinks that development teams actually need high budgets to produce good selling, successful games, don't bother trying to be a keyboard hero about it. There are plenty of open-source games out there, some that are amazing and are preferable to the salesman games we get thrown in our faces - not one of them get the budget this team does.

    I'm sure if you have access to my account billing history, you'll see the amount I've spent on virtual **** in this game alone - because I liked it. But now I hate it. It has become virtually unplayable for myself and other players out there and I'm damn-sure you developers with high-end systems are just laying back in your chairs doing sweet ****-all about the lower-end systems that should be able to play this game. Really. HOW demanding can it be made?

    I would strongly suggest offering consumer refunds on in-game items, now. When I find the appropriate contact details, this complaint will go to SOE, too; so it won't just sit here, lost forever in hundreds of thousands of threads that complain about new updates.

    Thanks for the waste of time and money and dedication, Sony. I would further apologise for my raging post, but i'm afraid I feel like I've literally wasted time and money on this **** - not just in-game, but by working to acquire the money to pay for something that is continually being ruined by your 'tweaks' - which I believe, actually, breaches your terms and conditions. You may have the right to alter the game, but nowhere does it mention you have the right to screw it up; AFTER I've bought it.
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  2. MasterDk78

    You are so right, I simply have no words and i feel so hopeless.
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  3. Pandora's Lunchbox

    Agreed. It's time to hand the franchise over to someone with the attention and ability to handle this. It's a shame to watch a game like this just die because developers are focused on visual ****. They've neglected the specifications, too, I feel and I think it's time they revise what hardware is actually supported (this is the only explanation I could think of as to why players might NOT be experiencing problems).
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